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Homework I am checking on p

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1 Homework I am checking on p
Homework I am checking on p.27 of your notebook—the following activities from your textbook: P.13, activity #11 P. 15, activity #14 Actividad Inicial #3 Write a complete sentence using Ch.1 vocabulary words associated with each picture below. 1. 4. 2. 3. 7. 8. 5. 6. What are you like??? on the weekends

2 Quiz No electronic devices during the quiz.
Keep your eyes on your own paper! If you have a question, raise your hand, I’ll come to you. When you finish, put your quiz on the front table and start on the assignment that will be on the board.

3 After the Quiz Traer Escuchar Pensar Poner Decir Hablar Comer Vivir
Turn to the Verb Dictionary pages in the back of your notebook. (if you do not have your notebook  get out a sheet of paper) Copy down the following list of verbs into your verb dictionary. Use your brain, notes, textbook, and/or a dictionary to write down what each verb means. Then write the code for what type of verb each one is (i.e., regular, irregular, stem-changer, etc.). Traer Pensar Decir Comer Salir Ver Correr Tener Nadar Abrir Escuchar Poner Hablar Vivir Patinar Interrumpir Pedir Bailar Jugar Saber

4 Verbs with Irregular Yo Forms (p.30)
Some verbs follow the same rules as regular verbs in all forms but the yo form. You must memorize which verbs these are and what the irregular yo form is; follow regular conjugation rules for all other forms.

5 Verbs with Irregular Yo Forms
salir (to go out) salgo salimos sales X sale salen saber (to know information) sabemos sabes X sabe saben hacer (to do, to make) hago hacemos haces X hace hacen traer (to bring) traigo traemos traes X trae traen poner (to put) pongo ponemos pones X pone ponen ver (to watch/to see) veo vemos ves X ve ven

6 Verbs with Irregular Yo Forms
Some verbs have irregular yo forms and are also irregular in other ways. Tener, venir, and decir are also stem-changers: tener (to have) eie tengo tenemos tienes X tiene tienen venir (to come) eie vengo venimos vienes X viene vienen decir (to say/to tell) ei digo decimos dices X dice dicen

7 Family Album Today you will assemble and illustrate your family album.
The family album is DUE NEXT CLASS!!!!!!!!!!! The family album is A TEST GRADE!!!!!!!!! I have paper and other supplies you may use. Rubrics

8 Family Album: Check the following
5 Sentences per person! For everyone but yourself: Ser + adjective for each Gustar/Encantar sentence for each Relationship to you Somewhere in your project: Conjugated regular –ar verb Conjugated regular –er verb Conjugated regular –ir verb Conjugated Stem-Changing verb Conjugated irregular Yo form verb

9 Tarea Finish the additional activities

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