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Notes: Tension-O-Meter

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1 Notes: Tension-O-Meter
Issues that lead to the Civil War You! Rank the reaction!!!!

2 Frederick Douglass Escaped slave
A leader of the anti-slavery group in Mass. Published a newspaper called the “North Star.” He worked for African American rights and was against slavery. S= X N= X 2-3 2-3


4 Missouri Compromise 1820 Maine enters as a “free state”, and Missouri enters a “slave state.” Desire to maintain balance of free and slave states as more states entered the union. ?? Imaginary line drawn for slavery 36º 30º latitude line prohibited slavery north of the line (south of line could have slavery). Eased tensions- neither side happy X1 S= N= X1


6 Compromise of 1850 The Compromise of 1850 was a group of laws passed by Congress. (Henry Clay’s idea) • 1. California enters as a “free state”. 2. Mexican Cession was divided into two-territories( Utah, New Mexico) and popular sovereignty would decide whether they were free or not. 3. Stricter Fugitive Slave Law. 4. Forbid buying and selling of slaves in the District of Columbia. Eased tensions/neither happy X1 X1 N= S=


8 Personal Liberty Laws Fugitive Slave Law= citizens had to help federal officers catch runaway slaves. Legislatures in the Northern states passed personal liberty laws: forbid people to help slave owners find runaway slaves. This made enforcing the Fugitive Slave Law almost impossible. N = X3 S= X3


10 Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1852 Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a book called, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which reflected her hatred of slavery. It became popular in the North (300,000 copies sold), but banned in the South. Southerners accused that the views about slavery were exaggerated. X3.5-4 S= X4 N=




14 Kansas Nebraska Act 1854 Stephen A. Douglas wanted to build railroad through the Kansas Nebraska Territory-makes deal with the South Allow slavery in K &N territory? Popular Sovereignty would be used to decide slavery in K&N territories. Ended Missouri Compromise/both sides unhappy! Violence erupts! S= N= X3 X1-2?



17 Republican Party 1854 formed in1854-determined to stop the spread of slavery in the territories. Strength in the North Lost election of 1856-not enough strength to win majority of electoral votes X3 X3 S= N=


19 Bleeding Kansas Race to see who would settle Kansas first, the abolitionists, or the proslavery settlers. They did this so they could vote for or against Kansas being a free or slave state(popular sovereignty). In May of 1856, proslavery settlers attacked the free-soil headquarters. 200 people were killed, given the name “Bleeding Kansas”. s X4 N X4


21 Dred Scott Decision 1857 Dred Scott was a slave, was brought from Missouri to a free state(IL,WI). When his owner died, Scott sued the court to become a free man. •Supreme Court Ruled: slaves were property slaves could not sue in court 3. slavery was legal anywhere-all territories S= X4 N= X4


23 John Brown at Harper’s Ferry 1859
Slavery became the most important issue (late 1850’s). John Brown dreamed of freeing all Southern slaves. Took over federal arsenal (guns and ammo). at Harper’s Ferry, where he tried to lead a rebellion(held out for 2 days)/lost and was hanged. Many viewed the attack as being foolish, but others saw Brown as a hero! N= S= X1? X4




27 Election of Lincoln 1860 Democratic vote split between Douglass and Breckinridge (favored secession) Northern Demos voted Douglas Southern Demos voted Breckinridge New party: Constitutional Union Party nominated John Bell Lincoln (Republican) wins in electoral college S= X4 X4 N=



30 Secession 1860 Dec. 20, 1860,South Carolina drops out of the Union
MS, FL, AL, TX, GA, LA February other states leave the Union Jefferson Davis elected President X4 S= X4 N=



33 Fort Sumter 1861 Federal fort in S.C.
Confederacy took over fort April 12, 1861 Lincoln sends reinforcements First shots fired by South Civil War starts VA, TN, AK, NC-leave the Union S= N= X4 X4



36 WIO Causes of the Civil War Spectrum
Make a spectrum on your paper from and Least to Most. List List the 13 events that lead to the American Civil War on the spectrum and a one sentence summary of the event and why it caused high/low tensions Most tension/upset Write a one sentence summary of each issue Middle of conflict Least/Eased tensions





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