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- A Powerful Computing Technology Department of Computer Science Wayne State University 1.

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1 - A Powerful Computing Technology Department of Computer Science Wayne State University 1

2 Road Map Overview Recommender Systems Clustering Classification Association Analysis PageRank Social Networks 2

3 Different Forms of Data Text Data 3

4 Different Forms of Data Image Data 4

5 Different Forms of Data Video Data 5

6 Different Forms of Data Network Data 6

7 Why Data Mining is Important? Difficulty of identifying patterns in big data. Extracting only WANTED data within a short time. We are drowning in data, but starving for knowledge! 7

8 How Data Mining can help? We do not care if GOOGLE has more than billion web pages. We only care about the information that is useful for us. 8

9 What is Data Mining The analysis of data to extract useful patterns or information from a large data collection. Also known as: Knowledge Discovery in Databases Learn More: Automated Analysis of Massive Data 9

10 Applications 10

11 Data Miner An educational tool that teaches you Data Mining techniques. Consists of two basic parts such that, Demonstration Explains how to work with the interactive part. Interactive part Teaching data mining through user interaction. 11

12 Recommender Systems Goal: present information items that are likely to be of interest to the user. Lots of online products, books, movies, etc. Reduce my choices…please!!!! Learn More: 12

13 Recommender Systems 13 Netflix Recommender System

14 Then you might like Or may be you like This might catch your interest too So on you might like these too 14 Do you watch movies using If you have watched this movie

15 Amazon Recommender System 15 Amazon Recommender System

16 Data Miner - Recommender System Recommendation based on content 16

17 Recommendation 17

18 Select your Neighbors Finding a Friend With Similar Taste 18 YOU Measure the similarity See what they like

19 Measuring the Similarity 19

20 Cluster Analysis Cluster: A collection of data objects Cluster Analysis: Grouping some given objects with similar attributes. Similar (or related) to one another within the same group Dissimilar (or unrelated) to the objects in other groups Learn More: 20

21 Cluster Analysis Data Set: 21 Clusters: FlowersFruit

22 Clustering Now you have seen Flowers and Fruits visually. So to which cluster, would you add this object? 22 FlowersFruit Yes, to FRUIT!!

23 Classification Assigning given items to a known class which have items with similar attributes. Explains through Decision Trees. 23

24 Classification 24 PURE Classification. Each branch contains animals belong to a single CLASS.

25 Classification You have learned what is Mammal and what is Bird. Can you tell what is this? 25 Yes, this is indeed a BIRD!!

26 Association Analysis Discover interesting relationships in a set of transactions. Understand relationships between items. E.g. If a customers buys shoes, then 10% of the times they also buys socks. 60% of all shoppers will buy bread when they also purchase a pint of milk. 26

27 Association Analysis 27 Items: Transactions:

28 PageRank Links from popular and related web sites increases the popularity of the given web site. 28 Amazon Yahoo Danskin YouTube Billboard Pizza Hut Shelfari Crayola Pandora Pillsbury Dominos Pizza

29 Search Results 29 When searching on Google, it will list web sites related to the input text according to their importance.

30 Social Networks Social networking websites allow users to be part of a virtual community. E.g. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace They provide users with simple tools to create a custom profile with text and pictures. Users can share their lives with other people through these networks. 30

31 Social Networks Learn More: 31

32 Thank You !! Enjoy the Day… 32

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