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Advertising techniques

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1 Advertising techniques

2 This week You need to pay special attention to the vocabulary we use to describe and talk about advertising. Keep a glossary of key terms. Clarify if you’re not sure.

3 Target Audience 1. When creating an advertising campaign, the advertisers decide on a target audience. A target audience is a specific group of people within the target market at which the marketing message is aimed at.

4 Target Audience Think of your favorite ad. Who is the target audience? (Be specific) How can you tell? Are you a member of the target audience?

5 Appeals 2. Advertisers try to sell to consumers by using ‘appeals.’ Desirable qualities in media messages try to make products appear more attractive and appealing. Some appeals include… Bandwagon: to convince you that everyone is using a particular product and that you should too. Progress: emphasises that a program is “new and improved” Brand loyalty: to convince you that one brand is better than the rest Testimonial: Celebrity endorsements stick in peoples minds, so even if we know better than to buy something just because a famous person claims to like it, we nonetheless remember the pitch and the product.

6 Evidence: includes results of surveys and tests
Emotional appeals are advertising techniques in which the advertiser tries to play up on the emotions of the audience. One kind of emotional appeal is the fear appeal, where the advertiser implicitly or explicitly draws upon people's anxieties to sell a product. False Image: to convince you that you will have a certain image if you produce a specific product Evidence: includes results of surveys and tests Romance or sex appeal: tries to convince you that others will find you irrestistable if you use a specific product Reward: offers a special prize, gift, or coupon when a specific product or service is purchased Health: implies or states that this product will make you healthy

7 Repetition: One of the most simple techniques used by advertisers is repetition. Advertiser create repetition by running an ad frequently. When it comes time to make a purchase, and the name of one of the products on the shelf has been repeated to the consumer many times, that product might just stand out enough for the consumer to choose it. Use of Humor: Of course, one of the most effective ways to get the audience's attention is to be funny - if the attempt works and doesn't misfire. Humor is one of the best ways to break through the "noise" of all the competition advertising messages out there and get people to pay attention to the sales pitch.

8 Appeals Try to think of an example from an ad (print or tv) for each of the types of appeal: Bandwagon Progress Brand loyalty Testimonial False image Emotional appeals Evidence Romance or sex appeal Reward Health Repition Humor

9 Logos 3. Identify these logos (don’t yell them out)
Write them down in your books…

10 SLOGANS A short, memorable advertising phrase that often appears in advertisements.

11 4. Listed below are a number of different slogans used by the Coca-Cola Company over the years Drink Coca-Cola 1907 Coca-Cola is full of vim, vigour and go –it’s a snappy drink 1925 It has the charm of purify 1932 Thirst come thirst served 1940 America’s year round answer to thirst Drive safely Drive refreshed 1961 Coke refreshes you best 1963 Things go better with Coke 1970 It’s the real thing Coke adds life Always Coke Which slogans would no longer be appropriate? Why? Write them in your book.

12 5. List 5 slogans you know

13 Jingles

14 A jingle is a short tune used in advertising and for other commercial uses

15 6. Can you think of any jingles? Write one down.

16 7. Why are jingles so effective?

17 8. So there are some advertising techniques that are used
8. So there are some advertising techniques that are used. Can you think of any others?


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