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Power of Persuasion.

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1 Power of Persuasion

2 Persuasion A means of convincing people to: Buy a certain product
Believe something Act a certain way Agree with a point of view

3 Why should we learn about this?
Companies persuade us to buy certain products Politicians persuade us to support them Peers sometimes use persuasion to get others to join them in an activity You may want to persuade others to agree with you or do something you want them to do

4 Audience Who are you trying to persuade?
Advertisers know how to target their audience

5 Persuasive Techniques
Appeal to Emotion Bandwagon Humor Celebrity endorsement Word choice

6 Appeal to Emotion Words or pictures that appeal to our emotions
May appeal to positive emotions Happiness, excitement Or negative emotions Fear, sadness Commercial

7 Bandwagon *Convincing us to accept someone or something because of its popularity “Everyone else is doing it” Or “Everyone else has one” Commercial

8 Humor Make the audience laugh
Often gives little or no information about the product Commercial

9 Celebrity Endorsement
A famous person appears in the ad If _______________ uses the product, then it must be good Commercial

10 Word Choice Repetition: -Repeating a name, slogan or image Commercial
over and over in the same advertisement Commercial *Glittering generalities: -Telling only positive things about something or someone, without giving evidence or facts

11 Today’s Activity Look at each print ad Answer these questions:
Who is the advertiser? Who is the target audience? What persuasive techniques are used?

12 Students’ Powerpoints

13 Group Activity Create a commercial for your product
-Length: 30 seconds -1minute -Must include the persuasive techniques assigned to you *Can include humor -Must have a sign -Can use props and/or costumes -Everyone must participate and the top 3 will be featured on this powerpoint.

14 Group Commercial George, Theo, Taylor and Mardi advertise the IPOD using the techniques of humor, bandwagon and celebrity endorsements. Our commercial

15 Group Commercial Jordan, Taylor, Walter and Sarah advertise “The Greatest Place on Earth” using humor, bandwagon, word choice and celebrity endorsement. Our commercial

16 Group Commercial Rachel, Sydney, Sebastian and Nate advertise Golden Spoon using humor, word choice, bandwagon, and celebrity endorsement. Our commercial.

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