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C.M.T. Construction Machinery Trader

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1 C.M.T. Construction Machinery Trader

2 Our customers Our Strength

3 We sell industrial machinery around the world, in total security with unrivaled convenience and remarkable speed. This is possible because we always choose the best for our customers.

4 International customers

5 Global ProviderAdvanced Solutions

6 ● Only equipment in excellent condition pass our tests
●We deliver your machine in every corner of the world ●Multi language staff to assist you ● You have used price for machine as new one

7 C.M.T Cool Solutions We sell only first-hand machines, directly from our customer and we do not buy in any auction around the world. We supply reliable used machinery, checked and maintained. No need to lose your time in searching your machinery. C.M.T. can do it for you! We can provide additional services for used machinery: spare parts, inspection, transportation. Wide range of used machinery for sale Qualified, experienced and multilingual staff to assist you in your purchase.

8 C.M.T. Construction Machinery Trader
We are a trading Italian Company C.M.T. is a  modern company with partner in all over the world in continuous contact with us for commercial exchanges in whole Europe, Africa, Middle East and South America, connecting and managing thousands of potential customers. We are an Italian Company, based in Italy, with correspondents in every countries we think strategic for our mission.

9 Why C.M.T. Construction Machinery Trader?
C.M.T. Construction Machinery Trader provides a quality service. C.M.T. Construction Machinery Trader save your money and your time taking care of everything. C.M.T Construction Machinery Trader supply only reliable used machinery, first owner, checked and maintained. In conclusion ... … Our customers require specific machines to work, we know it and we will do it for you. The efficiency of these machines is always at the highest level. We try and check, machinery, and we watch them with your eyes. Full assistance during and after the sale to your every need. We will assist you before during and after the shipment, offer free consultancy on the best way to move the cargo, kind of insurance, road permits, customs service.

10 We are one step ahead!!!

11 Thanks a lot!!!

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