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Manx Telecom Richard Fletcher Manx Telecom Head of Corporate & Public Sector Sales.

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1 Manx Telecom Richard Fletcher Manx Telecom Head of Corporate & Public Sector Sales

2  Simple  Reliable  Resilient  Cost Effective


4 Quantify 2011 Quantify 1D includes enhancements to these integrations:  Ai-Logix (TDM)  Rostrvm (CTI)  SunGard (CTI)  SIP  Nortel (IP) Active (DMS)  Mitel (IP) Active (SRC)  Avaya (IP) Active (DMCC)  Alcatel (IP) Active (DR Link)  Integration and certification testing are now successfully complete for Avaya Single Step Conferencing, Speaker Bus and Motorola Quantify R2 New applications include:  Quantify Event Reconstruct  Quantify Intelligent Screen data capture  Quantify Quality Management (web based)

5 Quantify Applications  Browser based search and replay interface  Call details displayed  Simple easy to use media player style controls  Seamless access to additional modules: –Event Reconstruct –Mobile Phone Recording –Quality Management –PCI DSS Compliance –VoIP Archive Compression –Call Management (Logging) –Audio Analytics

6 Quantify Pre Reqs .NET 3.5 needs to be installed on the client PC ‟ s  Using at least IE 7.0 or Firefox  A certificate needs adding to the trusted publishers section of the client PC  Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista and Windows 7  Intel or AMD processor 2.0GHz or higher  128MB RAM or higher dependant on O/S requirements  Screen resolution 1024x768 or higher  Internet Explorer 7/8 or Firefox  LAN/WAN access

7 Quantify Search & Replay

8 Quantify Event Reconstruct

9 Quantify Quality Management

10 Quantify Call Management

11 Quantify Audio Analytics

12 Archive Compression Efficiency from archive and back up policies via Archive Compression Enables archived calls to be compressed from non-compressed standards such as G711 to Microsoft GSM standard Enables call volume size from 64 kbps to 13kbps allowing customers to archive up to 5 times as much data as before

13 Blackberry Mobile Compliance Suite

14 Mobile Recording

15  Captures and stores any type of electronic data  Can provide a single repository for mobile communications  Minimal disruption to the user  Manages retention requirements to meet regulations  Enables efficient electronic discovery  Ensures evidential weight BS10008  Hardware required (Mobile Intercept Gateway (MiG)), to route calls to recorder  Not restricted to handset type or mobile carrier  Additional call charges maybe incurred

16 PCI Suppression  Encryption – Red Box Frame based recording method  Suppress sensitive information providing a single call for playback –Skip silence within replay module  Two Suppression Options: Total and User  A single call may be suppressed multiple times  Manual or Automatic suppression

17 Thank You Questions

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