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Los Adjetivos Demostrativos (Demonstrative Adjectives)

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2 Los Adjetivos Demostrativos (Demonstrative Adjectives)

3 Los Adjetivos Demostrativos Point out persons, places or things relative to the position of the speaker – distance from the speaker. They always agree in number and gender with the noun they modify. Always come in front of the noun.

4 Los adjetivos Singular Plural Los Adjetivos Demostrativos este esta ese esa aquel aquella estos estas esos esas aquellos aquellas this (close) that (not close) that (far away; over there) these (close) those (not close) those (far away; over there)

5 Una rima para recordar… (este / estos) This and These have the ts, (este / estos) (ese / esos -- smaller words Those and That arent as fat, (ese / esos -- smaller words) And Those Over There are way out there (aquel / aquellos -- much different)

6 Este libro es fácil. This book is easy. Esos libros son difíciles. Those books are difficult. Aquellos libros son aburridos Those books (over there) are boring. Los Adjetivos Demostrativos

7 Sr. Smith esta mesa esa silla aquel escritorio

8 Sr. Rivera estos cubiertos esa taza aquella pimienta

9 1.I want this cup. 2.She wants that cup. 3.They want those cups over there. Yo quiero esta taza. Ella quiere esa taza. Ellos quieren aquellas tazas. 4.We prefer these forks. 5.You guys prefer those forks. 6.But Luis prefers those forks over there. Nosotros preferimos estos tenedores. Vosotros preferís esos tenedores. Pero Luis prefiere aquellos tenedores.

10 1.This photo is Manuels. 2.Who is that girl? 3.Those people over there are his siblings. Esta foto es de Manuel. ¿Quién es esa chica? Aquellas personas son sus hermanos. 4.I have to buy this table cloth. 5.No, you should buy that table cloth. 6.I think that I like that table cloth over there. Tengo que comprar este mantel. No, debes comprar ese mantel. Pienso que me gusta aquel mantel.

11 Los Pronombres Demostrativos (Demonstrative Pronouns)

12 Demonstrative pronouns take the place of nouns. They have the same number and gender as the noun they replace and have a written accent. Ejemplos: ¿É se? ¿Sabes qui é n es ese se ñ or? ….. ¿É se? S í, es el reportero. Do you know who that man is?.. That one? Yes, hes the reporter. Aquella reportera es del canal dos. That reporter is from Channel 2 Aquélla Aquélla es del canal cinco. That one is from Channel 5 *Aquélla replaced the noun reportera* Add an accent to make it a pronoun!

13 Putting it all together… Demonstratives indicate where something is. Demonstrative adjectives appear before a noun: Este libro es interesante. This book is interesting. Demonstrative pronouns take the place of a noun: É ste es interesante. This one is interesting. *In order to distinguish the two (adjective or pronoun), you must include a written accent over e. e ---> é

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