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Polycom® ReadiManager™ SE200 Are you ready for video management?

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1 Polycom® ReadiManager™ SE200 Are you ready for video management?
Gladys Alegre, Product Manager

2 Videoconferencing Is it only about the endpoint?
Endpoint Specific features Sound Video quality Delivery of content What’s behind the device?

3 Mobile Cell Phones Camera capability Games Instant messaging 3 way calling Address Book Connectivity Continuous uptime What do you consider when you purchase your cell phone?

4 Network Transparency to the Mobile User
Complex network behind the cell phone providing: Addressability Continuous uptime Service features Games 3 way calling IM

5 Network Transparency to Videoconferencing Users
Same level of complexity as the mobile network Transparency gained by video management

6 What is Video Management?
Supporting infrastructure vital to the success of video conferencing Includes the following functionality Network and Device Monitoring and Management Centralized Device Management and Configuration Device Monitoring Call Detail Records Conference Scheduling Conference Management Polycom includes a gatekeeper as part of video management World’s best video H.323 gatekeeper

7 Why is Video Management important?
Increase videoconferencing usage via user satisfaction End user satisfaction fulfilled by: Call reliability and availability Continuous uptime Simplified usage model Administrator satisfaction fulfilled by: Control video transactional costs Ease of deployment Ease of management

8 ReadiManager SE200… a powerful, integrated management solution for conferencing networks
‘All-In-One’ platform – integrated management, scheduling, and GK applications Pre-configured appliance – requires minimal installation and set-up time Reduced operational support costs – intelligent network and device monitoring Provides centralized control – saves time, resources and costs Easy to learn application – due to role-based design of interface “simplified deployment” “improved network health”

9 Intro to ReadiManager™ SE200
Appliance-based video conferencing scheduling and management solution Conference Management Device and System Management Web-based and Outlook Scheduling Gatekeeper

10 ReadiManager SE200 - Application Details
Core Features Integrated Active Directory LDAP Integration for automated user maintenance and authentication Unique user-centric Global Directory Service Integrated CDR Reporting captures resource utilization and facilitates charge-back billing Scheduling & Conference Management Create & manage scheduled conferences - point-to-point and multipoint - using web-based interface or Outlook Evaluates and schedules bandwidth availability Add / drop participants, extend conferences, mute conferences, etc.

11 ReadiManager SE200 - Application Details (cont’d)
Device Management Automatic Software Updates to networked video devices – individually or by groups, immediately or at scheduled times Provisioning for the creation and transfer of device profiles / settings to Polycom endpoints Real-time Monitoring and Remote Management insures conferencing network integrity Gatekeeper Firewall Traversal Support allows video/voice to pass freely through firewalls without compromising security Policy Management controls bandwidth utilization, enforces network policies, and manages resource access RTP Statistics provide packet loss, jitter and latency-over-time stats to help analyze the quality of a video call over the network

12 ReadiManager SE200 Platform
Secure, appliance-based platform Locked-down, embedded XP operating system Write-protected Compact Flash No Windows GUI O/S patches managed as part of maintenance releases No IIS services (uses Apache Tomcat web server) Excellent disaster recovery capabilities Automated daily back-up of local database Database restore & ‘Factory Default’ reset options Registrations and calls-in-progress not affected by a system restart

13 SE200 – Designed with a Role-based Approach
Designed to provide the most efficient interface for the different roles in an organization 3 views designed around videoconferencing roles End user – Just wants videoconferencing to work for them, needs address book and simplified dialing Operator - Wants number of support calls reduced, needs to schedule and monitor conference Administrator – Configuration and reporting

14 SE200 Views Administrator Operator Scheduler (i.e., My Conferences View)

15 Administrator Functions
Directory Setup: users, devices, roles & policy groups Dial-Plan Setup: sites, services, regions, least cost routing, dialing rules, etc. Conferencing Setup: scheduling settings, conference templates System Setup: licensing, system settings, database, Active Directory integration, GK settings, etc.

16 Operator Functions Monitoring: device & conference monitoring
Scheduling: conference scheduling & management Reports: IP and ISDN call detail records Troubleshooting: gatekeeper diagnostics

17 Web-based Conference Scheduling
Operators can quickly & easily schedule one-time or recurring audio & video conferences

18 Conference Monitoring
Displays ALL active conferences, including any ad-hoc or on-demand conferences… whether they’re PtP or multipoint

19 Conference Management

20 Device Monitoring & Management
Drill down on Devices to see Device Status & Info

21 Sample CDR Report – IP Calls

22 Scheduler Functions (My Conferences View)
A user-specific view to create, edit, and delete their own scheduled conferences (conferences scheduled by other user do not show in this view) On Demand Call Creation

23 Conference Scheduling with Outlook
Schedule participants and rooms in the normal Outlook fashion If audio or video is desired, select the ‘Conference Resources’ tab

24 Web-based Conference Scheduling (cont’d)
Users are provided a view of all their scheduled conferences Operators have a full view of all scheduled conferences

25 On Demand Call Creation
Easing Point to Point Calling Through Address Book Through E164 dialing instead of IP addresses Easing Multipoint Calling Using Meeting Room Numbers for Multipoint calls Conference on Demand from endpoint interface

26 SE200 drives Ease of Use Lowers transactional costs
Configuration and Setup are Key and Critical Minimize ISDN usage through Policy Management Employing Least Cost Routing Alternate Routing Features Firewall Traversal support in conjunction with the V2IU Increase end user satisfaction Enable simplicity from the end user interface Enabling Conference on Demand for multipoint conferencing without scheduling Creating Conference Templates for easy Scheduling Provisioning E.164 Dial Plan Providing continuous uptime Employing high availability through Alternate Gatekeeper Monitoring the Network to ensure continuous uptime

27 System Information

28 MGC+ (ReadiConvene) Conference Bridge a truly integrated solution
Optional Integrated Application Module (IAM) Same core technology as the stand-alone ReadiManager SE200 Different form factor to enable chassis integration Enables delivery of ALL ReadiManager SE200 functions directly WITHIN the MCU chassis!

29 Minimum External System Requirements
External Database (optional) Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Network Client Hardware Intel® Pentium® processor, 200 MHz (or other comparable Windows® compatible PC-based platform) 128 MB RAM Network Client Software Windows® 2000 / Windows® XP Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6.x with Active X® control permission enabled Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or 2.0

30 Minimum Endpoint Requirements
Polycom Device Version Requirements V-Series (all software versions) ViewStation 7.x or higher ViewStation SP 6.x or higher ViewStation FX/EX 5.x or higher ViaVideo® 5.x or higher PVX™ or higher iPower 5.x or higher MGC or higher Third-Party Device and Equipment Support Most major vendors of IP and ISDN video devices, MCUs and gateways. Please contact your Polycom Reseller or a Polycom Sales Representative for more details.

31 Polycom® ReadiManager™ SE200 Are you ready for video management?

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