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Los mandatos informales y negativos

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1 Los mandatos informales y negativos
Commands that are informal and negative

2 Remember how to tell someone to do something? (affirmative commands)
know what the infinitive is tú form drop “s” caminar – caminas – camina = walk

3 Irregular Affirmative Commands
Ven Di Sal Haz Ten Ve Pon Venir (come) Decir (say) Salir (leave) Hacer (do, make) Tener (have) Ir (go) Poner (put, set, place) Ser (be)

4 Now to tell people what not to do… (Negative Commands)
Infinitive Yo form Drop “o” Add opposite ending AR verbs +es ER/IR verbs +as “No” before command

5 Ejemplos: Don’t skate. (patinar) Patinar Patino Patin Patines
No patines.

6 Ejemplos: Don’t eat vegetables. (comer) Comer Como Com Comas
No comas las verduras.

7 Ejemplos: Don’t make your bed. (hacer) Hacer Hago Hag Hagas
No hagas la cama.

8 ¿Cómo se dice…? Don’t run. Don’t write on the paper.
No corras. Don’t write on the paper. No escribas en el papel. Don’t speak English! ¡No hables inglés!

9 Irregular negative commands
No des. No vayas. No seas. No dar (don’t give) No ir (don’t go) No ser (don’t be)

10 Resumen (summary) With affirmative commands you are telling someone what to do. With negative commands you are telling them what not to do. The command forms you’ve learned/reviewed today are informal. You would use them with peers, friends, close family members, etc.

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