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Improving the way we learn

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1 Improving the way we learn
Learning Moments Improving the way we learn

2 Advantages of Learning Moments
E-Learning offers many advantages both for individual learners and organizations: Accessibility: 24/7 access from any Internet-connected computer Efficiency: Reduces conventional training time up to 75% (1 classroom day = online hrs) Easy to maintain and update content regularly Just-in-time delivery Flexibility: Deliverable as stand-alone or blended learning Easy to customize to specific audiences

3 Advantages of Learning Moments
Cost Effectiveness: Reduces or eliminates costs associated with classroom training (hard and soft costs) User Friendly: Easy to access and navigate Self-paced study according to learner's schedule Improved retention Consistency: Delivers consistent messages and information to learners, regardless of when or where the training is taken Trackability: Tracks and records learner progress on a secure Learning Management System Readily available reporting for individuals, groups, or entire services.

4 Core E-Learning Functionality
Manages a range of content E-Learning packages Word documents PDF documents Audio files Video files Web links Functionality includes Full tracking Calendar Discussion forums Chat rooms RSS feeds Blogs Wikis Groups Quizzes/surveys

5 Corporate Sector Needs
Learning Moments meets the corporate sector different needs: Managing a wide range of learning Learning depends on roles, business unit, function, etc On-going development with individual learning plans Supervisor / Manager roles Regional Manager / Regional Trainer roles Managing both classroom and online learning Site wide reporting and compliance reporting

6 Interface Example – Home Page
My learning –this area is where the learner can access courses and resources assigned to them and follow their learning development plan My team – this area would be for managers only, allowing them to monitor the performance of their team Find courses – here is where the learner can explore all available courses and add them to their learning profile. Group/Personal Interface – As we mentioned above staff from external organisations can have a different interface and branding from internal staff. Featured courses – You could use the main screen area to promote the key or latest courses available from the portal, including a brief outline and the ability to launch the course straight from the homepage. Poll of the month –A poll could similarly be used to engage return learners and capture insightful statistics. Quick links – Shortcut links to key resources available through the portal. Featured discussions – Shortcut links to key discussions happening in the portal’s forum areas.

7 Interface Example – Individual development plan
The Individual development Plan which captures a learner’s objectives, the competences they are seeking to development, their training plan and evidence of their progression.

8 Interface Example – Manager’s Screen
In Learning Moments you can also import management hierarchies or allocate learners to managers. The manager can then review a learner’s plan, comment and add learning as appropriate. Below is an example screen for managers.

9 Interface Example – Reporting
You can build standard reports in Learining Moments which display for each person depending upon their role, for example, you could have reports specifically for line managers for their teams. The example of a manager’s report for their team’s course completions. You will see we have also built an advanced search engine so a manager can create and save their own custom reports e.g. for a specified unit, job role/position, course, date completed and course status.

10 Enhancements for corporate
Sophisticated search Dashboard reporting Manager reporting Hierarchy management HR system integration Individual development plans Classroom management Team management Competency management Learning paths

11 Client Example1 Go to live demo

12 Client Example 2 Go to live demo

13 Client Example 3 Go to live demo

14 Delivery and Development Methodology

15 Summary In summary, Learning Moments:
Enables corporate organisations to quickly deploy an enterprise level learning management platform Provides benefits of open source software Learning Moments provides multilingual learning content (Arabic & English) Provides easy to use functionality covering the learning needs of corporate enterprises Powerful management and learning software

16 Thank You

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