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11 oktober 2014 SURFcontact HD videoconferencing service developed by SURFnet.

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1 11 oktober 2014 SURFcontact HD videoconferencing service developed by SURFnet

2 Agenda -Functionality of the HDVC-service (high-level) -Set-up of the service -Wealth of clients -Business-case -Functionality (practical issues) -Adoption of HD-videoconference SURFnet, grensverleggend netwerk voor hoger onderwijs en onderzoek1

3 HD videoconferencing service Functionality -Group videoconferencing -Live streaming and recording -Videoconferencing through firewall -Session booking system -Monitoring & service reporting Service -Management -Operations -Support -Further development Standards -Transport = IP -Protocol = H.323/SIP/H.460 -Quality = HD (720/1080p) -Numberplan = GDS/E.164

4 The heart of the service 40 ports HD MCU

5 Videoconferencing infra SURFnet Hospital UMC IKC GK HDMCU GK IPVCR Internet VCS

6 HD hardware clients Polycom HDX 4000 H.323/SIP/H.460 Tandberg 1700 MXP H.323/SIP/H.460 For individual usage!

7 HD hardware clients Tandberg 3000 MXP H.323/SIP/H.460 Polycom HDX 7000 H.323/SIP/H.460 For small groups, easy to relocate

8 HD hardware clients LifeSize Express/ Room H.323/SIP Tandberg Edge H.323/SIP/H.460 7 For larger groups (room based)

9 HDVC Telepresence 8 Polycom RPX HD Tandberg ExperiaCisco Telepresence 3000 LifeSize Telepresence For the boardroom…

10 Software Clients 9 Polycom PVX H.323/SIP/H.460 PC with Intel Pentium IV 1.8 GHz Microsoft Windows XP or Vista Internet Explorer® 6.0 or later Microsoft Direct X 9.0b or later Windows Media Player 9.0 or later A USB webcam and headset For use at home!

11 -HD VC Infrastructure ready for service -Institutions are transferred from current SD- service -First live tests conducted with users -January: -2nd line support -External service description, manual etc. -Booking system -February: -Pre-production -As of 1 March: fully operational service Current state of the service

12 HD MCU in action!

13 -Customer driven: service developed on request of UMC’s (academic hospitals) -Five UMC’s have committed for a 3-year period at 25 kEuro/year -UMC’s cooperate with IKC’s (integral cancer centers with regional function) -Three IKC’s have committed for a pilot period of 18 months Business case

14 Guest institutions Institutions Service supplier SURFnetUMCNUMCUMeander Sint Antonius IKAAVL Institutions and guest institutions

15 Functionality provided Institutions receive:  Permanent rooms on MCU (10)  Ad-hoc rooms on MCU (unlimited)  Recording of sessions (unlimited)  Streaming of sessions (unlimited)  Second line support  Monthly reporting Guest institutions receive:  No permanent rooms on MCU  No ad-hoc rooms on MCU  No recording of sessions  No streaming of sessions  Second line support  No monthly reporting

16 Adoption of HD VC Project with following rules  Well defined project proposal including management support  Maximum contribution of 15 kEuro per institution  Contribution based on matching  Implementation ultimately 1 August 2009  End-points support H.323 and/or SIP and 720p / 1080p HD

17 Stimulating adoption of HD VC by means of a contest Results:  25 compliant project proposals  incl. 9 universities, 6 polytechnics & 4 academic hospitals)  Project proves that local HDVC sets have become affordable  All proposals will receive maximum contribution  Significant take-up of HDVC in higher education in 2009  Technical guidelines results in standardization (interoperability)  Adoption of HDVC expected to increase demand of HDMCU  Increased demand of HDMCU results in lower tariffs for HDVC-service  Lower tariffs results in increased adoption of HDVC (‘chicken & egg’)

18 Questions? MCU Border Controller Gatekeeper Tandberg GDS IPVCR Codian Firewall Traversal Functional design 1e line support Productdecomposition H.323 H.460 IKC UMC SIP

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