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Mark Tysom Janet, UK TF-MSP Meeting Valletta, 28 November 2014 Sharing Services Between NRENs Case study: v-scene.

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1 Mark Tysom Janet, UK TF-MSP Meeting Valletta, 28 November 2014 Sharing Services Between NRENs Case study: v-scene

2 Background Rationale Approach Tariff Structure What’s Included? Challenges How to subscribe Progress to date Questions Agenda

3 The Janet Videoconference Service Established in 1995 Infrastructure and VC booking system 8,151 registered videoconferencing systems 10,000 registered users 1,112 participating organisations 50,000 conferences per year New service (“v-scene”) launched August 2014

4 Approval and funding to re-develop the VC booking system Aware that some NRENs had stopped or were planning to stop providing a VC service to their customers Potential gap in market between no service and commercial off-the-shelf product v-scene: “for education, by education” 20 years experience of operating a VC service for education and research Maybe we can share this by offering the service to NRENs… Rationale to extend customer base

5 Conducted an EU competitive dialogue procurement Contracted with Azeus: software application developer All IPR remains with Janet Contract: Janet have the right to sub-license the software to: – The international education community – The UK public sector Approach

6 Tariff Structure UK Education and Research - centrally funded for schools, colleges, universities, research UK Public Services - reduced rate for public sector bodies with an education remit Commercial -tariff for providers of educational video content and services International Education and Research - GPD based calculation for other NRENs

7 v-scene NREN Tariff Uses the same calculation as the GEANT Cost Sharing Model Charges increase progressively as GDP increases Used to generate a starting price Additional services can be bolted on: -MCU integration -User migration -Interface language translation -Branding Prices start from €35,000 p.a. for managed service

8 What’s included? Annual fee for the booking system software Set up and support (UK hours) Streaming and storage of recordings (21 days) MCU capacity Discount of up to €12k for “donation” of an existing MCU Licenses for Vidyo desktop client Subject to acceptable use policy

9 Janet’s first attempt at offering an international service Choosing which metric to base charging on is hard Usage: fair but only works for NRENs with existing data At the outset we only have our own data to work from, eg: – to support x users we need y staff and z MCUs at a cost of… Used this to predict how the service needs to scale and what costs would need to be charged to cover them Challenges

10 How do NRENs subscribe? Discuss and agree pricing with Janet NRENs make a direct award to Janet by making a case that the service represents a unique offering - Designed to facilitate the delivery of education - Designed to support a diverse community of users - Supports multi-vendor MCUs - Supports multi-vendor VC hardware - Federated and traditional login supported - Wide variety of educational content providers - Facilitates collaboration with international NREN communities (single directory) - Development roadmap tailored to the needs of education and research Issue a VEAT notice for transparency -Advertises the intention to award a contract directly without call for competition -Can only award contract after 10 working days have passed without challenge -Contract signed by both parties and dispatched to OJEU within 48 days

11 Discussions with 5 NRENs Received a variety of responses – we want a free service… – that’s much cheaper than we currently pay! – we’re not sure of the demand within our country – can we have some test accounts? Will review existing charging model in 12 months Considering introductory price option HEAnet (Ireland) first NREN to sign-up Progress to date…

12 Questions? Mark Tysom Product Manager 0044 1235 822 223 28/11/14

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