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NewTracker TM Demo. What is the NewTracker TM ? NewTracker TM provides a turn-key solution for your organization to expand its business services offerings.

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1 NewTracker TM Demo

2 What is the NewTracker TM ? NewTracker TM provides a turn-key solution for your organization to expand its business services offerings. Submit, track and manage business leads for any of the participating Newtek services:  Electronic Payment Processing  Outsourced Digital Bookkeeping  Tax Service  Web hosting, Design & Development  SBA Loans  Data Storage  Personal & Commercial Insurance  Business Plan Preparation

3 NewTrackerTM Benefits  Quick setup with hierarchy and branch capabilities  Submitted referrals are immediately received and acted upon  Track referrals in real-time throughout the sales process  Access detailed reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  Client data is encrypted and kept confidential  A Sophisticated, yet extremely easy to use online system Other methods of submitting referrals include email, fax and phone

4 NewTracker TM helps your organization strengthen its relationship with its clients by providing real-time feedback and detailed reports. High Level Flow of Information Client Your Organization NewTracker TM Newtek Service

5 Receives Referral Updates Status Submits Referral View Status Notification of Status Updates NewTracker Generate Reports  A referral is submitted by an employee at your organization or by a client filling out a form on your organization’s website Flow of Communication  A Newtek Business Service Specialist is assigned the referral and follows up with the client within 24 hours of receipt  The Newtek specialist continually updates the status of the referral throughout the process  Your organization has access to view status of all referrals submitted for any of the participating Newtek services and generate custom reports 24/7/365  When a referral reaches a “milestone” status, the submitter of the referral is notified via an automatic email from the system Your Org. (or Website) Newtek

6 The system is set up with multiple user levels so that executives and managers can oversee their employees. Hierarchy Design President/CEO Manager 2 Org. Employee Business Client Org. Employee Business Client Manager 1 Org. Employee Business Client Global View

7 Employee at your organization logs into the system at Log In 35492

8 The Newtek Referral System Your Organization The Newtek Referral System is a web-based business development tools that allows you to submit, track, and manage business leads to one or more of Newtek’s services. To Submit a referral, click on the “Submit Referrals” button on the lower left hand side of this page. When the referral form appears, be sure to fill out all of the qualifying information for the company that you are referring. Also, make certain that you choose the appropriate service(s) from the multiple selection box. You can view the status of all the referrals your organization has submitted by clicking on the “View Status Reports” button located in the middle of this homepage. This website is updated daily by sales agents and is available to you at all times.

9 Submit a Referral and let Newtek do the rest… Pizza Place Eddie Franchise 100 South Blvd. Suite 123 Augusta Georgia 55555 404 555 1254 Newtek Merchant Solutions Matteo Providing detailed notes is extremely helpful for the Newtek specialist who will follow up with your customer and will help to expedite the sales process. Company X is processing for him right now. He is not happy with the fees. Has a quote from Company Y. He is very interested in finding out more information about getting set up for electronic payments. He already has terminal. Call business number after 3pm. I have client’s statements, please call me and I will fax them to you.

10 View Summaries For Referrals Submitted

11 MS View Status You can view the status of all the referrals you or your employees have submitted at any time. Referrals you submitted that are open A complete status history is available by clicking on any one of the company names. Sample Corp. 1 Your Org.

12 Referral Details The “Referral Details” displays client information, as well as the complete status history of a referral. All status updates are saved, dated, and tracked. There is also a direct link to contact the agent who is working with your client. Application Submitted for approval 11/29/05 04:31:27 PM Spoke with merchant and took application over the phone. Application is complete and has been submitted for approval. $0NA12/04/05 Newtek Employee User Application approved – awaiting installation 12/02/05 01:54:09 PM Received verification that the merchant has been approved. Awaiting installation confirmation. $0NA12/04/05 Newtek Employee User Newtek Employee Referral Submitted 11/28/05 11:14:25 AM Client would like to accept credit and debit cards. She currently uses PayPal. She would like a call between 10am and 12pm today, if possible. $0 NA 02/06/05 User Bank Employee

13 Administrative Tools Your organization have access to comprehensive reports. These reports allow executives to manage the effectiveness of their employees, locate specific clients that have been referred to Newtek, and forecast when deals will successfully close Your Organization

14 Conclusion  Turnkey solution for submitting referrals  View referrals submitted by your employees  24/7 access to the complete status history of all your clients  Receive informative reports on the status of all referrals

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