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Coaching and You An Overview Version 1.0 11/00 Ron Mudge, Coach.

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2 Coaching and You An Overview Version 1.0 11/00 Ron Mudge, Coach

3 Presented by Ron Mudge Personal & Business Coach Ron Mudge, Coach

4 Key Questions 1. What is Coaching? 2. Why work with a Coach? 3. How does Coaching work? 4. How can you get the most out of Coaching? Ron Mudge, Coach

5 1. What is Coaching? Coaching is a collaborative partnership. Coaching is a professional service. Coaching is a success tool. Ron Mudge, Coach

6 Coaching is a collaborative partnership. Use synergy to spark your creativity. Use support to maintain your momentum. Use strategies to accelerate your success. …Creativity is the most effective way to add value at low cost. …Coaching provides the structure to keep going amidst chaos. …Your Coach is your personal and business strategist. Ron Mudge, Coach

7 Coaching is a professional service. You are working with a trained professional. You set the focus. You may start and stop when you wish. …The Coach is an expert in people, life and achievement. …The coach works for you as a collaborative partner. …You are in charge. Ron Mudge, Coach

8 Coaching is a success tool. You hire a Coach to achieve results faster. You can use a Coach to master a skill set. You use a Coach to forward your life. …Coaching adds value and this value is measurable. …Coaches also teach business, communications and personal skills. …Coaches work with you to design the perfect life for you. Ron Mudge, Coach

9 Interesting Fact: As of February 2002, there are 40,000 Coaches working worldwide. Source: CoachVille Ron Mudge, Coach

10 2. Why work with a Coach? Benefits of coaching Typical coaching goals Valuable skills Ron Mudge, Coach

11 The Benefits of Coaching. 1. You reach your goals faster. 2. You create new opportunities. 3. Your life gets even better. …With the right strategies and support, goals happen faster. …Coaching is a synergistic process that sparks creativity. …Your entire life quality improves, not just parts of your life. Ron Mudge, Coach

12 Typical coaching goals Solve a problem Design your life Make a change Reduce tolerations Quality of life Increase earnings Create something Start a business You Ron Mudge, Coach

13 Valuable skills Entrepreneurship Leadership Fulfillment Creativity Internet Marketing Effectiveness Communication Skills eCommerce e-zines Traffic Packaging Publicity Positioning Phrasing Relating Style Systems Time Management Presencing Influencing Visioning Happiness Development Evolution FashioningThinking Experimenting Profitability Strategy Risk Ron Mudge, Coach

14 Interesting Fact: As of February 2002, it is estimated that over 250,000 individuals and companies have or are working with a Professional Coach. Source: CoachVille Ron Mudge, Coach

15 3. How does Coaching work? 3- step Coaching Process 3 Key Focus Areas The Logistics Ron Mudge, Coach

16 Coaching happens in 3 steps. Step 1. Select a significant goal. Step 2. Design a strategy to achieve that goal. Step 3. Get into action with a partner. …Values-based goals have the best chance of being reached. …The right strategy helps you reach the goal in half the time. …Action builds momentum; momentum carries you forward. Ron Mudge, Coach

17 You work in 3 key areas. 1. Who you are… 2. What you want… 3. How to get what you want… …Your special skills, gifts, talents and resources. …Your personal, professional and business goals. …The most progressive strategies and valuable skill sets. Ron Mudge, Coach

18 Work as you work best. 1. Coaching is done by phone or in person. 2. Coaching typically runs 6-24 months. 3. Coaching fees typically run $200-$400/month. …Usually by telephone sessions, each week. …You can be anywhere. I have national clients. …Results begin to occur immediately. …The fee includes the weekly session and additional support. Ron Mudge, Coach

19 It’s a Fact: Clients share their goals and dreams more fully with a Coach than with their friends, family or spouse. Source: International Coach Federation Ron Mudge, Coach

20 4. How can you get the most out of Coaching? Selecting the right Coach Working effectively with your Coach Arranging your life for success Ron Mudge, Coach

21 Select the right Coach for you. Step 1. Share your #1 goal or challenge. Step 2. Ask the Coach to share a strategy. Step 3. Ask the Coach about themselves. …Ask yourself: “Is this Coach hearing me properly?” …Ask yourself: “Is this strategy something that fits for me?” …Ask yourself: “Is this the coach I want to trust my goals to?” Ron Mudge, Coach

22 Work effectively with your Coach. 1. Set goals that stretch you. 2. Be open to trying new approaches. 3. Educate your Coach how to coach you perfectly. …Coaching works best when there is a gap. …You develop and evolve faster by experimenting continuously. …Coaching is interdevelopmental; your Coach is your partner. Ron Mudge, Coach

23 Arrange your life for success. 1. Increase opportunities by simplifying. 2. Learn faster by crafting your environments. 3. Eliminate whatever is holding you back. …Reduce roles, projects, complexity, tasks, chores, expenses. …Put yourself among new people and new ideas. …Resolve tolerations, resistance, fears, lack, unmet needs. Ron Mudge, Coach

24 I help people get results: One of my clients increased her profitability 405% in one year on the same dollar volume of business! And she’s now taking an extra day off each week. Small Business Owner, Palmetto, FL Another client increased his sales results by four times ( over two million in sales) in less than six months after we worked together. A Manatee County Sales Professional Still another client closed five-out-of-five key sales after we repositioned their sales and business approach. A South Florida Advertising Agency Ron Mudge, Coach

25 What’s the Next step? Ron Mudge, Coach

26 Spend a little time with me. 1. Share your dream or share a problem... 2. Let me ask you a few questions... 3. Permit me to share a strategy or idea with you. …I will listen quietly and respectfully. …Questions that will get you thinking in a fresh way. …This is something valuable you can take away with you. Ron Mudge, Coach

27 Combine Coaching with other approaches… 1. I also combine Coaching with Training 2. Group Coaching... 3. Teleclasses, Seminars and Workshops …I work with teams and groups …People Skills, Selling Skills, Customer Service etc. …Groups with common needs or interests can save money & get personalized support and development …Is your team or group geographically disbursed? We can address their needs in an number of ways Ron Mudge, Coach

28 Think about what you want to accomplish. Lets work on it together to make it happen for you. Please let me know how I can help. Ron Mudge, Coach (941) 722-6095

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