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Musculoskeletal System Review

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1 Musculoskeletal System Review

2 Shock absorbers for the spine Intervertebral disks
Bone cells that build new bone Osteoblasts Fluid sac allows for easy movement Bursa Non weight bearing bone in the leg Fibula

3 3 types of muscle Skeletal, smooth, cardiac Protects the knee Patella Muscles that work together Synergistic Bones for weight bearing Long bones

4 Tendon in the heel Achilles Bones of the forearm Radius and ulna Where do all ribs attach Vertebrae Attach muscle to bone Tendon Mature bone cell Osteocyte

5 Muscle that flexes the forearm
Biceps Large opening at base of skull Foramen magnum Muscle that extends the forearm Triceps Most freely moveable joints Ball and socket Muscle wasting away Atrophy

6 Bone cells that destroy old bone
Osteoclasts Saddle joint location Thumb How many bones 206 What is the breastbone Sternum Distal femur articulates with… Tibia and fibula

7 Concentric circles in compact bone Haershian system/canals Rib muscles
Intercostals Vertebrae…How many & Where? 7 cervical 12 dorsal; 5 lumbar Less moveable muscle attachment Origin

8 How do we increase our 02 need
Vasodilation Poor muscle tone Flaccid Name of the shaft of the bone Diaphysis Where do bones lengthen Epiphyseal plate Nerves and blood come through this part of the bone Periosteum

9 Baby’ soft spot in skull
Fontanel How many ribs? 12 pair Heel bone Calcaneous Location of red bone marrow Spongy bone Bone composition Calcium & phosphorus

10 Distal femur articulates with…
Tibia and patella Largest vertebrae Lumbar Yellow marrow Fat cells Lower jaw Mandible Longest/Strongest bone Femur

11 Exercise using 02, accumulating Lactic Acid
Oxidation Forearm Bone on Thumb side Radius Bone on little finger side Ulna Bone that makes the forehead Frontal

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