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Lesson 18 Edification.

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1 Lesson 18 Edification

2 The Million Dollar Training Coaching Sessions

3 Edification Quotes from the Million Dollar Earner: _Clay Stevens
People listen to and act upon advice from people they trust. There is no better testimony of someone’s character than that of another persons edification. And when you mentor edifies you in return. His or her credibility and influence transfer to you. Suddenly people will overlook your shortcomings and begin to believe in you and what you are doing. _Clay Stevens

4 Edification The most important part of the edification process is knowing that if you do your part properly , what you send out will come back. The reason you need to edify is that your prospects will take a moment to listen to you. Take advantage of your upline when present and follow up. Why/ He or she is closer to being an expert than you are. They have the answers You need something besides yourself to point to as a reason you are going to be successful such as who is teaching you the success pattern and how you are mastering the critical skills to ensure your success.

5 Edification Your upline may not be perfect.
But that person is a tool for you in building your business. When talking to you your family and friends is two side sword, the good news is they know the good things you have done. The bad news is they also know the bad things you have done. However the lack of creditability problem is a few minutes away through simple, powerful , sincere edification of your mentor. You should learn to make your mentor the most powerful person in the room or on the phone gives him or her incredible influence with your prospects. Leaders: when you have finished edifying your downline person this returns the credibility and influence back to them.

6 Edification When you edify your upline you are taking advantage of their experience, expertise, knowledge, and skills. Make sure you have arranged a time with your upline or mentor.. The three-step process to edify you mentors. Step 1 Get ready to throw the boomerang by setting up the edification process. Tell your prospects that you don’t know everything yet and that the beauty of the system is you have help from coaches and mentors when you need it. Step2 Get ready to throw the boomerang by setting up the edification process.

7 Edification Step2 Throw the boomerang by edifying your upline
Always tell prospects points about your mentor that you think your prospect will relate to. Remember your are not trying to sell, a so a short comment will do. Briefly talk about the fact that the upline’s success came as a result of engaging in this business, and that he or she has been an incredible help to you during your association with the company and this leadership team. Make sure to give a few details of his or her characteristics that have enabled him or her to be successful, things like being service-orientated or a great teacher.

8 Edification Some examples:
“Bob, I met a man who has built multiple million-dollar businesses. He has had great success in this industry and has mastered the success process and is teaching a few people what he knows about how to create residual income through a strong and profitable business, and he is teaching a few people who I introduce him to.” I have someone who I would like you to speak with. This person is having great success in our company, and you have an opportunity to meet him and ask any questions that you may have from the expert. Then complete the edification process through the actual introduction and be quiet! I am new at this so I’m going to get Mr. Stevens on the line to answer your questions. You can’t be fake and cheesy. You simply need to be sincere and share from your heart what he or she means to you and why.

9 Edification Some examples:
This individual is a leader with a company, loves to help people, loves having fun, knows 110 % of the facts, and is definitely making money. But what I like most about this individual is that he or she is extremely down to earth. Once you have introduced them you want to be quiet. Here are some suggestions for edification: He or she has been successful in this area. He or she is one of the top producers with our company. He or she is leading the expansion in this area for the company. He or she is working with me to build a team. He or she is helping me to secure my financial future. He or she knows all the facts. He or she knows how to make money. He or she is committed to help people be successful. He or she is taking time out of a busy schedule. He or she loves to have fun.

10 Edification Step 3 The Boomerang returned
The experts job is to edify you in return. Leaders: If you are the upline mentor, you could say that the prospect should listen to your downline because they are learning and taping into a business that includes leaders and a predictable pattern of success. Example: Bob, you are really lucky that Melissa invited you to look at this presentation. She thought enough of you to share this opportunity with you first. If I were you I would listen very carefully to what she tells you and seriously consider what she recommends. Leader, with your help and influence in using the boomerang return will help your downline family and friends having more confidence enrolling in their business venture.

11 Edification Assignment:
What are 3 things you need to learn about your upline or mentor to help you properly edify him or her? Call your upline and find these things out this week! What are 3 things your upline mentor needs to know about you to return the boomerang with the most credibility? Call your upline and teach him or her these things this week. Role-play with your upline to get the hang of it. WE LOVE PRACTICE! Play the Residual Income Game this week using the Edification Scenario, found in the book RIGged for Success, put the cards that make people edify others on top of the practice deck. Practice the edification process in a safe environment as if you were talking to your friends, family, and team members.

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