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Getting Started to Success Session 1

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1 Getting Started to Success Session 1
Welcome to the Getting Started to Success! This is your first step on the road to success. Check in to make sure that you have already done your business strategy session with your upline or that you have scheduled that appointment. As we go through the training today from time to time I will be referring to our System For Success. You see it pictured here on this first slide. This is the system that we use for coaching you from day 1 to District Manager. It is also the system you follow for Duplication. Rather your goal is to make a little money or a lot of money your first steps are the same. To create on-going income you must be able to be duplicated. The way duplication happens is following a system that coaches you on exact activities and skills. It’s not based on personality or strengths but on following a proven system, doing the activity that rewards you with profits and growth, working with your upline to learn these skills. Everything you need to know and do is listed in the “System for Success”. The scripts that we will be working with today are listed under this section GS1. Please take a moment to print them out now. If you already have your starter kit then you may want to have your strong start workbook available to look at when I refer to it. The strong start goes hand in hand with the “System for Success”. Same strategy – SFS just has more detailed scripts and training. Getting Started

2 Right Place at the Right Time
Right Company Right Products Right Compensation Plan Right Industry Arbonne may be your plan A or B. Based on what so many people experienced with the economy over the last few years – we all need a plan B. Congratulations, for making the smart decision. If you follow the system and fall in love with the time-leveraging aspect-plan B may become your Plan A. Arbonne is a ground floor 30 year old company with huge growth potential and stability. : Right Products, Right time : Generous and lucrative Compensation Plan that is the perfect balance of both Direct Sales and Network Marketing and a System to follow for Success. Congratulations on your smart decision to join Arbonne! Getting Started

3 Your Arbonne Career Treat your new business professionally and you’ll earn a professional income Whether you work PT or FT - you want to work consistently. Working your business – sometimes creates a hobby. Treat your business like you just wrote a million dollar check to get it started. In order to be organized, professional and prepared at all times you will want to create your VP Bag right away. The tote that came with your Arbonne Business Starter Kit is perfect. It’s not about the bag it is what is inside the bag. It will need to be big enough to fit the following items in it: Success Binder – 3 ring binder with important documents that you will be using a lot (you can see how to put this together on the system for success site – it’s a yellow box to the right. All of the documents you need to put in it are right there to print out. Put your Strong Start workbook in your binder too. This way you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Curiosity Packets Host Packets Arbonne Action Plans Calendar Samples Packs The reason we call this a VP bag is: when you are prepared you tend to talk to more people. The more people you talk to the faster you become a VP. Click on VP Bag and Success Binder from page one of the System For Success – all Hobbies cost money!! Getting Started

4 Your Arbonne Catalogue
Become a student You will learn: About the company About the products Retail prices Product set specials Product knowledge Know what your customers are reading NEXT 3 SLIDES – SOME OF YOUR KEY ARBONNE TOOLS You will be using and referring to the Arbonne Catalogue often. It is important to know what sets us apart from other products in the industry. The first few pages in your catalog explains what makes Arbonne a prestige premium Swiss product. This is called the Arbonne Difference. You will find it in the catalogue and in the Swiss Skin Care Script. Normally, the questions that your clients may ask you will be addressed in the catalogue. By reading and studying your catalog you will feel confident when sharing and answering questions about how to use the products, key ingredients and set specials. Homework Read and Study it. When you are sharing about the products – Talk benefits vs. ingredients. Use your Catalogue to help you. Example – RE9 ingredients are Vitamin C, Copper, Alge. RE9 is going to repair your skin and make it look younger. First is a feature, 2nd one is a benefit. Tell stories-your product testimonial is one of your most powerful tools. People relate to stories and they get excited about using the product and getting similar results. You should feel confident in the product. Arbonne products are the result of 3 decades of research and development by world leading biochemists, biologists and herbalists. Getting Started

5 Your Arbonne Calendar A Powerful Resource!
Obtain your Upline information and enter into your calendar Review training and DVD) Review and use your Activity Tracker Book coaching session with your sponsor to learn the phone techniques Open your calendars and read the statement of purpose on page 1. The calendar contains the Activity Tracker that you will be using daily to track your calls and fill your calendar with appointments. You will fully understand how it works after watching the DVD that comes with it. Homework watch the DVD and practice with your upline. Ask them to make a commitment to call their upline/sponsor in the next few days to schedule a coaching session to review phone techniques. Talk about upline. You have a sponsor and an entire upline – sometimes this is the same person - District Manager, Area Manager, Regional VP and then a National VP. You should make sure you have the name, phone number and for each. They are all part of your upline and will help you. If you have a question or need help and your sponsor is not around or doesn’t know, keep going up. A full calendar = momentum = success Getting Started

6 The Arbonne Website Schedule a time with your sponsor to learn
how to navigate the Arbonne Website How to place orders Sign up PC’s and Consultants Campaigns and promotions Download forms Webstats Arbonne University Product training Code of Ethics Policies and Procedures You will be learning how to navigate the website as you put in orders and sign up preferred clients and business consultants. In order to do this you will need your ID # and your Pin #. You should have received an from Arbonne with this information on it. Keep it somewhere easy to find so that you have it. Getting Started

7 $700 retail products for ONLY $350
RSVP: Right Start Value Pack In your Start month and following month you are eligible for your RSVP 1 $700 retail products for ONLY $350 (excludes business aids, travel set and other promotional products) Achieve $1,000 PRV during your start month and following month and qualify to earn your RSVP 2 The RSVP is a great 50% discount that Arbonne gives to consultants and preferred clients in their start month and following month. Exposed to more products – option to try more things because of the price Create loyal product users $50 bonus for consultants to earn on RSVP If you have not purchased YOUR RSVP we highly encourage you to purchase it so that you will have product to share at your presentations and workshops. There are 3 different product orders that you can refer to that are listed in the GS1 section to get your business started. You can choose the order that works best for your budget. When you achieve $1000 PQV during your start month you will qualify for a second RSVP. You can hit the $1000 goal by accumulating and placing Retail Client orders or your own personal orders under your id# in your start month. Use for your “Start Order or to “Arbonnize” your home at a 50% discount! Getting Started

8 RSVP Benefits for Preferred Clients
This is a great opportunity to “Arbonnize” their home with a 50% discount When your Preferred Clients use all the Arbonne products, they will experience excellent results and tell their friends and family. Preferred Clients can take advantage of the RSVP too. PC in start month and following month are eligible for RSVP They can get more products and arbonnize their family/home – This is the best value for your PC. Also, in the Swiss Skin Care Workshop all the products we share fit into an RSVP. Most of your guests will want to purchase it. They get to experience more products for a better price. Creates product loyalty and they become better educated on the products. PC’s will tell their friends about the great deal they got – which will lead to long term use and more referrals for you. Often times as they experience results from the product and they are telling other people about them – they decide to become business consultants and take advantage of the income opportunity. If you are a PC and want to become a consultant – let your upline know and they will tell you what you need to do in order to pop up. You will receive a business consultant starter kit and start receiving 35% discount and take advantage of the other profit centers in our compensation plan. Remember – you receive a $50 bonus on all RSVPs – rather they are sold to a consultant or a PC. To pop up to the consultant level: demonstrate both of the following business building behaviors in two of three consecutive months; Accumulate at least $150 PRV Sponsor two or more new preferred clients or consultants who also accumulate $150 PRV each in their start month. Or, purchase the new consultant starter kit for $80 and receive the consultant status upgrade. This occurs at the date of payment and you can only pay to do it once. Results = more referrals for you!! Getting Started

9 Be a Product of Your Product
“Arbonnize” your household Use all of Arbonne’s products to create convictions, personal testimonies and to strengthen your belief You are a walking advertisement for your product What’s in your bathroom? Kitchen? Shower? Cosmetic bag? Pocket? You sell what you use. We talk about what we use. What do people see when they look in your bathroom? Teach others how to pamper and indulge themselves and family with the product line and shop at a discount. These are products that they are most likely buying right now – skin care, shampoo, lotions, shaving cream, shakes, children’s bath products, vitamins/supplements. Getting Started

10 Your Road Map to 100% Confidence
Everyone can succeed because we coach you on the skills for success This is a simple and easy to learn system We take the confusion out of learning NOW WE ARE GOING TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT THE SUPPORT WE HAVE IN PLACE When new people start a NWM business, the challenge is not motivation, it is CONFIDENCE. Confidence you are going to do or say the right things. Confidence that the people you sponsor will be successful Confidence you will achieve success. We have an entire section of our system that is filled with scripts of what to say. You will be role playing these with your sponsor. We incorporate role playing and coaching so that you learn and feel confident that you can succeed. All of the coaching and role playing will be on the basic skills – how to book appointments, do presentations, sponsor, how to navigate the system for success. This site will be one of your main support tools. “A confused mind says NO” ~Brian Tracy Getting Started

11 Two ways to create an income
Right Now Money Moving product through one-on-ones and workshops Benefits: fills immediate income need Ongoing Money You will make money down the road through the work that you do today by building a Team Benefits: create long term income Retail 35% commission, 15% commission on preferred client orders, RSVP bonuses - $50 as a consultant and an additional $25 on every RSVP as a District. Ongoing Money – commission overrides on your team volume. More bonuses. The bigger your team the bigger the overrides. As we go through the getting started today be thinking about what you want to create in your business. You most likely went over this in your business strategy with your sponsor when you went over the Business Summary/ Success Triangle. If you have not done that you will want to do that in the next few days. The success triangle is a document that is listed in the blue area of the system for success and under the Discovery interview. This document will help you explain how we make our money. There is also a utube video on the site that you can watch. On the System For Success Site you will see a section called “Income Producing Activity” and another one “Your First Presentations”. We will coach you so that you learn the skills to do all of this. The most difficult part is knowing what to do and we have outlined this for you in the System For Success. You just need to follow the road map with your sponsor and upline’s help. Getting Started

12 Product Experience Options
Groups Meet more people by doing a group presentation Opportunity to meet someone else’s warm market One-on-Ones Time Flexibility/fits into nooks & crannies of your Life Personalized presentation Targets individual needs Benefits: Gives your prospects and guests a chance to try before they buy. Create an educated consumer network – why Arbonne/how to order/purchase at discount. On the job training for new consultants. “earn while you learn” Great Opportunity to for new consultants to practice sharing the products. Forum for sponsoring new Consultants, Preferred Clients and Retail Clients These are the events that we use to introduce people to the products and eventually the business. Your first goal – get 10 new preferred clients this month. This will be your goal every month – see enough people to get 10 new preferred clients a month. The value of a Group Presentation or Workshop Sell more because you are presenting to more people at once Meet new people outside of your friends Gives you Right now money One on One – meets clients scheduling needs. Personal. You will want to fill your calendar with one on ones when you don’t have a workshop. 3 one on ones to 1 workshop [3 one on ones will create the same dollar amount and prospects as one workshop] We will cover samples in Getting Started 2. Don’t want you to worry about giving out a bunch of samples this month. We want you to concentrate on workshops and one on one’s. If you have long distance friends and relatives that you want to introduce the product and/or business to, you should make a list and then talk to your sponsor/upline – Sample and instructions and curiosity packet if they are interested in the income opportunity and how to follow up. You can also find this in the System for Success. Getting Started

13 “Just like a mechanic needs tools in their tool box…so do you!!”
What You Need In Your Toolbox Products for display and sampling Sample Packs Business Aids Curiosity Packets Your Kit is your most powerful business tool. It is your store front. Products to display and share. You will find 3 suggested business orders listed on the System for Success site under “signing up a new consultant or in the Success Binder”. You should choose the order that best fits your budget and presentation needs. Since Skin Care is 70% of the reorder business in Arbonne. The suggested orders will give you RE9 advanced, a sampling of Arbonne Cosmetics, FC5 Samples in case you have younger people at some of your workshops and the business aides you will need – samples, catalogues, applicators for mascara, lip polish, folders for curiosity and host packets, action plans and DVDs etc. “Just like a mechanic needs tools in their tool box…so do you!!” Getting Started

14 When your calendar is full, you are in business!
Open the Door to Your Business Calendar Exercise: Identify when you are “open for business” Immediately Schedule your 3 practice groups/workshops and/or one-on-one presentations We recommend that you launch your business with 3 group presentations/workshops or one Business Launch and 2 groups presentations/workshops. Choose the days you want to do them. Guests won’t all be able to come on the same day so you will want to have a least 2 or 3 dates they can choose from. Check your sponsor’s availability because they will be helping you. Unless you don’t live by your sponsor and then they will be coaching you on how to do it. You may want to do a catalog presentation with DVD’s if you are doing it on your own. As these DVDs will help you tell the story and they will be your 3rd party indorcement. You can use the RE9 Advanced to start and the Arbonne Opportunity/Your Time to Shine at the end. Or have it playing while guests are arriving. Fast way to kick start your business. Your goal is to get in front of at least 30 people each month – that is equivalent to 6 pres/mo. This is your forum for sponsoring new PC’s and Consultants and getting new retail clients. A couple of times a day take 15 – 20 minutes to book your appointments. Some people will be easier to get a hold of during the day and some in the evening. Give yourself a target date for calling and getting your invites out to everyone. See script “asking/inviting to your first presentations/workshops. We will talk about how to use this as we go through the next few slides. Pause the webinar and schedule your first 3 presentations with your sponsor if you have not already done this. When your calendar is full, you are in business! Getting Started

15 Create your “WHY” Story
You will share your Why story when: Inviting people to your first presentations/workshops Asking someone to host a presentation/workshop for you Conversational sharing – why you chose to build a business Perfect Why story includes: What you want to change or fix in your life – this usually has to do with family, time, money- some challenge that Arbonne can help with and something that other people can relate to………. “Before I joined Arbonne I…” “What I believe Arbonne will allow me to do is…” “What I need your help with is…” THIS EXERCISE WILL PREPARE YOU FOR THE INVITING ROLE PLAY – I’m hoping that you have already started working on developing your “Why Story” with your sponsor. You will also find this information in your Strong Start Workbook that came in your starter kit. We are going to be using the script that is listed on the getting started section of the system for success– creating your why – so pull that out now. What made you look at the Arbonne Income Opportunity? How will your life or your family’s life change as a result of joining Arbonne? You will also want to include your product testimonial. “Example – “first I feel in love with the product and then when I realized there was an income opportunity, I thought this could be the answer to…..” an ongoing problem: whatever that problem or challenge may be for you. Extra Money, Time with Kids, Opportunity to help my Husband, Help other People who Need to Earn Extra Money, Pay for My Kids to Go To Private School, Save for My Retirement, Save my Home etc. a) I work a lot of hours in corp. America. I drop my little boy off with teachers and camp directors everyday. I feel like they are raising him. This just doesn’t seem right. (problem) b) What I believe Arbonne will help me do is get control over my schedule and this situation. My goal is to work from home and eventually quit my job. I want to be there to take him to school and pick him up. (Why Arbonne) c) Here is where you come in. I’m in training for the next month. I am hosting a few workshops at my home next week and I would love for you to be there. If you like what you see, maybe you can host a workshop for me with a few of your friends. Your support means so much to me. I don’t need you to keep me in business, just help me get started. AT THE END OF THIS TRAINING, I WANT YOU TO ROLE PLAY THIS A FEW TIMES WITH YOUR SPONSOR SO THAT YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH IT WHEN YOU CALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO INVITE THEM TO YOUR PRESENTATIONS/WORKSHOPS. Remember your friends will be more likely to support you because of a personal situation over just trying a great product. Once they try the product they will understand why you chose Arbonne as the vehicle to help you. Be Passionate and Sincere. This is YOUR WHY! Getting Started

16 Your Warm Market Who you know today (100-200) Friends Relatives
F.R.A.N.K: Friends Relatives Acquaintances Neighbors Kids EXERCISE: Take a minute to write down as many names as you can! Exercise: You should have started your list at your business strategy meeting and continue building this list in your Strong Start workbook. You will want to keep your workbook in your success binder so that you have it with you at all times to add more names. Lets take 2 minutes to write as many names as possible. Start with the first people you want to share the product or the business with. Stop the webinar and do that now. Did you remember to check your cell phone – you should have people who are in your warm market in your contacts. Keep adding to this list. Work your way through this list. You will be surprised at how many people on this list become your clients and consultants. It’s fun to go back and look at this list. Remember, this is the beginning of your list: you will be adding names from the people you meet at your presentations and workshops. People you haven’t met yet. And the better you get at conversational marketing – the more names you will add to your list. We will go into more of this in the Getting Started 2 session. For now we are starting with your warm market. Getting Started

17 It’s Time to Role Play! Inviting friends & family to your first practice group/workshop Booking a one-on-one I’m going to give you a couple of tips on inviting people to your first presentations. You will then pause the webinar and practice with the asking/inviting script with your sponsor or set up a time to role play this together. Choose a couple of people on your 100 name list to practice inviting to your first presentation/ workshops for this role play. "Hi Donna, it's Sandra calling, do you have a second? Great! Listen, I could really use your help. [help/favor] I want to fire my boss. [YOUR WHY – you know how I’ve been telling you that I’m over my schedule. Well, I have found a way to work from home and have a better schedule for the kids]. I have just started a business with Arbonne. Have you heard of it? I’m in training this month and I’m hosting some Swiss Skin Care Workshops at my home to launch my business. It would mean the world to me if you would come to one of my workshops. I need to practice and I am looking to have 8-10 people at each one. We are going to pamper you and you can indulge in the best Swiss Skin Care products on the market.[reward].” What date works best for you…can you make it on Saturday the 1st at 2pm or Monday night the third at 6:30 in the evening? Great. I’m so excited. Donna, if you have a friend that you like to hang out with please feel free to invite them to come too. Just let me know if someone else is coming. I’ll have a little gift for you for bringing someone. There will be some people that you want to have host for you. You can invite them to your launch workshops first or you can ask them if they would do you a favor and get a few friends together and host a workshop for you. Let them know about the host rewards and 80% discount. Let’s say they can’t come for some reason or they say “no I ‘m busy and I won’t be able to come on either date – then book a time to get together one on one. If that doesn’t work out then ask them if you can drop off a sample of the products for them to try and give you their opinion. Getting Started

18 Your 30 second commercial
When people ask “What do YOU do?” Respond genuinely with Confidence & Enthusiasm Create interest & conversation “So, what do you do?” “I have my own business and I am so excited it’s taking off!” We are going to work on your 30 Second Commercial with the next 2 slides. You will want to make sure that you know what to say when you are out and about and you meet someone who asks you what you do. This could be at a birthday party or a family get together or the gym. What do you do? (your reply is your 30 Second Commercial) “I have my own business, I’m in anti-aging.” Say just enough to get them to ask you the next question> What is it? "It‘s skin care. You know how everyone wants to look as good as they can for as long as they can. One of the best ways to get someone to ask you what you do is by asking them “what they do.” This is an important part of your business. THIS IS CALLED NETWORKING. This is INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITY. Go out and do the things you do on a daily basis. You will meet people everywhere. Give complements to people, strike up conversations about something you have in common, be polite, look your best so that you are a representation of our products. Practice seeing how many people you can get to ask you “What Do You Do”? Role Play Getting Started

19 “What do you do?” or “What is it?”
“What is your business” When someone responds to your answer to: “What do you do?” or “What is it?” “It is anti-aging, that’s why it’s booming.” “I market an anti-aging and wellness line and we have learned how to tap into the baby boomer market and we are doing very well.” “I market health and wellness products for the entire family.” “I teach people how to look and feel great and make money” “I have my own business. Really, what is it? I’m in anti-aging. No one wants to age. They want to look and feel good for as long as they can. What kind of anti-aging is it? I market a line of Swiss skincare and wellness products that people absolutely love. It’s called Arbonne. Have you heard of it?” You may want to have 2 commercials: One that emphasizes having your own business (meet flexibility concern) and one about anti-aging (part of a booming industry). Mom’s – like to hear that you have your own business that you can work around your kids schedule. They like to be home with their kids – they also like having an income. Pause the webinar and have your sponsor help you come up with yours. Getting Started

20 Wisdom is knowing the right path to take…
Ethics of Excellence Lead with Integrity Have strong business ethics Follow the golden rule: Always respect another consultant’s work in progress Study your Arbonne Polices and Procedures Manual No eBay selling or unapproved websites We are proud of Arbonne’s integrity. It is a key to our ongoing success. When you meet someone who has already been exposed to Arbonne, It’s your responsibility to ask if they have a consultant who they are currently working with. If they don’t you can proceed. If they do – then refer them back. If they say they haven’t heard from them in a long time. Find out how long and proceed. It’s important to stay in contact with your clients. I like to service my clients every 3 months. You can send them an once a month with a monthly special on it. Any questions you have will most likely be answered in the Policies and Procedures manual. Keep it on hand and take time to go over it whenever you can. Wisdom is knowing the right path to take… Integrity is taking it!” ~M. H. McKee Getting Started

21 Managing Your Expectations
People will say “no” because they don’t “know”. This is a business of numbers and exposures. The more you share the Arbonne story with people, the more you increase your chances to succeed. You will spend more time now to earn an amazing income later. You will set goals and fall short Those who set and reset goals go to the top! Remember, you are looking for those people who are looking for an income opportunity that will make their life better. Some will, some won’t. Just say next. You goal is to build a team. You’ll have people on your team who are clients and preferred clients enjoying the product. You’ll have consultants who just want to make $300 - $500 a month. And then their will be consultants who have a dream and intention to become NVPs. You don’t build a successful business overnight. Give it enough time. If you stick with it and manage your expectations you have every chance of succeeding. The only way you can fail or lose is to quit. There is nothing you can’t learn in order to one day be presented with the keys to your Mercedes Benz. Getting Started

22 Going Forward Your next step is…..
Allow your sponsor to coach you on following the “System For Success” Do your first 3 presentations/workshops Practice, Role Play and Schedule After your first 3 presentations attend GS2 Your homework is on this slide – if you live near your sponsor they will do your first workshops with you. If you don’t they will coach you long distance and help you prepare so that you are ready to do your first presentations. NOTE: Monthly requirement for Staying Active as a Consultant: To keep your consultant status active – plan on doing $150 month. This can be done through selling to clients or you can go on auto ship for the products that you know you will be using on a monthly basis. Auto Ship is easy. Order things that you use every month and that you run out of – $150 in product only costs you $97.50 to get your qualifying order in. Some examples of Auto Ship orders: Shakes, chews, shampoo, body wash, unwind bath salts, detox tea, supplements that you use up in a month – like the RE9 Collagen Support, Going Going Gone, Omega 3’s. What do you use on a daily basis that only lasts for 1 month? Getting Started

23 Strong Start Campaign $ Getting Started Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Achieve the 1,500 Volume Goal and earn the Arbonne Consultant Tote Bag Month 2 Achieve the 2,500 Volume Goal and earn the On-the-Go Office Accessory Set Month 3 Achieve the 3,500 Volume Goal and earn the Arbonne Key Necklace Strong Start Graduate I want you to think of the Strong Start as a campaign that rewards you for reaching your monthly goals. For each month that you hit the required goal, you will earn the reward. Example in month 1 – Achieve 1500 in volume and you will receive the tote. By reaching all three monthly goals you will become a DM by the end of 90 days as long as you hit the District Manager qualifications. Go over the qualifications with your sponsor or upline manager to make sure that you understand them. If you hit all 3 monthly volume goals and sponsor 3 $109 consultants who each have a minimum of $150 order under their id# you will graduate the program. And Arbonne will award you a $700 product of your choice voucher as your graduation gift. You must opt in to the program on Arbonne’s website during your start month or next month. Have your sponsor help you decide on rather when it’s best for you to opt in. Look at the date and what you have on your schedule. If it looks like you have enough time to accumulate $1500 in your start month then opt in otherwise wait until your 2nd month when you have time to fill your calendar. Achieve all three monthly Volume Goals and sponsor 3 or more Consultants who have 150 PRV in their Start Month, and you will receive a $700 voucher* for products. $ *Shipping and tax applies. Rewards are subject to change. Getting Started

24 …if You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?
What Would You Do… …if You Knew You Couldn’t Fail? Our System: is built on skills that you can learn Are you willing to learn the skills you need to succeed? You will learn skills through coaching and practicing Our Strategy: Build confidence through practicing Confidence releases motivation Take action because you feel confident Competent and confidence = Independence I have one last question for you: “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” Remember: The most important thing right now is not how well you do it. We will coach you so that you can learn the skills you need to succeed. What is most important: is that you have a “dream/reason why” and that you commit and are willing to learn the skills you need to succeed. You’ll do that through coaching and practicing. We don’t want you to be overwhelmed. Right now: 1. Book your first 3 presentations and hold them with your sponsor or coaching from your sponsor if you live away from them 2. Start filling out your workbook – get your goals down and strategy for your first 30 days 3. Opt in to the Strong Start 4. Listen watch your DVD from your calendar and tracker 5. Practice getting your why down so that you can use it when booking your appointments Getting Started

25 You are in Business For Yourself but NOT by yourself!
Welcome to Our Team! Congratulations! You have made a smart decision to join our Team. Stay connected and follow the System. You are in Business For Yourself but NOT by yourself! Review the results from your first 3 presentations with your sponsor and set a date and time to go over your Getting Started For Success Session 2. I want you to visualize where you want to be – see yourself in that position, driving your car. Put post it notes on your mirror – “I AM a new District Manager on –put a date on it”. Treat your business like you just wrote a million dollar check to get it started and have fun. Getting Started

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