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PeopleSoft Ping David Kurtz

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1 PeopleSoft Ping David Kurtz
Go-Faster Consultancy Ltd.

2 Resources If you can’t hear me say so now.
Please feel free to ask questions as we go along. The presentation will be available from Customer Connection –> Events -> UK Tech PUG

3 Who am I? Independent consultant System Performance Tuning
Oracle/Unix/Tuxedo PeopleSoft Apps Book

4 What is PeopleSoft Ping?
It is a component which runs a ‘standard’ transaction and measures the duration of that transaction at each component in the PIA.

5 What does PS Ping Measure?
Browser/ Network Time Web Server Time Application Server Time Database Time Web Server Access Log Tuxedo Service Trace PeopleTools Trace Oracle SQL*Trace Browser (presentation & JavaScript) Java Servlet (presentation logic) Application Server (application logic) DBMS (application data & meta-data Screen Paint Java Script http / https Servlet Thread Tuxedo Message SQL APPQ PSAPPSRV

6 Where is PeopleSoft Ping?
DERIVED_PTP.HTMLCTLEVENT.FieldChange Each ping saves the results from the previous ping to the database PS_PTP_TST_CASES Can get basic Ping graphs from PeopleSoft Can’t control scale I prefer to use Excel

7 Ping Chart

8 Example of Contention

9 The Database Test Repeatedly queries same rows from
PTP_TABLE1_VW PTP_TABLE1 Poor test of database performance Data blocks will become cached %PerfTime = Application Server clock

10 The Application Server Test
Creates and copies row sets Application server time = CPU time + DB time + Cache access time + Wait Time Row set operations CPU intensive Indication of CPU performance

11 Case1:Browser Time

12 Case 1: Desktop Specification
384Mhz PC, 64Mb physical memory Windows Commit Charge 125Mb It’s paging memory to/from disk With PS Ping running on PC, shut down everything else (virus checking etc). Commit Charge reduced to 89Mb Response time fell from 0.8s to 0.4s

13 Case 1: Conclusion Paging memory from disk is slow
General Windows performance affected Including the browser Make sure that you have enough physical memory in your desktops The web browser is a critical business platform It’s not just for surfing

14 Case 2: Application Server CPU Benchmark?

15 Case 2: Two Application Servers
HP-UX 11 750Mhz Ping Time: 1.43s [PT ] Windows 2000 3.2Ghz Ping Time: 0.33s

16 Case 2: Conclusion Application server is CPU intensive
If active and not waiting for the database, it is using CPU to execute PeopleCode etc. Fewer faster –v- More slower CPUs? CPU speed is critical When executing in user mode, a clock cycle is a clock cycle is a clock cycle?

17 Conclusion Ping is not a fundamental indicator of system performance.
It does indicate: contention in a particular tier. CPU performance of Application Server Performance of Browser

18 Questions

19 PeopleSoft Ping David Kurtz
Go-Faster Consultancy Ltd.

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