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+ Native Interoperability Nick Ciesinski University of Wisconisn - Whitewater.

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1 + Native Interoperability Nick Ciesinski University of Wisconisn - Whitewater

2 + Quick Overview Ability to connect with non-Cisco Telepresence systems without the need for expensive bridging devices Feature available in Cisco Telepresence endpoint code 1.7.4 and Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.6.1 Feature available with Point-to-Point calling only (one exception) Non-Cisco Telepresence endpoints can be registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager or not

3 + Limitations Official device support list is somewhat limited in first version Non-Cisco Telepresence endpoint must negotiate at minimum of 1Mb/sec Presentation/content sharing not consistent with current Telepresence experience Cisco Telepresence endpoints still only support SIP for signaling Resolution limited to maximum of 720p at 30fps Cisco Telepresence endpoints still dial by phone number only

4 + University of Wisconsin – Whitewater’s Use of P2P Interop Most of our video use is point-to-point College of Business primary users with sites in Europe LifeSize Polycom Tandberg C/EX endpoints Other Cisco video endpoints on Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9971/51 and 8941/45 VoIP video phones Cisco Unified Personal Communicator (Mac/PC) Cisco Cius

5 + University of Wisconsin – Whitewater Setup 3 rd Party non-UWW endpoints connected via H.323 to IOS Gatekeeper IOS Gatekeeper has H.323 trunk to Cisco Unified Communications manager to connect to Telepresence endpoints No individual registration to Communications manager for each endpoint.

6 + High Level Picture of Setup Cisco Telepresence Cisco Communicator Client Local Tandberg EX/C External Polycom, Tandberg LifeSize H.323 Devices IOS H.323 Gatekeeper SIP CUBE R&E TP Exchange Communications Manager

7 + Pictures of a call with EX90, CTS500, and E20 The exception I mentioned earlier EX90 is using its built in bridge to make this a 3 way call

8 + University of Wisconsin – Whitewater Next Steps Looking to move from IOS Gatekeeper to VCS to allow both H.323 and SIP easily as well as possible URI inward dialing until Communications Manager 9.0 Telepresence endpoint software 1.8 allowing more interoperability features and fixing some of the issues in the limitations Cisco Telepresence Multipoint Switch 1.8 to allow multipoint meetings with Cisco Telepresence and Tandberg EX/C endpoints

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