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TIER 1 – POST STUDY WORK November 2009. What is the Post Study Work Scheme? This scheme allows students who have successfully completed their UK degree.

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1 TIER 1 – POST STUDY WORK November 2009

2 What is the Post Study Work Scheme? This scheme allows students who have successfully completed their UK degree or postgraduate studies to apply to stay in the UK for up to two years to take employment without needing a work permit. You can only apply once

3 What type of work can you do? You can do any work (except doctor in training), be self-employed or set up your own business

4 When can you apply? You must apply within 12 months of obtaining the relevant qualification. This means that you must apply within 12 months of first being notified by the University that you have been awarded the qualification. This is the Date of Award stated on the Letter from the University, which is required as evidenceetter from the University,

5 Applying from overseas You are able to apply from overseas using application form VAF9 and also complete a separate appendix for the category under which you are applying. Some of the requirements are also different! You will need to show that you have had £2,800 in your account for 3 months before you apply.

6 Who can apply? Individuals who are here on a student visa (which includes students, students re-sitting examinations, and students writing up a thesis) or Individuals who currently have leave under the Science and Engineering Graduates Scheme (SEGS), International Graduates Scheme (IGS) or Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme You may not apply in the UK if you have student dependent visa status ( you will need to apply from overseas)

7 What is the cost? The application fee in the UK is £500 for postal applications and £700 for applications made in person at a Public Enquiry Office If you apply outside the UK, the application fee is £265

8 How do I pay? Cheque Bankers’ Draft Postal Order (from the Post Office) – recommended!!!! PAYABLE TO “HOME OFFICE” Credit Card - Mastercard, Visa Debit Card - Delta, Maestro, Solo

9 How do I apply? Download an up to date application form from UKBA website: lying/ Read the policy guidance (UKBA website) Check the photo guidance (UKBA website) Read the UKCISA notes on completing form (UKCISA website) Check all mandatory fields Collate your ORIGINAL documents (order bank statements in advance) Send by post - NEXT DAY SPECIAL DELIVERY- Always keep a record of when this was sent and the special delivery number (be aware of postal strike) In person – make an appointment first:0870 606 7766

10 Application Form – in UK only!

11 What documents do I need? Your current passport and all other old travel documents or passports that show your valid student leave 2 recent passport photos with your name written on the back Police registration certificate (if you need one)

12 What documents do I need? Your graduation certificate This must be included, unless… …your visa expires before your graduation ceremony

13 What documents do I need? Letter of Award from the University MUST be the official letter from the University Registry and NOT from your departments Can only be issued after the official exam board has met Apply via the registry: 1. 2.Email: 3.If you need the letter urgently, ask at the Registry Enquiries Office, WH 2.12c It may take up to a week after the board has met before the system is updated

14 What documents do I need? Evidence of maintenance/funds you will need to have a minimum of £800 (£2,800 if applying overseas) in your bank account for the last consecutive 3 months to qualify if applying in the UK and more if your family members are applying with you. Can be in banks in the UK or Overseas MUST be in YOUR name If currency is not in pounds sterling, write the equivalent in pounds sterling onto the bank statement (use

15 What documents do I need? Sponsor's consent/letter from sponsor If you are currently sponsored by a government or international scholarship agency for ALL your tuition fees and living costs, or you were being sponsored by a government or international scholarship agency for ALL your tuition and living costs 12 months ago or less This is not needed when you were only part- sponsored

16 Dependants Each of your dependants must submit form Tier 1 (Dependant). If they are applying at the same time as you, your dependants' applications are £50. You should make sure that all applications are posted together in the same envelope so that it is clear that they should be processed at the same time. If your dependants are applying separately from you, the immigration fee is £465 for each person.

17 What if I don’t have all the documents? Always send before your student leave expires!!! Include a personal statement explaining what documents are missing and why! Send the Home Office the documents as soon as possible. If passport is missing, make sure to fill out the relevant sections (C7, C8, D6 – D10)

18 IMPORTANT – If you forget to include the relevant documents with your application, the Home Office will NOT notify you of the missing documents. This means you might be refused!

19 Do I need to provide details of old passports and/or travel documents? You should provide details of these old documents only if you were in the UK, or travelling to the UK, when they were current. Only the current passport and current leave to remain must be sent with the application form.

20 Change of Circumstances Form You should use this form to notify the UK Border Agency of any changes to your details if you are in the United Kingdom. This includes: changes to an application before it has been decided; changes to an application after it has been decided; and the type of change, for example, to your contact details.

21 Tier 1 ( General ) - Points for earnings and qualifications -3 years (+ 2 years) -Earnings in 15 month period prior to applying (route = PSW or Tier 2 first) -No points for earnings less than £20,000 -No points for undergraduate degree

22 Tier 2 (work permit) Employer issues certificate of sponsorship to potential employee Shortage occupation list – 50 points (+ English language and maintenance) Resident labour market test – 30 points Other points from qualifications / prospective earnings (+ English language and maintainance) For full list of how to score points – policy guidance If you are working for employer under Tier 1 for at least six months and you want to stay in the same job under Tier 2 – score 30 points

23 How the International Student Support Team can / can’t help Questions – Student Services Centre ‘drop in’ 10 – 1, Monday – Friday Our website Proof of ability to work Can’t check full applications Can’t offer detailed advice on Tier 1, Tier 2 or other Tiers.

24 Useful Web Addresses The International Office Website: ml UK Council for International Student Affairs hp hp uk/tier1/poststudy/cost/applyingfrominsidetheuk/

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