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1 What you need to know International Students

2 Student Advice and International Student Support Offer free one-to-one advice and guidance on a range of issues including immigration, practical advice (e.g. opening a bank account), housing, finances Provide a range of leaflets and website information Available by telephone, email, at drop-in sessions or for longer appointments Fully trained advisers who are qualified to provide immigration advice 2

3 Your Visa – Length of Leave Student on degree courses (including research): should receive leave for the length of their course, plus an additional four months, with permission to work Students on courses longer than 6 months but less than one year should receive two additional months after the course Students on short courses: should receive the length of the course plus 7 days Should be allowed to work (if visa says no work could be a mistake!)

4 Entry Clearance It is compulsory for all non-EEA/Swiss nationals to secure entry clearance before coming to the UK if the first course that they intend to study lasts 6 months or more Cannot extend your stay in the UK if you didnt obtain Entry Clearance If you came to the UK without Entry Clearance, or are here with permission to stay in a category other than Tier 4 or Student, or travelled to the UK via Ireland speak to a Student Adviser Cannot study if here as a Visitor!

5 Entry Clearance Correction Scheme FREE scheme in the UK to correct errors made on entry clearance (visas) issued abroad Students here for under 6 months should have leave for the length of the course plus one week If you think these are wrong on your visa sticker contact a Student Adviser at

6 Working on a Student/Tier 4 visa You can work under certain conditions while you are here – up to 20 hours a week in term time and full time in the vacations, but... …you cannot be self-employed, take up a permanent full time post or work as a professional sportsperson or entertainer Summer is not a vacation for Masters students as you are writing your dissertation Research students – vacations must be agreed with supervisor 6

7 Extending your visa Might need to extend your visa, e.g. for resits, a new course or writing up your thesis Extending your visa can be a complicated process. Ensure you start preparing your application at least six weeks before your leave is due to expire ALWAYS read all the guidance carefully. Rules very strict especially financial requirements Contact a Student Adviser for assistance, and look out for our presentations on extending your student visa If your application is late or if there are documents missing it will be refused

8 Police Registration Relevant foreign nationals entering the UK for more than 6 months are required to register with the police Your visa should state that you are required to register Registration / registering of change of circumstances (e.g. new address/extension of student leave) must be done within 7 days £34.00 fee. Take evidence of student status Register at the Overseas Visitors Records Office - Borough

9 Tier 4 Visa Conditions Visa should be issued for study at Kings. If you have a visa for elsewhere speak to a Student Adviser as you will need to obtain a new visa Kings is required to report you if you change your course, move institution, interrupt your studies, leave the course or stop attending and your visa could be cancelled by the UKBA If you need to make changes to your study talk to a Student Adviser

10 Travelling outside the UK Check if you need a visa before travelling Ensure you have a letter from Kings and a bank statement to show immigration when you return Check customs requirements so you dont bring back anything illegal! Expedia, Opodo and Eurostar are handy websites for booking short breaks

11 Exploring the UK & Europe HOST UK organises visits to stay with Host families throughout the UK. Kings pays for your first visit – you just pay travel! See for International Students House has a travel club which runs regular trips. Check out

12 Useful Websites immigration forms and guidance for immigration guidance, contact details and drop-in workshops and

13 Contacting Student Advice 13 Call the Advice Line (open 10am-4pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays): 020 7848 6858 Send an email to for advice or to book an appointment Come to a drop-in – held daily from 11.30-13.30 at a different campus each day – see website for details Bookmark the website –

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