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Demonstrative Adjectives Demonstrative Adjectives B.pptx.

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2 Demonstrative Adjectives Demonstrative Adjectives B.pptx

3 Vocabulario apestoso(a)el hombre la mujer

4 Vocabulario cansadocansada

5 Vocabulario la ovejael toro

6 this dog that cat these dogs those cats

7 Viewing Questions 1) What are the 2 ways that adjectives have to agree with the nouns they modify? 2) How can you tell the difference between the demonstrative adjectives estas and esta, and the second and third person singular forms of the verb estar? In number and gender The second and third person singular forms of the verb estar have accents.

8 Los Adjetivos Demostrativos Point out persons, places or things relative to the position of the speaker – distance from the speaker. They always agree in number and gender with the noun they modify. Always come in front of the noun.

9 Demonstrative Adjectives este this estos these ese that esos those aquel that (over there) aquellos those (over there) esta this estas these esa that esas those aquella that(over there) aquellas those (over there) SingularPlural Masculine Feminine

10 Este libro es fácil. This book is easy. Esos libros son difíciles. Those books are difficult. Aquellos libros son aburridos Those books (over there) are boring. Los Adjetivos Demostrativos

11 All forms of este indicate something near the person speaking. All forms of ese indicate something close to the person spoken to. All forms of aquel indicate something far away from both the speaker and listener.

12 The adverbs aquí, allí, and allá indicate relative position. Aquí - here Allí – there Allá - there (over there) Los Adjetivos Demostrativos

13 Sr. Wilson esta mesa esa silla aquel escritorio

14 1.I want this cup. 2.She wants that cup. 3.They want those cups over there. Yo quiero esta taza. Ella quiere esa taza. Ellos quieren aquellas tazas. 4.We prefer these forks. 5.You guys prefer those forks. 6.But Luis prefers those forks over there. Nosotros preferimos estos tenedores. Vosotros preferís esos tenedores. Pero Luis prefiere aquellos tenedores.

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