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Examen del mediosemestre: Capítulo 3

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1 Examen del mediosemestre: Capítulo 3
Español II: Repaso Examen del mediosemestre: Capítulo 3

2 Capítulo 3: ¿Qué ropa está de moda?
Vocabulario Pp (clothing articles/fabrics/patterns) Pp (accessories/people in clothing/methods of payment) Gramática Pretérito (How do you use verbs in the past?) Adjetivos Demostrativos (this/that/these/those) Pronombres Demostrativos (What if you don’t want to refer to the noun?)

3 ¿Qué es el Pretérito? Verbs have a different set of endings to use the past tense This past tense is called the preterite Like the present tense, each type of verb has its own set of endings, though ER and IR verbs share the same endings The preterite also has has its share of irregular verbs, such as verbs that end in: car gar zar

4 Terminos del Pretérito: AR
The following endings are for forming regular AR verbs in the preterite: yo é aste Él/ella/Ud. ó nosotros amos vosotros asteis Ellos/ellas/Uds. aron

5 Terminos del Pretérito: ER y IR
The following ending are for BOTH regular ER y IR verbs in the preterite: yo í iste Él/ella/Ud. nosotros imos vosotros isteis Ellos/ellas/Uds. ieron

6 Car, Gar, Zar Verbs Car= qué
Verbs that end in car, gar, or zar have irregular endings in the YO FORM Car= qué Tocar: yo toqué Gar=gué Pagar: yo pagué Zar=cé Empezar: yo empecé

7 ¿Cuáles son los Adjetivos Demostrativos?
Demonstrative adjectives are this, that, these, those They “demonstrate” the location of something MUST have an object behind them: the adjective has to agree in gender and number with the object Unlike English, we have a different set of words for that and those if the object is far away

8 Demonstrative Adjectives: This/These/That/Those
este estos esta estas That/Those: ese esos esa esas **NOTE THE CHANGES IN THE MASCULINE FORMS BETWEEN SINGULAR AND PLURAL!!

9 Demonstrative Adjectives: That/Those-Far Away
These words are used if the object of that or those is far away. Note the spelling changes: aquel aquellos aquella aquellas

10 ¿Cuáles son Pronombres Demostrativos?
Demonstrative pronouns sound like what they are: pronouns that demonstrate the location of something Because they’re pronouns, the subject is NOT referred to (this “one,” that “one”)

11 Los Pronombres Demostrativos
As you can see, the demonstrative pronouns are the same words as the demonstrative adjectives. The only difference is that you put an accent over the first “e” in every word.This should slightly affect the pronunciation as well. éste éstos ésta éstas ése ésos ésa ésas aquél aquéllos aquélla aquéllas

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