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FDS Worldwide Express Tel: +3531 8600 600 Fax: +3531 8600 700 The World Starts Here!

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1 FDS Worldwide Express Tel: +3531 8600 600 Fax: +3531 8600 700 The World Starts Here!

2 Anything, Anywhere, On Time! FDS Worldwide provide a unique tailored logistic solution With FDS Worldwide you can have the convenience of using one carrier for all your shipments We use all the major carrier companies but only use them where they’re strong We choose the most appropriate depending on their reliability on a particular route, feedback and their speed of delivery Main Menu The World Starts Here!

3  You don’t have to deal with five or more courier companies  You don’t have to dilute your buying power across three or more integrators  You don’t have to monitor five or more tracking web sites  Pro-Active tracking on every shipment  Paperless system : barcodes have replaced hand written dockets  Detailed Excel report for every shipment you send FDS Worldwide is Irelands leading Logistics Management company. Considered by the Central Statistics Office to be amongst the top five courier companies in Ireland. We offer a unique portfolio of services tailored to each of our clients needs. One Supplier – One Solution The World Starts Here!

4 Main Menu FDS Worldwide’s unique Trackdirect Technology A problem with an address? We’ll notify you. A problem with paperwork? We’ll notify you. Know the problem and you are already on the way to a solution.  You receive an email detailing all your shipments for the day  Airway bill number with link direct to carriers website  Exception reports (delays) emailed direct to your account Eg. Political unrest.  Email proof of delivery (signature, time, date) The World Starts Here!

5 FDS Worldwide, Anything, Anywhere, On Time! Next day to Ireland -UK - USA - Europe, including Eastern Europe One Stop Shop for all your Global & National Logistic requirements Pre 9.00 - Pre 10.30 - Pre 12.30 – Saturday Delivery Same-Day Available to Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Mainland Europe Rapid deliveries to Asia, Australia, Africa, Middle East, South America On Board Couriers, available to hand deliver your shipments Worldwide FDS Worldwide Express, The World Starts Here! Main Menu The World Starts Here!

6 Domestic Express Service  Guaranteed next day delivery  Timed deliveries available across the country  Saturday deliveries, Direct-Drive, Out of hours Service  Paperless system  Verbal or email delivery confirmation available. Main Menu Emergency Service  24 hour availability  No cut off times  No weight or size restrictions  Pro-active tracking and verbal confirmation of delivery The World Starts Here!

7 Our ever expanding client list The World Starts Here!

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