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2-4-2015 Broadcasters and NREN’s: an interesting combination.

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2 2-4-2015 Broadcasters and NREN’s: an interesting combination

3 Issues addressed -The rationale behind connecting broadcasters -Broadcasting organizations connected to SURFnet -NREN-services provided to broadcasters -Lessons learned from connecting broadcasters -Future developments

4 The rationale Broadcasters (national and regional) are:  publicly funded (Ministry of Education, Culture & Science (except for commercial broadcasters!)  focused on innovation  interesting content providers

5 SURFnet connects:  Dutch National Public Broadcasting Organization  Beeld & Geluid (archive with 700.000 hours of material)  Eight regional public broadcasting organizations

6 Beeld & Geluid: Storage, archiving & distribution Mediagateway

7 Regional (public) broadcasters connected SURFnet currently connects 8 (of 14) regional public broadcasters

8 Services provided Infrastructure: - Network capacity (1G or 10G IP) - Network availability - Multicast support (live video) - Lightpaths for storage/archiving - SURFmedia (video on demand)

9 SURFnet, grensverleggend netwerk voor hoger onderwijs en onderzoek8 What is SURFmedia? -Video distribution platform for content providers (universities, publishers, broadcasters etc.) -Uploading and viewing available for end-users (including students) of all connected institutions -Connected to the SURFfederation and SURFgroepen (authentication & authorization) -Back-end: SURFmediacore 8

10 SURFnet, grensverleggend netwerk voor hoger onderwijs en onderzoek9 SURFmedia Functionality -End-user: -Search for content -View Flash previews -Review / tag material -Create collections -Content provider: -Upload Windows Media, MPEG-4 en Flash -HD supported as well -Live TV channels available -Manage content -Access restrictions, based on realm 9

11 SURFnet, grensverleggend netwerk voor hoger onderwijs en onderzoek10 SURFmedia


13 Facilitates inclusion of audio en video content for educational purposes

14 SURFmedia End-user SURFnet app< 1 GB Limited number of assets (circa 25 – 50) All assets searchable via searchinterface SURFmedia Access restriction available (via SURFfederatie)SURFmediacore InstitutionProprietary app> 100 GB Collection (large number of assets) Assets not findable via searchinterface SURFmedia Proprietary access restrictions available

15 Lessons learned  Broadcasting landscape in flux:  Public versus commercial  National versus regional versus local  Broadcasters require a range of services:  IP-transit to higher education and research institutions + end-users  IP-transit to “rest of the world”  Storage and archiving (lightpaths)  Distribution of streaming and live content (multicast, mediaplatform)  Live events can generate huge traffic volumes

16 Lessons learned  Contract model:  connection available for public broadcasters only (acceptable user policy)  standard contract conditions for traffic to/from higher education  fair-use conditions for traffic to/from “rest of the world”  acceptable use policy for end-users  Tariff model:  End-user accounts are standard 1 GB  Additional disk-space available on request of institution  Additional disk-space charged per extra GB/TB

17 SURFnet, grensverleggend netwerk voor hoger onderwijs en onderzoek16 Future : Content Delivery Network (CDN)  Specs Dutch (broadcasting) CDN:  Decentralised video-distribution  Video-servers located at ISP’s  Initiative coordinated by AMS-IX  Inducement: Tour de France 2008  48.000 concurrent viewers created a bit-stream of 40 Gbit/s. Infrastructure scaled to max. 30.000 viewers!  Implementation:  Optimise network & server usage  Pro-active replication technology

18 SURFnet, grensverleggend netwerk voor hoger onderwijs en onderzoek17 CDN: the ‘multicast killer’ ?

19 ?

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