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Eight Propaganda Techniques

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1 Eight Propaganda Techniques

2 Bandwagon 1. The first type of propaganda is:
Persuading people to do something by letting them know others are doing it. Uses sayings such as, “everyone else is doing it” or “it could work for you too.”

3 Bandwagon works because it makes you think “everyone else is doing it” and so should you.
Why is this an example of BANDWAGON?

4 What other BANDWAGON examples can you think of?

5 Testimonial 2. The second type of propaganda is:
Persuades people by having a famous person or expert promote the product.

6 Testimonial works because you feel like you can trust the words of an expert or a famous person.
Who are you supposed to trust in this advertisement? Who is the expert in this testimonial?

7 What other examples of TESTIMONIAL can you think of?

8 Transfer 3. The third type of propaganda is:
Transfer uses images to bring up strong feelings in order to persuade. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

9 Transfer works because you transfer the happy feelings you associate with a picture to happy feelings you have about a person or a product. What feelings does this picture represent? What product are we supposed to transfer these feelings to? Even though Coke has nothing to do with Christmas, we are supposed to transfer the happy feelings of Christmas to the product.

10 What other examples of TRANSFER can you think of?

11 Repetition 4. The fourth type of propaganda is:
Repetition uses repeated messages or pictures to persuade.

12 Repetition works because you remember things you have seen more than once.
How many times is the message repeated in this picture? This advertisement uses repetition in both ways. The image of the camera is shown multiple times and the message regarding the camera is also shown multiple times.

13 What other examples of REPETITION can you think of?

14 Glittering Generality
5. The fifth type of propaganda is: Glittering Generality Glittering generality persuades by using positive words to arouse thoughts, actions, or emotions.

15 Glittering generality works because the words make you feel happy and positive.
What words in this advertisement make it glittering generality?

16 What other examples of GLITTERING GENERALITY can you think of?

17 Name Calling 6. The sixth type of propaganda is:
Name calling persuades people by using negative words to foster dislike, hate, or fear for a product or idea.

18 Name calling works because the words make you think twice about the product or idea because it is hated or feared. How is this advertisement using name calling? What is this advertisement urging you NOT to buy?

19 What other examples of NAME CALLING can you think of?

20 Card Stacking 7. The seventh type of propaganda is:
Card stacking persuades people by giving false facts, rearranging facts, or withholding the real facts to “slant” the picture in a certain direction.

21 Card stacking works because it makes you think you are getting something great, but there are hidden disclaimers. Why is this advertisement an example of card stacking?

22 What other examples of CARD STACKING can you think of?

23 Slogan 8. The eighth type of propaganda is:
Slogans persuade by using a catchy phrase to identify a product or company.

24 Slogans work because it help you remember the product because of the catchy song or phrase.
What company is this slogan advertising?

25 What other examples of SLOGANS can you think of?

26 What propaganda technique is being used in this STARBURST ad?

27 What propaganda technique is being used in this GATORADE ad?

28 What propaganda technique is being used in this FROSTED FLAKES ad?

29 What propaganda technique is being used in this ad for the military?

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