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Whats new with social media Dean Chew SEO Consultant Ayima Search Marketing.

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1 Whats new with social media Dean Chew SEO Consultant Ayima Search Marketing

2 Why bother with social media Fashion retailer ASOS has a strong presence on Facebook and in March received 13.3% of its traffic from the social network Online bookseller Abebooks, currently receives a quarter of all its UK Internet traffic from social networks, more than it gets from search engines Source:

3 Why bother with social media cont. Recently, 8.70% of visits to came from Facebook compared to 7.62% from Google. The switch happened in the week of December 27th, 2008. Its a similar situation in the UK: 19.1% of Perez Hiltons traffic came from Facebook, just 12.0% from Google UK and 2.3% from Source:, Google Trends

4 Social Media done right

5 Social Media done right cont.

6 So whats new? Twitter as a search engine The real power of Twitter lies in its ability to quickly aggregate fresh data. Twitter Search will soon begin crawling the links that people tweet out and indexing them Twitter Search is meant to be a different kind of powerful real time search engine. Real-time factor. Faster than Google thanks to quickness of ability to send tweets vs slow to build web pages. May use reputation system similar to Google authority to order search results

7 Twitter API You can use the twitter API to interact with almost every aspect of twitter. Grab search results ( Get latest trends ( Grab users timeline of tweets ( Manage direct messages, add friends etc ( Add tasks Send tasks Update Tasks Retrieve Tasks Set up options All from Twitter

8 So whats new? - Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Twitter is the pattern of authentication that allows users to connect their Twitter account with third-party services in as little is one click. Actions that users perform on your site can automatically be tweeted to the users profile

9 Facebook Connect Facebook Connect is the slightly older, more experienced, and feature rich brother of Twitter Sign in One-click login Increased engagement New forms of distribution Access to Facebook Platform Get information on users such as friends, age, relationship status, news feed updates, colleges attended

10 Facebook Connect – Digg Example


12 Facebook Connect – iPhone You can also integrate Facebook Connect into your iPhone applications, increasing your sites exposure whether your users are in front of a computer or on the move

13 The Facebook Open Stream API As a Facebook developer you'll be able to access the stories you've published into the stream and display them in your application, whether it's on a mobile device, Web site or desktop. Think Tweetdeck for Facebook The stream is the page home page you see when logged into Facebook Third-party developers will have access to a feed of all content posted to news streams, notes, photos, videos, links, likes and comments. Burger King used an early version of the open stream API to create the whopper sacrifice campaign which encouraged people to delete 10 friends from Facebook and get a free burger

14 Whats next? Social media sites will continue to grow as more and more people from wider demographics become comfortable with using them News services will have to quickly adapt to become real time and will continue to utilise sites like twitter and Facebook to not only push information to, but gather information from users Mashups and APIs will continue to play a massive part of Social Media development iPhone market penetration will continue grow. As such, so will the need to have a presence on the platform. iPhone retention should stay high as existing users upgrade and give the old units to family members Mine, and many other peoples mothers will probably create a Facebook page within the next decade. Well all die of embarrassment and leave social networks for good, the world will descend into chaos.

15 Thank You Dean Chew SEO Consultant Ayima Search Marketing Personal Blog: Twitter:

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