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Negative tú commands are used to tell someone (familiar) what NOT to do.

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1 Negative tú commands are used to tell someone (familiar) what NOT to do.

2 To form negative tú commands, you have to go through three steps.

3 #1 Start with the yo form of the verb comer como

4 #2 Take off the o como com-

5 #3 Add the opposite tú ending. For –ar verbs, add –es. For –er/-ir verbs add – as. com- comas

6 Dont forget to add no to the beginning of negative commands. No comas... = Dont eat...

7 doblar

8 no dobles

9 dont turn!

10 comer

11 no comas

12 dont eat!

13 escribir

14 no escribas

15 dont write!

16 Dont forget, you still have to stem- change if you are using a stem- changing verb.

17 volver

18 no vuelvas

19 dont return!

20 pedir

21 no pidas

22 dont ask for! dont order!

23 sentar

24 no sientes

25 dont sit!

26 You also have to watch out for verbs with irregular yo forms.

27 tener

28 no tengas

29 dont have!

30 poner

31 no pongas

32 dont put!

33 seguir

34 no sigas

35 dont continue! dont follow!

36 decir

37 no digas

38 dont say! dont tell!

39 salir

40 no salgas

41 dont leave! dont go out!

42 hacer

43 no hagas

44 dont make! dont do!

45 venir

46 no vengas

47 dont come!

48 There are 5 irregulars Dar – Des (dont give) Estar – Estés (dont be) Ir - vayas (dont go) Saber – sepas (dont know) Ser – seas (dont be)

49 Page 321 Ex. 11 For each number you are going to write a positive tu command and a negative. EX 1. Filma la escena otra vez No filmes la escena otra vez

50 Ex 12 Look at the picture. Come up with a list of NEGATIVE commands from the word box. Example: Mario – No juegues con el mircrófono!

51 Katie/Kayla Remember: Usted Commands (we did before break) are formed by taking the verb in the Yo form and switching endings Tener – tenga or no tenga. You dont have a difference between pos/neg like the Tu commands. Tu commands (what we are working on now) Positive – El/Ella form of the verb – no ending switch (lavar = lava = wash!_) Negative – Yo form of the verb – switch endings. (lavar = no lavas) Its important to remember the Yo form for negative so you do the irregular YOs correctly Also – only difference between Usted commands and Tu commands are the person you are talking to. Usted – formal/Tu - informal

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