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La Gramática.

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1 La Gramática

2 Reflexive Verbs Some words in the Spanish language attached a se at the end of the infinitive. Se is the reflexive pronoun of the sentence and the verbs is called the reflexive noun. This reflects the action back to the subject of the sentence.

3 Peinarse Yo me cepillo Tú te cepillas Ud. Él se cepilla Ella
Nosotros/as nos cepillamos Vosotros/as os cepilláis Uds. Ellos se cepillan Ellas

4 Preterite of reflexive verbs

5 Demonstrative adjectives
Forming the preterite reflexive tense has only one exception to it that differs from the same patterns used to form the preterite tense. This exception is adding a reflexive pronoun to the sentence. To tell where something or someone is located. este ese aquel esta esa aquella estos esos aquellos estas esas aquellas

6 Demonstrative pronouns
The adjectives become demonstrative pronouns when you take the place of the noun and add accent marks.

7 Los pronombres demostrativos
singluar Masculino Femenino éste ésta ése ésa aquél aquélla plural Masculino Femenino éstos éstos ésos ésas aquéllos aquéllas

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