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Easy to use Ability to attach policies/procedures to call types Ability to schedule calls in advance Officer safety alerts Robust search capabilities.

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2 Easy to use Ability to attach policies/procedures to call types Ability to schedule calls in advance Officer safety alerts Robust search capabilities Seamless integration with Report Exec RMS REPORT EXEC DISPATCH FEATURES

3 Multiple quick code fields for quick entry of data Easily see and toggle between calls that have been dispatched or are awaiting to be dispatched Easy to see view of officer availability DISPATCH

4 Dispatchers can track and Initial and Final Call Type for each call giving the ability to accurately track what the call came in as and what it turned out to be. This also provides managers with a tool to track response time accurately based on how the call came in. Ability to attach policies and procedures to call types. If a call type is selected with a policy/procedure attached an icon will show for the dispatcher immediately alerting them. Advanced Notes option date, time and user stamps what user added each note to a call. REPORT EXEC DISPATCH FEATURES

5 Dispatchers can right click on an officer from the list and update times for one call while on a different call. This gives the dispatcher the ability to quickly update information. Scheduling Events gives users the ability to schedule a call in the future as a one time event or a recurring event. Users set a reminder time that will pop up an alert x number of minutes prior to the scheduled event. Once the dispatcher acknowledges the alert a call will be created in the Pending Calls List for the dispatcher to assign to an officer. ADDITIONAL DISPATCH FEATURES

6  Access from anywhere  Easy to use  No client software to install  Several modules giving agencies an all-in-one system  Analytical tools for trend analysis  All fields are completely customizable giving agencies the ability to make the system their own KEY FEATURES OF REPORT EXEC

7 New reports are listed in red making them easy to identify by user. The Dashboard is the main screen of the system. The information here is specific to the user logged in and shows any work that has been assigned or needs to be completed. All menus to access the rest of the system are located on the Dashboard. THE DASHBOARD

8 The Daily Log gives officers the ability to track their time spent during a shift. Management has the ability to run statistical reports from the Daily Log Module showing productivity, time spent on calls, counts, etc. THE DAILY LOG

9 Case Reports are easy to use and intuitive. Drop down fields are customized by the agency making the information clean and consistent. From the Case Report users can enter unlimited contacts, vehicles, property, digital media and external agencies. Case Report also tracks Clery and UCR information. Agencies can customize what sections are visible for various incident types. CASE REPORTS

10 If a report is marked as confidential only users with confidential access can view it The Related Event field gives users the ability to tie a report to a specific event (i.e. Concert, Employee Event, Sporting Event, etc.) and be able to search off all reports tied to that event CASE REPORTS CONTINUED

11 Once a contact name is entered the system automatically searches the database to see if a name has been entered before and displays any possible matches on the screen highlighting those who have been trespassed or have a caution related to them. Agencies can attach pictures of a contact to their record. Ability to search off Drivers License and Other ID fields for possible matches Users have the ability to add unlimited addresses and phone numbers related to a contact CONTACTS

12 Add a picture of the contact to their record Immediate history available for repeat contacts Add unlimited Cautions, Other Names, Distinguishing Features and ID Numbers to each contact record Use of Force Module and Use of Force Reporting CONTACTS – OTHER FEATURES

13 Once a vehicle plate is entered the system automatically searches the database to see if that plate has been entered before and displays any possible matches on the screen. Agencies can attach pictures of a vehicle to its record. If the Vehicle was Towed or Vehicle was Damaged box is checked the system will open additional fields related to those items. VEHICLES

14 All property entered in a report can be tracked through the Property screen. If a user takes property into custody they can note where the property was placed. When a person comes to claim property users can click the Release button and print a property receipt. PROPERTY

15 Entry of “Found” property automatically searches Lost/Stolen property for any possible matches Entry of “Lost” property automatically searches Found property for any possible matches Ability to print barcode labels of items being held Property receipt can be printed for returned property PROPERTY – OTHER FEATURES

16 If Hate Crime Related is marked Report Exec populates additional Crime List options for the user to select. The Clery Module is a permission based area and provides users with an easy to use way to enter Clery information and quickly compile Clery Statistics when needed. CLERY

17 Spell check on narrative areas Ability to track unlimited external agencies involved in a case Ability to attach unlimited digital media including pictures, documents, PDFs, video and audio Assign tasks Unlimited supplements Ability to attach unlimited key words Agencies can define multiple levels of review OTHER CASE REPORT FEATURES

18 Field Interviews: Area to document field contacts without using as in depth a report as a Case Report Ability to create statistics Citation: Track issued citations Entry of permit number automatically searches for related vehicles and contacts for quick entry Automatic increase of fines based on agency entered parameters OTHER TYPES OF REPORTS

19 Lost & Found: Condensed reports for tracking lost/found property; auto searching of property included Trespass Reports Quickly enter trespassers (can also be entered through any other report in system) OTHER TYPES OF REPORTS CONTINUED

20 Track time spent on an investigation Attach multiple reports to a single investigation View related information entered in all reports attached to investigation in one location Search and report on investigations INVESTIGATIONS MODULE


22 Investigation Event Tracking for entry of time spent working on an investigation. INVESTIGATION EVENT TRACKING

23 Investigators can make a basic entry or choose to enter more detailed information on information such as Contacts, Vehicles, Property and add Digital Media to the report. INVESTIGATION EVENT TRACKING CONTINUED

24 The Related Information tab is a central location within the investigation a user can see all contacts, vehicles, property and digital media entered through any related reports. RELATED INFO

25 The Investigation Alerts tab notifies investigators about any identified unknown contacts that may match remaining unknown contacts or any possible trends List reflects known contact and unknown contacts that may match Benchmark analysis notifies of any incident type count over the expected number for a week or month

26 Trend Analysis Users can enter multiple key words to search off and specify of the number of key words entered how many matches should be in a report when results are returned. When results of search are returned they will show in descending order of match – these matches are based only on the key words entered in a case providing better information for possible trends occurring. Once the results are returned users have the ability to immediately run reports so users can see the information charted by Time of Day, Day of Week, Location, etc.

27 Agencies can identify how many of a particular incident they expect in a week or month An agency can notify who should be notified when the number of reports exceeds the number expected for a specified period of time (week or month). If the number of incident reports exceeds the number expected the system will automatically e-mail the information to the identified person. TREND ANALYSIS CONTINUED

28 The Clery Module is a permission based module providing users an area to track crimes that are reported from outside agencies and run the Public Crime Log and Annual Report. CLERY MODULE

29 Annual Clery Report Public Crime Log CLERY MODULE CONTINUED

30 Permit Module: Track multiple contacts and vehicles associated with a permit People can register for a permit on-line and information will transfer into a permit if approved Key Tracking: Easily track the check out and check in of keys Reports to track key history, keys overdue, and more OTHER MODULES

31 Visitor Tracking Ability for people outside program to schedule visitors in advance Integrated with ID scanner to import data from ID Print badges for visitors using any badge printer Alerts users to visitors marked as cautions or trespassers On-Line Reporting Ability for people outside system to report incidents Quickly convert file from on-line report to Case Report, Field Interview or BOLO OTHER MODULES CONTINUED

32 Search using multiple fields and wild cards Users have the ability to search items including Reports, Contacts, Vehicles, Property, etc. Users can export search results from Case Reports into Excel Ability to sort report search results based on multiple identifiers Advanced contact search gives ability to search off distinguishing features, known associates, other ID numbers and cautions SEARCHES


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