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2 PAGE 2 CONTENT Advantages RMA Portal navigation Create New Repair Request Entitlement Shipping info Contact info Billing info RMA Details confirmation Submitted RMA details View Repair Status Schedule pickup Repair Statistics Approve RMA Quotation Warranty & Entitlement validation

3 ADVANTAGES 24x7 access Online Repair requests creation Printable shipping documents Repair Status checking Consignment tracking information Collection service Repair Statistics RMA Quotation Approval Warranty & entitlement information checking Multi-lingual interface Access to products documentation and other Motorola information resources PAGE 3

4 RMA PORTAL NAVIGATION Access RMA Portal via link EN/Support/Online+RMA/Europe+Middle+East+and+Africa EN/Support/Online+RMA/Europe+Middle+East+and+Africa New customers please click on PSION link under Register for an Online Repair Request (RMA) and fill in the New User Registration form – click on Submit Once you receive the confirmation e-mail about creation of your account you can request repairs via PSION under Login to the RMA Portal If you need help contact PAGE 4

5 RMA PORTAL NAVIGATION PAGE 5 Links to Useful Pages RMA Portal Action Menu Starting menu, password expiration and and last logging info Other useful Links and information

6 VALIDATE WARRANTY AND ENTITLEMENT PAGE 6 Click on Validate Warranty/Entitlement Enter Serial Number here Click on Validate Results

7 ONLINE REPAIR REQUEST PAGE 7 Click on Create New Repair Request

8 REPAIR REQUEST DETAILS PAGE 8 Enter Serial Number Click on Find Product If Serial Number is not found, please choose product family from drop down menu Select Problem Area Click on Add Product Click Continue Add Additional Problem Description Select Problem Description Your requests will be listed here before you continue. If you want to create another request please repeat all the steps. Once all Serial Numbers are listed here, you can click on Continue.

9 SHIPPING INFO PAGE 9 On the Return Address Shipping Information screen, please verify the return address displayed. By default the system displays Use current address and your default return address details set up for your account. Click on Continue If you selected Change the Address, you can input any Address details here. To change from current address to another existing address that is set up in our database, select Choose from your addresses In case you selected Choose from your addresses in the previous step, you can select the correct address from the drop-down menu. Select Change the Address in case you would like to use an address which is not present in the drop-down menu. You can now manually input any address details.

10 CONTACT INFO PAGE 10 On the Shipping Contact Information screen, please verify the name, telephone and fax numbers and an email of the contact person at the return shipping location. The default contact is the same as the RMA portal account owner.Use current contact is displayed. Click on Continue To select a different contact from the list of existing contacts in our database, select Choose from your contact To enter new contact details, selectChange the contact.

11 ENTITLEMENT PAGE 11 Entitlement Information shows the Type of Service connected to the particular Serial Number. Cost of Repair: For Time&Material repairs, a per-unit quote is displayed for customers with direct account with Motorola Solutions. If you do not have a Direct Service Account, the following message will be displayed: Please send your units to our repair centre. You will be quoted via your service partner once we have received the units. Customer Reference #: Enter your internal reference number if you have any Click on Continue In case you do not agree with the Service Type displayed, please select yes from the drop-down menu to override the Service Type. After that please select the correct Service Type from the drop-down menu above. If you select Contract Service Type, a contract number is to be filled in to the Contract Number field. In case Repeat Repair Service Type is selected, an RMA number of the previous repair is to be filled in to Original Job # field.

12 BILLING INFO PAGE 12 Verify Billing address details on the Billing Information screen. If the default billing information is in-correct, please select no from the drop-down menu and click on Continue. Motorola Solutions support desk will contact you with further instructions. In case you do not have a Direct Service Account with Motorola Solutions your service partners Billing address will be displayed by default and is not to be changed. Click on Continue

13 CONFIRM RMA DETAILS PAGE 13 SINGLE-DEVICE REQUEST: On the Confirm RMA Details screen, please review the product details, shipping address details and contact information. Click on Submit RMA.

14 SUBMITTED RMA DETAILS PAGE 14 On the Job Details screen, please click on Print RMA at the bottom to print out the shipping document(s) (RMA form) for your device(s). Send the faulty device(s) to Motorola Solutions for repair including the RMA form. If there is a Price Quote on the RMA form, please note it can be used as a Purchase Order once stamped and signed for all EMEA countries except for United Kingdom and South Africa, Russia and Ireland where a company headed paper is required by law.

15 SUBMITTED RMA DETAILS MULTIPLE-DEVICE REQUEST PAGE 15 MULTIPLE-DEVICE REQUEST – view / print RMA forms: On the Submitted RMA (Job details) screen: To see the complete RMA form with all the serial numbers, please click on Print all RMA`s. This will show RMA form with all the serial numbers logged. If you wish to see / print the details of each submited repair request separately : Please navigate to View Repair Status, click on the RMA# of the repair request you wish to see - details of the particular request will appear. To print a RMA form for each request separately, please follow the same path as above and simply click on Print RMA.

16 VIEW REPAIR STATUS PAGE 16 Select time period Click on View Repair Status Enter RMA Number, Serial number, Customer reference number for quick search. Status update Click on RMA number to see all the details for each RMA To view RMA requests that you have submitted within the last 30 days, please click on View Repair Status tab from the main menu on the Home page. Up to 10 RMA requests are shown per page.

17 SCHEDULE PICKUP PAGE 17 Click on View Repair Status Click on the tracking link to proceed to carrier`s website In case the units are covered by contract with collection service included you can arrange the prepaid collection service on RMA Portal. In all other cases by clicking on Pickup Collection image you will be redirected to corresponding carriers website where you can request collection. Collection service is to be paid by customer.

18 SCHEDULE PICKUP – unit on contract with collection service PAGE 18 Search the Pick Up Address or choose from your Collection Address and complete the following fields Click on Schedule Pick Up

19 SCHEDULE PICKUP – unit on contract with collection service PAGE 19 Click on the button to print Shipping Label

20 REPAIR STATISTICS PAGE 20 Click on Repair Statistics Select Start Date and End Date Select site for which you wish to create a chart for from Site List Choose type of chart Chose chart view by selecting its Width (Small, Medium and Large) and Type (Column or Line) Click on Generate Chart Specify Repair Type by checking Billable, Contract or Warranty repairs boxes Select products for which you wish to create a chart for from Product List. Use Select All to select all products available and Clear All to clear all choices


22 Approve RMA Quotation PAGE 22 Click on Approve RMA Quotation Read Terms of Service Check the box to confirm Terms of Service Add PO number Click on Reject to reject the quote ADDRESS Click on Approve to approve the quote

23 Approve RMA Quotation PAGE 23 In case you choose Reject you have two options Reject/Return to return the unit unrepaired to the Shipping address and Reject/Scrap to scrap the unit in Motorola Click on OK to confirm your choice

24 TIPS & TRICKS What if you select NO during the logging process If you indicated that the entitlement or billing information is not correct during the RMA request logging, PSION support desk will contact you. Support needed with RMA portal handling In the case you are experiencing any difficulties using the RMA Portal, please contact our PSION support desk via email and we will happily assist. Should RMA Portal display an error message a print screen together with detailed description would be much appreciated. PAGE 24

25 USEFUL LINKS Support Online RMA - Europe, Middle East & Africa PAGE 25

26 THANK YOU… MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2010 Motorola, Inc. All rights reserved. iProtect Classification as Appropriate


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