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NCCTM October 2013 North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics Denise Schulz & Kitty Rutherford.

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1 NCCTM October 2013 North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics Denise Schulz & Kitty Rutherford

2 Welcome “Who’s in the Room”



5 Announcements

6 Notification of a slight change in the Numbering System of CCSS for Mathematics

7 Math and Science Partnerships MSP 2013-2014 –RFP published September 3, 2013 –Intent to apply due: September 30, 2013 –Full proposals due: November 30, 2013 For more information contact: Beverly G. Vance, Science Section Chief Division of Curriculum and Instruction North Carolina Department of Public Instruction


9 9


11 Common Core State Standards: One Page Layouts

12 Major Work

13 Unpacking Document

14 Building Mathematical Language

15 K-8 Lessons for Learning

16 K-5 Grade Level Unit or Collection of Lessons

17 Navigation Alignment

18 K-12 AIG Lessons

19 Help Dr. Math Dr. Math has been really busy this year helping students understand math. Since you have been working with many kinds of addition and subtraction problems this year, he could use your help in answering some of these letters. These students need help in understanding so be sure to explain clearly and use drawings and equations to support your explanations. You may wish to choose your own pseudonym (Dr. Math is not a real name!).

20 Dear Dr. Math, Please help me! My aunt is making a gum wrapper chain to decorate her basement. She will pay me a penny for each gum wrapper. I cleaned up my room and found 35 gum wrappers. Then I snuck into my brother’s room and found 48 gum wrappers. Then I looked in my dad’s car and found 22 more gum wrappers. How can I figure out how many pennies my aunt should give me? Sincerely, All gummed up in Greensboro

21 K-2 Assessments Formative Assessments on Wiki (This can be purchased in printable form.) Mid-Year Benchmark Assessment (Released last year’s assessment – now on math wiki) Summative Assessment (Released last year’s assessment – now on math wiki)


23 Available in print form



26 Realigning and creating additional games for CCSS

27 The North Carolina Elementary Mathematics Add-On License Project For more information on EMAoL offerings contact: ASU Kathleen Lynch Davis lynchrk@ ECU Sid Rachlin rachlins@ NCSU Paola Sztajn papaola_sztajn UNC Susan Friel sfriel@ UNCC Drew Polly drew.polly@ UNCG Kerri Richardson kerri_richardson UNCW Tracy Hargrove hargrovet@

28 Nominate An Outstanding Teacher Website:

29 Elementary State Finalist 2012 North Carolina State Finalist Tonya Kepley Enochville Elementary China Grove Kay Pitchford Stoney Point Elementary Fayetteville Meredith Stanley Haw Creek Elementary Asheville



32 Next Elementary Webinar Computational Fluency, Algorithms, and Mathematical Proficiency Join our DPI Elementary Mathematics Webinar on November 7 at 3:30 – 4:30 to learn what the experts say! 32




36 Join Our Listserv 1. Send an email to the Listserv by cutting and pasting the following address into the "To" box within your email application.[Elementary requests] 2. Leave the subject line and the body of the message blank. 3. Once successfully subscribed, a confirmation email will be sent.

37 Understanding Number Concepts and Relationships Deep understanding of number concepts and relationships does not develop quickly. Children need ongoing and multiple opportunities to develop number sense: to count and compare quantities, to add and subtract, to work with place value in ways that ask them to think and reason, to see relationships, and to make connections. –Kathy Richardson, How Children Learn Number Concepts, 2012 37

38 A complete and rich understanding of number involves many different ideas, relationships, and skills. It takes time and lots of experiences for children to develop a full understanding of number that will grow and enhance all of the further number-related concepts of the school years. –Van de Walle & Lovin, Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics Grades K-3, 2006

39 Let’s Do Some Math!


41 Math Friends explore… How could you use 10-frames and snap cubes as models to build a deep understanding of the K-2 content standards? Standards for Mathematical Practices

42 Instruction Must Change

43 1.Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. 2.Reason abstractly and quantitatively. 3.Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. 4.Model with mathematics. 5.Use appropriate tools strategically 6.Attend to precision. 7.Look for and make use of structure. 8.Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. Standards for Mathematical Practices

44 Kitty Rutherford Contact Information Website: Denise Schulz

45 What questions do you have?

46 For all you do for our students!

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