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OptiShip ® Multi-carrier Shipping System. OptiShip ® customers save on average 13.6% of parcel shipping costs… OptiShip ® is a comprehensive system that.

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1 OptiShip ® Multi-carrier Shipping System

2 OptiShip ® customers save on average 13.6% of parcel shipping costs… OptiShip ® is a comprehensive system that optimizes carrier/service selection to ensure the highest reliability at the lowest shipping costs. Unlike other shipping systems on the market, OptiShip ® compares your discounted carrier rates (including surcharges) against ACTUAL transit times and service reliability to provide accurate least cost routing for all your parcels without sacrificing reliability.

3 The OptiShip ® Advantage Reduce Shipping Cost Multi-Mode – Multi-Carrier Address Verification Improve Delivery Reliability Improve Shipping Automation and Data Integration with your existing systems (Customer Service, Order Entry and Inventory) Reduce Shipping Errors

4 Reduce Shipping Cost OptiShip ® is a multi-mode, multi-carrier shipping system. All labeling, manifesting, tracking, and reporting can be performed from one system, by unlimited users. OptiShip ® provides the ability to shop between multiple carriers and their services using your carrier pricing specifics to select the best rate and service combination for every shipment.

5 OptiShip ® Application Features Rate Shopping Rate Visibility Address Book Address Correction Customizable Panels and Service Filters Tracking Custom Reporting More…

6 Rate Shopping Users simply enter appropriate information about the shipment and OptiShip ® will display the least cost routing options Click on the $ button and a listing of services, transit time, and cost will be displayed based on your carrier pricing OptiShip ® Application

7 Rate Visibility OptiShip ® provides the ability to compare your carrier pricing for a shipment as well as details of the charges applied to the shipment. To view the drill down of service cost, select a service and choose the Charges tab. OptiShip ® Application

8 Address Book Addresses can be stored in an individual users address book or can be shared between multiple users Billing information (prepaid, third party, or collect) can also be stored with the address to ensure that charges are applied to the correct account each time the address is applied Addresses can be imported from existing systems or stored when used in the shipping process OptiShip ® Application

9 Address Correction OptiShip ® will validate and correct addresses during the shipping process, virtually eliminating address correction charges. For corrections, OptiShip ® uses a Postal Service-certified database of addresses which are updated every two months OptiShip ® can clean the address automatically or prompt the user to confirm the address change. OptiShip ® Application

10 Customizable Panels and Service Filters OptiShip ® screens can be customized to fit your business terms and practices. Data can be preloaded into selection lists, reducing keying errors. Service filters can be programmed to meet your specific objectives. Some examples are: Only allow services with transit time of 2 days or better for a department Always choose a specific carrier if the packaging type is letter OptiShip ® Application

11 History History searches can be performed in batch mode by entering a date range, or individually by entering the tracking number. After searching for a shipment select the check box of the line item shipment and click on the track button. OptiShip ® will initiate a real-time trace on the shipment… OptiShip ® Application

12 Tracking OptiShip ® offers real time shipment tracking from the history screen. Users can track packages tendered to multiple carriers in the same window. OptiShip ® Application

13 Custom Reporting OptiShip ® is a highly customizable shipping solution, including the reporting capabilities. Custom reports can be generated manually, or programmed to run and distribute automatically, in the format and delivery option you prefer. Email notification of shipments can also be tailored to the format you prefer and will be emailed to the recipient of the package when the shipment is processed. OptiShip ® Application

14 Improve Delivery Reliability Since OptiShip ® is constantly updated with valuable shipping information it learns which services work best for your business. Reliability is captured for each carrier, service, and delivery area. These performance statistics are then fed into the OptiShip ® System. Users can assign relative importance to cost versus reliability. By applying the weighted service level reliability to your negotiated carrier rates, OptiShip ® chooses the least cost carrier and service for each package.

15 Improve Shipping Automation & Data Integration OptiShip ® can be integrated with an existing warehouse management or order processing system. A unique number is assigned as the "key" for linking the order from the existing system and the destination address. Upon scanning this number, OptiShip ® will automatically select the appropriate carrier and service, initiate the printing of the shipping label, and provide feedback to your system (if desired) about the package cost, weight, carrier, service selected, tracking number and expected delivery time.

16 Reduce Shipping Errors OptiShip ® can reduce costly errors such as address corrections by cleaning addresses before the label is printed. OptiShip ® identifies which addresses resulted in correction fees and flags these addresses as bad before they are used again.

17 The Real Comparison Actual transit time commitments for similar services between carriers vary considerably. Many shipping systems compare a next day air service from one carrier to a next day service from another. This type of comparison can yield a delivery time difference of days for the same service type. OptiShip ® logic goes far beyond the simple comparison of like services. It takes origins, destinations, regional strengths and weaknesses for each carrier and service into account when seeking the optimum choice.

18 The OptiShip ® Challenge If your company is shipping a mixture of ground delivery, air delivery, and a variety of weights, even the best shipping discounts by a single carrier will not measure up to a multi-carrier shipping systems savings potential. In today's competitive environment, everyone wants to save money while increasing the value of services. Grab your share of the potential savings by ordering an OptiShip ® simulation today.

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