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1 Torrey Pines High School Academic and Career Presentation 10 th grade students Class of 2016.

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1 1 Torrey Pines High School Academic and Career Presentation 10 th grade students Class of 2016

2 2 Jayme Cambra A-C Ext. 2213 Lori Musel Counselor D-I Ext. 2012 Mary Sanchez-Allwein Head Counselor J-Ma & EL Ext. 2017 Jennifer Magruder Mb-Sa & AVID Ext. 2215 Sally Gervasini Sb-Z Ext. 2200 Who is Your School Counselor?

3 How to Contact Your School Counselor  Drop by times are: Before school During break During lunch After school  Students are also welcome to email their counselor.  In the counseling center, students may fill out a: “Request to see my counselor” slip if their counselor is busy at the time or if they need to go to class. 3

4 4  Listen to the morning announcements  Read the Falconer  Visit  Visit the counseling website:  Naviance  “Like” TP Counseling on Facebook  Ask a PAL (Peer Assistance Listener)  Check Aeries regularly How to Stay Informed

5 5 Aeries  You need to see the counseling secretary, Ms. Day, and request your verification code.  The verification code is the same for parents and students. Once entered, you can change the password to your own. Grades Attendance Graduation Status

6 6 Ways to Get Involved  Join a club  Try out for a sport  Audition for a play  Join PALS, journalism, debate, yearbook, leadership, ASB, etc.  Create your own club!

7 7 Get Support  Peer Assistance Listeners (PALs)  Support Groups  Tutoring -Peer Tutoring in all subjects- Monday-Thursday after school in the Media Center -Subject specific tutoring in Science, English, Math, World Language- Classroom-based after school (Tutoring schedule available in Counseling, from your teacher or on o READI

8 8 Transcripts Check your transcripts for the following:  Correct name and address  Off campus classes  Credits  Grades  Courses taken in the correct year  Graduation Status

9 9 General High School Requirements  Complete a minimum of 230 credits.  Complete all course requirements. Including health  Pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) in: Language Arts Mathematics  Passing Algebra I is a state mandated graduation requirement (can be met in 8 th grade).

10 10 Required High School Courses English 40 Credits (4 years) Mathematics *Algebra I 30 Credits (3 years) Social Studies 30 Credits (3 years) Science 20 Credits Biological - 10 Physical - 10 (2 years) Physical Education 10 Credits (1 year) Year One PE 10 Credits (1 year) *(Including Health) Career Technical Education 10 Credits (1 year) Visual / Performing Arts 10 Credits (1 Year) Electives 70 Credits

11 11 Honors/AP vs. College Prep Courses  Things to consider: Level of difficulty Achievement level in the past Personal interest and motivation Time management skills Work and study habits  Your current teachers are a great resource. * This is an important topic to think about now, because counselors will meet with students in the Spring to register for their 2014-2015 courses!

12 12 Summer School Courses District Summer Courses  Summer school courses will be offered for current Juniors and Seniors who are behind in credits for graduation. Off Campus Courses (at your own expense)  Students must receive approval from their counselor prior to taking a course. The off campus permission form must be signed by a parent and be on record with the counselor. The form is available on the website. *Students may only take up to 30 credits off campus at other high schools or colleges.

13 Community College Requirements 13 o High School Diploma or be 18 years old o No SAT or ACT required o Mira Costa College Ambassadors are available to meet with you in the counseling office on Tuesdays and Fridays. Sign up in the CCC. o You can take classes concurrently during the year/summer for FREE with an off campus permission form.

14 14 Four-Year University Requirements CSU/UC A-G Subject Requirements COURSES Minimum Requirements of College Preparatory classes A. History/Social Science2 years: World History, U.S. History/Government B. English4 years: English 9, 10, 11, 12 C. Math3 years of college prep math (4 years is highly recommended): Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II D. Laboratory Science2 years of lab science (3 years of lab science is recommended) E. Language other than English 2 years same language (3 years is recommended) *Students with competency in a language other than English may qualify for an exemption. F. Visual/Performing Arts1 year of college prep course from Art, Music, or Theater G. College Preparatory Elective 1 year of a college prep elective Test RequirementsSAT or ACT w/writing *SAT Subject Test is no longer required for UC schools.

15 15 Private & Out of State Universities  Most private and out-of-state universities/colleges follow similar UC/CSU guidelines.  For exact requirements, contact the schools directly or check their admission websites for current information.

16 16 Introducing the …  PSAT  PLAN  ACT (w/writing)  SAT Reasoning Test  SAT Subject Tests

17 17 PSAT/PLAN  PSAT is a practice exam for the SAT Reasoning test. Students take this exam in 9 th and 11 th grade. 11 th grade can qualify for National Merit Scholarship Program.  PLAN is a practice exam for the ACT Students take this exam in 10 th grade.

18 18 ACT Testing Information  The exam covers five subject areas: English Grammar Math (up to trigonometry) Reading Comprehension Science Reasoning Writing (optional)  Students should be prepared for these exams by the Spring of their junior year.  To register visit

19 19 SAT Reasoning Information  The exam covers three subject areas: Critical reading Math (up to Algebra II) Writing  Students should be prepared for these exams by the Spring of their junior year.  To register visit All official SAT scores will be recorded on your SAT score report and submitted to the colleges only you request.

20 20 SAT Subject Tests  This is a supplemental exam that is no longer required by UC schools, but may be required by some private and out of state schools or programs. Some schools require 2, if not 3, exams in different subject areas.  College board also creates the AP exams, so if you are in an AP class, you should also sign-up to take the subject test in that course.  Check individual college websites to confirm test requirements.

21 21 Subject Test Offerings  Literature  US History  World History  Math Level I *  Math Level II  Biology (E and M)  Chemistry  Physics Reading Only  French  German  Modern Hebrew  Italian  Latin  Spanish Listening and Reading  Chinese  Japanese  Korean * Math Level I is not accepted by most universities. Check each school’s website for details.

22 22 Naviance  Software program to help prepare you for life after high school. Use your school ID number to register  Great tool to start your resume  Personality and interest inventories  Research college options  Career Exploration

23 Naviance Computer Program To login- Your school ID number is your Naviance registration code. Your parents can also create an account by using your ID # with a “p” at the end.

24 Career Exploration Click on careers to begin your career search.

25 25 Click on “personality type” to find which careers may be best suited for your personality type.

26 Click on “Start Assessment” to begin the survey. Be sure to answer each question as honestly as possible.

27 Select the person that most reflects who you are.

28 Select how accurate the profile describes you.

29 Select if you have any degree of interest in the following career groupings.

30 Your final personality report.

31 At the bottom of the report you will find some suggested careers.

32 32 Here is the information on a career in school counseling

33 33 Preparing for College  Begin to keep track of any extracurricular activities, sports, or community services activities that you participate in. In Naviance the “resume” link under “about me” is a great way to track this information.  Consider taking SAT Subject Tests in classes that you do well in this year such as AP World History or AP Chemistry.  Take the PSAT exam in 11 th grade, which is held in the month of October.  Plan on taking the SAT and/or ACT tests in the spring of your Junior year.

34 34 Thank You!  For further questions, please drop by and see your counselor: A-C Mrs. Cambra D-I Mrs. Musel J-MAMrs. Sanchez-Allwein MB-SAMrs. Magruder SB-ZMs. Gervasini EL Students Mrs. Sanchez-Allwein AVIDMrs. Magruder

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