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2 We’re going to play the “Purse Game”!
You will need your purse to play. I will show a letter and the first person to pull something out of their purse that starts with that letter will get to hold this gift. The person that wins on the last letter of the game can keep the gift! OR…give them 8 seconds to find something after each letter is shown and everyone earns a ticket for a prize drawing. First, let’s start with introductions; tell me: Your name, how you know the Hostess, and pick one: What would you do with an extra $1,000 each month? What is your favorite piece of jewelry? What is one fun thing that happened to you today? (First Letter is…“P”)

3 P

4 “P” is for Premier! Premier has been in business for 25 years manufacturing High Fashion jewelry. Who has never heard of Premier Designs or never been to a party? The company was founded in an effort to help women stay home with their children/families while still providing to the household income. Premier has done just that for 25 years…people join this business for many reasons and it is a great way to earn money while having fun! Watch what I do tonight…it is so easy and I’ll share more information later about how much money you can make doing what I do! (Next letter is…”G”)

5 G

6 “G” is for our Golden Guarantee
Covers manufacturing defects… This includes tarnishing, broken clasp, stone falling out First 60 days = free replacement! Just call me; I’ll pick up the broken item and Premier will send you a brand new piece. After 60 days, it only costs you $5 + tax Does not cover normal wear and tear Our jewelry is “High Fashion Jewelry”, so if you wear it daily for a long time it may wear out. Remember the 5 S’s: Don’t Shower, Sleep, Swim, Sweat or Spray (perfume/hairspray) while wearing your jewelry (Next Letter “A”)

7 A

8 “A” is for Accessorizing
You should always wear 5-9 pieces of jewelry with each outfit Ring on each hand Watch “Watch Buddy” – a bracelet next to your watch Bracelet(s) on your other wrist to balance your watch wrist Earrings Necklace Accessories can stretch your wardrobe and make you feel and look like you have more clothes! Change the look of your outfit with a different necklace! (Next Letter is…“T”)

9 T

10 “T” is for Techniques/Combos
I am going to show you some of our jewelry as well as some techniques to use to expand your wardrobe and get the most wear out of your jewelry! Graduated/Framing Double (use a 60” necklace) “Every woman needs a 60” necklace – more bang for your buck!” Same Length Double Add broach/pin (“Every woman must have a broach!”) Graduated Triple “This is an elegant look!” Same Length Triple Add broach/pin “Y” necklace Necklace as a belt (use 2 necklaces if needed; basic necklace like Eugenia or Infusion on back) Add broach as buckle Chain belt with broach on side Flip 2 necklaces to make into 1 cohesive piece Butterfly (double a long necklace and close in front with broach/pin) “Repurpose” (show enhancer on another piece to show versatility of pieces that come with an enhancer) Bracelet (make any long necklace into a bracelet; use a clip-it if necessary) (Next Letter…“H”)

11 H

12 “H” is for our Hostess Plan
Premier has a very generous Hostess plan! (show posters) Play Booking Activity (choose one) Pass or Play Holly Hostess, Connie Customer Booking with Boxes (Next Letter “B”)

13 B

14 “B” is for Big Money or Be Your Own Boss
I make “Big Money” with my Premier Designs business and you can do this too! Premier doesn’t advertise this amazing opportunity so I’d like to share some information with you… I started Premier _____________(when you started and why). Since Premier, I _____________(some things Premier has done for you or helped you with). Some things I love about Premier are: I earn 50% of all of my sales I can set my own schedule I am my own boss There are no quotas – I work as much or as little as I want There are great tax benefits when you own your own business Play Sponsoring Activity (choose one) Big Money Ask It Basket If you are interested in this exciting opportunity either for yourself or someone you know, please let me know tonight. I would love to share more information with you! (LAST Letter is…“S”)

15 Earn 50% of everything you sell…

16 CONTROL your own TIME Set your own schedule! No Quotas




20 Premier has done amazing things for me both personally and professionally. I would love to share more with you tonight! If you are interested in hearing a 10 minute explanation of the business tonight please let me know! I would also love to set up a time to meet with you if you can’t listen tonight. (Last letter is “S”)

21 S

22 “S” is for Survey & Shopping
Please fill out your survey – I would love your feedback! I will pass out the catalogs and order forms (Inform guests of any promotions/sales). I accept cash, checks and credit/debit cards. Please shop at the jewelry table and let me know if you have any questions! If you booked a party tonight, let’s schedule your show before you leave so tonight’s Hostess can receive credit for you booking.

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