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International Student Advisory Service (ISAS)

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1 International Student Advisory Service (ISAS)
Overview of Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur), Tier 2 and Tier 4 (Doctorate Extension Scheme) and Tier 5 visa categories International Student Advisory Service (ISAS)

2 Visa categories Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) Tier 2 (General)
Tier 4 (Doctorate Extension Scheme) Tier 5 (Temporary Worker) Subcategories – eg Tier 5 (Youth Mobility) or T5 TW

3 What is Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur (GE)
Not to be mistaken for Tier 1 Entrepreneur A visa that enables you to run your own business (for one year initially). Your business plan is endorsed by the University All students (undergraduate or postgraduate) eligible Subcategories – eg Tier 5 (Youth Mobility) or T5 TW

4 Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur (GE)
Types of endorsement General 1900 places April April Swansea has 20 places 2.Global 100 places April 2014 – April For overseas graduates endorsed by UKTI.

5 Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur (GE)
Graduate can switch to T1(GE) if: a) Has valid visa or last granted visa under T4 or pre-T4 student visa, inc resitting exams, writing up thesis or b) Has valid Tier 2 visa for postdoctoral work Has not previously had T1(PSW), SEGS/IGS, Fresh Talent Has genuine and credible business idea (University must judge) From 06/04/2014 can be endorsed by other institutions on the list of endorsing bodies (unless on T2, then endorsed by current employer). Degree must still be awarded by institution on list of endorsing bodies Has official sponsor’s written consent, if was sponsored for study

6 Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur (GE)
Qualification (25 points) 1. a) Awarded Bachelor’s, Master’s (including MBA) or PhD From 06/04/2014, no time limit on when applicant was awarded degree OR b) Degree deemed by NARIC to be equivalent of UK degree (Global Endorsement) OR 2. If on T2, or last on T2, endorsed by T2 employer who must confirm has UK degree. Degree can have been awarded by another HEI and can be awarded more than 12 months before application.

7 Tier 1 GE – How much money Maintenance (10 points)
If applying in UK, balance of £945 held every day for 90 days & maintained until visa application submitted If applying outside UK, balance of £1,890 held every day for 90 days & maintained until visa application submitted For dependants, balance of £1,260 per dependant held every day for 90 days if the Tier 1 GE migrant is outside the UK or has been in the UK for under 12 months, £630 per dependant otherwise

8 Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur (GE) - Conditions
Visa granted for 12 months initially Total (maximum) time allowed on this visa is 2 years Regular meetings with University who will continue to monitor and review progress Police registration requirement (where applicable) No recourse to public funds Can take employment outside of setting up own business. Number of work hours unrestricted

9 Tier 1 GE – How to apply Start planning your business early. See Careers to start! Apply after getting your degree Deadline to apply in UK, before visa expires Applies for visa within 3 months of being endorsed by HEI (University) Complete paper application form + documents ISAS will check and post your application Cost of application £422 + £19.20 postal application (around 2 months) Can apply in UK or overseas

10 What is Tier 2 (General) Replaced the “work permit” scheme
This visa enables the visa-holder to undertake a job in UK that would not normally be possible for certain nationals The visa ties you to the job and the employer Employer must be on Home Office (UK Visas and Immigration/UKVI) list of Tier 2 licensed sponsors Employer offers you a job and must give you a Certificate of Sponsorship (C of S)

11 Tier 2 (General) – how to qualify
Your job must have a particular skills level There is a minimum wage level of £20,500, though this depends on the job and can be higher Usually the job must have been advertised as required by the Home Office, but most Tier 4 students who have graduated recently are exempt from this advertising requirement (resident labour market test - RLMT) Shortage occupation list or PhD level jobs – easier to qualify (see Appendix K immigration rules – subject to change)

12 Tier 2 (General) – how to qualify
You have to prove that you have English language skills, which you meet if you have a UK degree, and meet maintenance requirements (all students eligible to apply) If you want to, or must, apply outside the UK, or if you apply in the UK and you have immigration permission as a Tier 4 partner, your job must score a minimum number of points (Restricted C of S)

13 Tier 2 (General) – Certificates of Sponsorship
Restricted /unrestricted C of S Restricted (subject to annual cap) Tier 2(G) – outside UK, salary under £153,500 Tier 4 Dependant switching in country to T2(G) Unrestricted (not subject to annual cap) Tier 2 (ICT) Tier 2 (G) salary package £153,500+ Tier 2 (G) – T4 students already in UK switching/extending

14 Tier 2 (General) Unrestricted Certificate of Sponsorship (C of S)
No limit on C of S Sponsor (employer) must establish whether worker falls under restricted/unrestricted Those with Tier 4 visas applying in UK qualify more easily

15 Tier 2 (General) Restricted C of S
Annual limit then allocated equally across months (currently 20,700) Allocation in order of highest points Shortage occupation list, PhD Level = high points Higher salary = more points

16 Tier 2 (General) – Resident Labour Market Test
What is RLMT? In order to pass the resident labour market test, an employer must have advertised the job in an appropriate way for the sector and be able to show that no suitably skilled settled worker (e.g. British/European national) can do the job. 

17 Tier 2 (General) – Resident Labour Market Test
RLMT exemption - special provisions for students Has valid Tier 4 or pre-Tier 4 student visa Completed and passed UK degree, PGCE, PGDE OR Completed 12 months of PhD Minimum salary £20,500 (or SOC code salary if higher)

18 Tier 2 (General) – Resident Labour Market Test
Other exemptions Post on shortage occupation list Pay £153,500 + Tier 1 (PSW), T1 GE (from 1 Oct 2013) or Tier 4/student who meets special provisions Doctor/dentist in training Extending T2 working in same job (any break in employment must solely due to period of academic leave)

19 Tier 2 – What else? Leave can be granted for up to 5 years for first application Those who have or had leave under T1 PSW or T1 GE meet the English language requirement New resident labour market test (RLMT) exemption for staff at HEI (universities) returning to the same employer after a period of academic research. Those with T1 GE switching to T2 are exempt How much money - £945 held every day for 90 days (£630 for dependants)

20 Tier 2 (General) – Points scoring
Certificate of sponsorship 30 Salary compliant with SOC 20 English language (min B1) 10 Maintenance £945 + £630 per dependant for 90 days, or certified by A-rated sponsor Total 70

21 What is Tier 4 Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES)
For PhD students only Enables PhD students to stay for an extra year to look for jobs Subcategories – eg Tier 5 (Youth Mobility) or T5 TW

22 Tier 4 Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES)
Requirements Must apply in UK before visa expires Cannot apply overseas Must have valid T4 visa only (not pre-T4 student visa) Apply within 60 days before expected end date, i.e. date when PhD will be awarded ATAS – not required if apply for DES 28 days before expected end date on CAS

23 Tier 4 DES – How much money
£1,640 in student’s bank, plus £920 for each dependant, held for 28 days Official sponsor’s written consent, if previously sponsored for study If student will not complete doctorate before current visa expires, may need CAS for further T4 visa where possible, then second CAS for DES (subject to change). Discuss options with an International Student Adviser.

24 Tier 4 DES – How to apply Apply BEFORE degree awarded
Complete online Tier 4 application ISAS will check and post your application Documents – CAS, bank statements, photos, passport, police registration certificate Cost of application Postal £422 + £19.20 postal application (2 months) Premium Cardiff £822 (2 weeks)

25 Tier 4 Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES)
Conditions of visa Valid for 12 months only, no extension Not eligible for public funds Police registration if required Can take any work at any level, except doctor or dentist in training or professional sportsperson/coach Contact with T4 sponsor at least twice in 12 months T4 sponsor to report unexplained missed contact to UKVI Student to inform sponsor if leaves UK for good, or changes visa

26 Tier 5 Temporary Worker Different categories creative and sporting
charity workers  (voluntary work) religious workers government authorised exchange (GAE) international agreement

27 Tier 5 Temporary Worker (GAE)
Look at Home Office list – Register of Sponsors (Tier 2 and Tier 5) Separate list for Tier 5 GAE Maximum 12 months Can only apply in UK if – internship, training, work experience directly relating to qualification For Chinese students only - International Student Internship Scheme (ISIS) How much money? £945 for 90 days

28 Tier 5 Temporary Worker (GAE)
International Student Internship Scheme: This internship scheme will offer supernumerary work placements to: Chinese students from the top 211 universities; Chinese graduates from UK universities (who will transfer from Tier 4 to Tier 5 GAE) and Chinese nationals (students and graduates) applying direct from China. Interns will spend time with large UK businesses looking to expand their Chinese presence and to grow their trade links with China.

29 Tier 5 – AIESEC option

30 Tier 5 – AIESEC option

31 (The Next Stage) (Work)
Useful websites This ISAS presentation gives a brief overview, see websites below for full details: (The Next Stage) (Work)

32 Where can I get advice? Monday – Friday 09:20 – 16:00
The International Student Advisers are the only people in the University qualified to give immigration advice. The International Student Advisory Service (ISAS) is based in Student Support Services, Keir Hardie Building (opposite library). Monday – Friday 09:20 – 16:00

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