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This presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 LicenseCreative Commons Attribution 3.0 License The future of search: localisation,

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1 This presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 LicenseCreative Commons Attribution 3.0 License The future of search: localisation, personalisation and socialisation 11th Southern African Online Information Meeting Sandton Convention Centre, 5-8 June 2012 Karen Blakeman RBA Information Services Slides available on, authorSTREAM and Slideshare Twitter: @karenblakeman

2 Trends in search Mobile Localisation Personalisation Social 22/10/ No longer straightforward text searching of web pages and documents

3 What it's all about...... MONEY! 22/10/

4 It's all about money! 22/10/ Google 2011 Revenues $37,905 millions (up 29% on 2010) Net Income $9,737 millions (up 26% on 2010) ncial/tables.html 2011 – 96% of revenues are from advertising Google has a problem....

5 Google's problem "How People Spend Their Time Online – Stephen's Lighthouse" spend-their-time-online/ spend-their-time-online/ 22/10/

6 But Facebook isn't a search engine – is it? Already has a search option (sort of) using Bing Facebook Delves Deeper Into Search - Businessweek delves-deeper-into-search delves-deeper-into-search If Facebook improves its web search many users will not bother leaving Facebook to go to Google for search, which means Google loses a significant amount of ad revenue 22/10/

7 Search engines and social networks –need to know more about you –where are you –need to know what sort of information you are interested in –need to know who your contacts are on-site and elsewhere –need to know about your activity elsewhere Personalise results 22/10/

8 Your browser, device, operating system... Panopticlick 22/10/

9 22/10/

10 You are here! 22/10/ =

11 Location information gone wrong! 22/10/

12 Mobile search 22/10/ 20-25% of volume of search via mobile Local search 20% via desktop, 40% via mobile (including tablets) But low CTR on mobile

13 22/10/ "Over the past year, smartphone ownership among American adults has risen from 35% of adults in 2011 to 46% in 2012. This means that the overall proportion of U.S. adults who get location- based information has almost doubled over that time period, from 23% in May 2011 to 41% in February 2012. The percentage of adults who use geosocial services like Foursquare has likewise risen from 4% in 2011 to 10% in 2012."

14 22/10/ \ \\\\\\\\\\ Amazon Online shopping (Ocado) Targeted advertising Personalisation

15 Encouraged to share 22/10/

16 Personalisation location past searches viewed in the past 22/10/

17 This is not like a loyalty store card or online store personalisation Not just you Your network connections, friends, followers, circles Everyone else? 22/10/

18 How far does personalisation go? Is Google really filtering my news? 9/is-google-really-filtering-my-news.html 9/is-google-really-filtering-my-news.html 22/10/

19 How far does personalisation go? A n Awfully Big Blog Adventure: The answer to your question... depends on who you are (Anne Rooney) question-depends-on-who.html question-depends-on-who.html 22/10/ Borromeo vs Borromeo

20 22/10/ Word cloud of top 20 results for a Google search on Prague (web history and social networks switched off, cookies cleared) Word cloud of top 20 results for a Google search on Prague (signed in to Google+ account, social networks and web history enabled)

21 Google's new Privacy Policy 22/10/ "Our new Privacy Policy makes clear that, if you’re signed in, we may combine information you’ve provided from one service with information from other services. In short, we’ll treat you as a single user across all our products, which will mean a simpler, more intuitive Google experience." Toward a simpler, more beautiful Google google.html google.html "we're more excited than ever to build a seamless social experience, all across Google"

22 Impact of changes on YouTube 22/10/ Gives me videos based on my web search history, linked to my location (Reading) plus a long list of videos mentioned by people in my Google+ circles. Targeted advertising?! I wonder how Google will customise my web search based on my YouTube viewing?

23 Google Enables Cross-Platform Local Search (As Carrot To Relinquish Your Privacy) ogle-enables-cross-platform- local-search-as-carrot-for-web- history-113811 ogle-enables-cross-platform- local-search-as-carrot-for-web- history-113811 Introducing a new local search experience across your devices - Inside Search uk/2012/03/introducing-new- local-search-experience.html uk/2012/03/introducing-new- local-search-experience.html 22/10/

24 Google Now Forcing All New Users To Create Google+ Enabled Accounts create-google-enabled-accounts-3912 Search Plus Your World (SPYW) referred to as Search+ now available in and is the default. Gives priority to content from people in your Google+ network if you are signed in to your account. (And the next Google killer is….Google! killer-is-google/ ) killer-is-google/ 22/10/

25 22/10/ SPYW currently being tested on Top results (blacked out for privacy reasons) were from one of my Google+ circles and from people who restricted access to the postings. Take care when providing information to users.

26 Google Knowledge Graph 22/10/

27 Google Knowledge Graph 22/10/

28 Facebook profile Google+ profile 22/10/

29 22/10/ Bing Relaunches, Features New Social Sidebar : tries-again-with-search-meets-social-120728 tries-again-with-search-meets-social-120728

30 'Social' can affect all types of web activity 22/10/ Advertising based on Facebook friend's interests & work Details of Facebook friend's activity using Economist app Article "recommended" by a friend on Facebook.

31 Logged out of Facebook 22/10/ 31 Advertising now based on part of my search history (renewable energy) Am I being told off for not being logged in to Facebook?

32 The Independent newspaper 22/10/

33 22/10/ Facebook Social Readers Are All Collapsing all-collapsing all-collapsing

34 Signing in and sharing to gain access to data 22/10/

35 Allow local, personalisation and social? Not necessarily a bad thing Fantastic when you're on the move A different point of view But does bias results What I see on my screen is not what you'll see on yours Be aware of potential privacy issues regarding friends and contacts in social networks when providing results to your users and clients 22/10/

36 Really don't want it when searching? Log out of all search and social accounts Try a a search tool with less or no personalisation: DuckDuckGo,, Blekko, Chrome Incognito (still keeps location) Actively manage/delete search cookies 22/10/

37 Social, personal and the law collide - the "cookie law" 22/10/ Cookies Regulations and the New EU Cookie Law - ICO mmunications/the_guide/cookies.aspx mmunications/the_guide/cookies.aspx

38 Mobile is here to stay and will increase Localisation, personalisation and socialisation are here to stay As part of search they can give an important, alternative point of view. Understand how they influence results, how to avoid their impact when necessary, but also how they can be used as part of a better search strategy. 22/10/

39 Thank you. Please share! 22/10/

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