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Nucleo Operativo di Protezione Civile Logistic of Transplant 1.

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1 Nucleo Operativo di Protezione Civile Logistic of Transplant 1

2 the Italian Nucleus of Civil Protection has created a TRACEABILITY SYSTEM ONLINE 2 In the logic of offering an ever more precise, detailed and reliable, in line with the organizational needs of healthcare facilities, and meets the standards of reliability and security of existing legislation where transplant centers may, at any time and in real time, to know the details of carrying them

3 We believe that an example of the operation of this service is the most efficient one, but accurate, explanation. 3 Thus we see in detail how it works through a series of illustrative slides

4 To enter the service you need access to the internet via any web browser and enter the pages of the internet of Nucleo Operativo di Protezione Civile, whose website has the following address 4

5 You will see a page like this: 5 click of one of the languages in the menu of the left

6 Revenue as the homepage language of choice: 6 click on the RESTRICTED AREA in the menu on the left

7 Access provides credentials: 7 enter username e password provided by NOPC click to enter

8 Then you are in the restricted area: 8 Click on the symbol of ON LINE TRACKING SYSTEM

9 This is extremely confidential data 9 in order to access this section, the system requires for further authentication Enter your credentials (at maturity) that you will be given from time to time. For example, type: id: test pwd: demo NOPC ALT

10 This is the new page authentication: 10 Included the temporary credentials supplied by Nucleo Operativo di Protezione Civile. To see the demonstration page insert id: test e pwd:demo

11 Then you are in the section more protected the system From here you can see all the details of a mission of transportation, such as: 11 type of transport date of execution of the mission identification of the courrier who carries the missione collection center transplant center notes regardin the mission vehicles used for performing mission planned and actual times of all the steps defined critical in the mission any other various

12 In the middle and right of the screen you can read all the data on the movement in place, the data of the CC and TC, data on the courier and his photos, etc. 12

13 Is a screenshot example: 13

14 Scrolling down there are the means of transport and times: 14

15 Yet the screen scrolling down you will see all times 15 the crucial step of the mission from start to finish PLANNED and ACTUAL

16 Here is a screenshot example: 16

17 In particular, you can view the forecasts included before the mission…: 17

18 the system automatically updates in real time to the completion of each step 18 …and viewable in real time, on the completion of step: EXPECTED VARIOUS STEP ACTUAL

19 In case of adverse events as delays in starting the sampling or delivery of materials delays in departure or arrival flight traffic and any other unforeseen event the system shows an alarm and notify the central coordinating 19

20 in case of delays the system highlights some alarm 20 Example screen for delays: ALARM

21 21 At the end of the page you can click on CHECK POSITION ON THE MAP go directly to the times and routes on a map

22 Here are some examples of visualization of the paths on the map: EXAMPLE OF JOURNEY BY CAR 22 pointing the mouse on the green or red you see show times of departure or arrival THE BLUE LINE INDICATES THE DISTANCE WHEN THE GREEN AND RED ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE ARRIVAL JOURNEY



25 The logistic of transplant run worldwide… for life by Nucleo Operativo di Protezione Civile working for over 15 years. In this period he gained extensive experience that has led him to complete thousands of successfully missions 25 Remember: quality assurance and safety!

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