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RSS 2000 v3 Product Presentation Live Recording and Streaming.

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1 RSS 2000 v3 Product Presentation Live Recording and Streaming

2 RSS 2000 – Recording and Streaming Solution Network accessible IP video conference recorder Records video and shared content Eliminates need for a DVR attached to every video conferencing device Captured events are available by video on demand or live streaming Works within a secure environment Server Room Conference Room Recording across the network

3 Feature Overview Recording Playback and Streaming (On Demand and Live) Security Management Video and Audio Support Capacity Integration with VMC 1000

4 Recording Records a variety of events – from launches to meetings Self recording, point to point, multipoint Self Recording – Endpoint calls into RSS 2000 via E.164 or IP address Point to point recording – Both endpoints calls into RSS 2000 recording room Multipoint recording – MGC calls RSS 2000 via H.323 recording link

5 Recording Record using endpoint remote control Event recorded at called bit rate Records 2 streams concurrently, 1 of 2 streams can be content Records presentation content via H.239 when specified Record using far end camera controls Record using HDX DVR controls +

6 Playback on Video Endpoints Playback from any H.323 endpoint On demand or live streaming Up to 10 endpoints can access a recording if using a single RSS 2000, more if RSS 2000s are clustered Many ways to find recorded content Sort content by a relevant parameters (Name, Date/time, Duration and more) By Quick code Verify found content with Video Preview Sort Video Preview Quick Code

7 Streaming to Web Clients Play video content via Emailed link RSS 2000 web interface Find content faster with new search feature Access live streaming via web interface Only with Windows Media player Up to 50 concurrent users – live or on demand

8 Live Streaming Stream events without recording Stream events that don’t need to be archived –Fairs, trade shows, multisite meetings Live stream events using multicast Reduce network load when streaming Events can be Live or Archived Recordings RSS 2000 384 kpbs stream replicated at fork Single stream at 384 kpbs

9 Security Secure access to web interface, playback recordings on web interface and on endpoint Access control User Authentication to RSS 2000 web interface via Active Directory or local database Group access management for endpoints and users Supports Https for increased security Secure access to recordings Groups of users or endpoints can access certain recordings Recordings secured further with pin codes

10 Management Archive redundancy with clustered RSS 2000s Archive Management Daily Backup Support for multi-vendor Gatekeeper Registration Polycom, Cisco, Radvision IVR support Voice prompts to guide user while recording or playing video on video endpoint File management Download recorded RSS 2000 files Transfer files to desired target using FTP

11 Video and Audio Support Records multiple video compression H.261, H.263, H.264 Records multiple video formats CIF, SD and HD Supports multiple audio formats including Siren 14, Siren 22 Supports offline transcoding with Media Tool Kit Change from.asf to.mpeg Lower streaming bit rate Different video resolutions

12 Capacity Single Unit Recording hours– 600 hours of 768- kbps calls, dependent on call bit rate Record up to 2 concurrent streams Endpoint playback – Up to 10 endpoints can play stream concurrently Web streaming – Up to 50 concurrent streams Clustered Units (two or more units clustered) affords higher scale Recording hours– 600 hours of 768 kbps calls, dependent on call bit rate Records up to the # of clustered units x 2 concurrent streams Endpoint playback – Up to 10 endpoints x the # of clustered units Web Streaming – Up to 50 concurrent streams x the # of clustered units Clustered RSS 2000sSingle RSS 2000

13 RSS 2000 integration with Polycom Video Media Center VMC 1000 Add video content management and greater streaming scalability Easily create and publish video content Leverage existing video investment Content is recorded via RSS 2000 and video endpoint RSS 2000 recordings are uploaded onto VMC 1000. VMC 1000 enables e diting, tagging, packaging and publishing of video content Video is delivered via on demand streaming RSS 2000Video Media Center

14 Recording in a video conferencing network Endpoints Become capture stations Video production studios MCU Easy recording with MGC link Scales video communications RSS 2000 Networked recording Live Streaming VMC 1000 Captures recorded RSS 2000 content Publish and manage Streaming SE200: Gatekeeper Allows RSS 2000 to be part of H.323 dial plan Dial plan related connection Recording related calls or connection

15 Part Numbers and Sales Tools Part Number Description Price (USD) Disc. Code VRSS2000RSS 2000$15,000NS.2 5150-18900-010Software upgrade license$4,000NS.2 5150-18900-030RSS 2000 Clustering opt.$5,000NS.2 Sales Tools Datasheet Sales Presentation Product Presentation FAQs

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