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Los adjetivos demonstrativos

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1 Los adjetivos demonstrativos
Spanish 3 (H) ch.3

2 Demonstrative Adjectives
este estos esta estas ese esos esa esas aquel aquellos aquella aquellas

3 Demonstrative Pronouns
éste éstos ésta éstas ése ésos ésa ésas aquél aquéllos aquélla aquéllas

4 Demonstrative Pronouns
Neuter pronouns are used when referring to statements, abstract ideas, or something that has not been identified. esto eso aquello This one That one

5 Demonstrative Pronouns
In a sentence in which one wants to refer back to two antecedents, one mentions the 2nd antecedent by using éste/a/os/as and then mentions the 1st antecedent by using aquél/la/los/las. These correspond to the latter and the former.

6 Demonstrative Pronouns
Marcos y Shana son novios; ésta vive en Nueva York y aquél vive en New Jersey.

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