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1 Torrey Pines High School Academic/Career Presentation 9 th grade students.

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1 1 Torrey Pines High School Academic/Career Presentation 9 th grade students

2 2 Overview Torrey Pines General Information Graduation Requirements Academic Honesty Off Campus Classes Post high School Options Naviance Preparing For College

3 3 Drop by times are:  Before school  During break  During lunch  After school In the counseling center, students may fill out a:  “Request to see my counselor” slip Students are welcome to email their counselor How to Contact your School Counselor

4 4 Listen to the morning announcements Read the Falconer Visit Visit the counseling website Read the parent newsletter Naviance Computer Program Ask a PAL (Peer Assistance Listeners) Check Edline/ Aeries regularly How to Stay Informed

5 5 Edline/Aeries Edline To obtain an Edline code see:  Ms. Lopez (room 213) or  Ms. Davies (room 60) Aeries You need to see a counseling secretary and request your verification code in writing (no emails or calls). The verification code is the same for parents and students. Once entered you can change to create your own passwords.

6 6 Join a club Create your own club (get application from ASB in the Fall) Try out for a sport (Fall, Winter, Spring) Try out for a play (See Marinee in Theater) Think about joining PALS, journalism, debate, yearbook, leadership, etc. Ways to Get Involved

7 7 Get Support Peer Assistance Listeners Support Groups Counselors Tutoring GATEway Workshops Project Options READI

8 8 General High School Requirements Complete a minimum of 230 credits. Complete all course requirements. Pass the California High School Exit Exam in:  Language Arts  Mathematics Passing Algebra I is a state mandated graduation requirement.

9 9 High School Course Requirements English (40 Credits) (4 years) Mathematics Algebra I (30 Credits) (3 years) Social Studies (30 Credits) (3 years) Science (20 Credits) Life/Biological (10) Physical (10) (2 years) Year One PE (10 Credits) (1 year) Physical Education (10 Credits) (1 year) CTE (10 Credits) (1 year) Visual/ Performing Arts (10 Credits) (1 Year) Electives (70 Credits)

10 10 Academic Honesty "Academic Honesty" means that all academic work is the legitimate, truthful work of the student. When taking tests or submitting homework, students rely on their own knowledge and preparation, unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. Students credit sources used when the wording, ideas, facts, statistics, or opinions of other persons or books are utilized.

11 11 Consequences for Academic Dishonesty Loss of all credit for the assignment or test with no makeup permitted. Placement on probation with a contract (in the class of the infraction) for the remainder of that class. Referral to the assistant principal and the parent/guardian will be contacted. Suspension from school. Removal from all elected or appointed leadership positions for the remainder of the school year.

12 12 Naviance Computer program to help prepare for life after high school   Use your ID number to register Great to use to start your “resume” Research College options Career Exploration

13 13 Preparing for College Begin to keep track of any extracurricular activities, sports, or community services activities that you participate in. Take the PLAN and PSAT exams during 9 th - 11 th grades which are held in the months of October and November. Plan on taking the SAT and/or ACT tests in during your Junior year.

14 14 TPHS College & Career Center (CCC) Visit Mrs. Bhagwat in Room 401 for detailed information on college & career options! Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays

15 15 Thank You! For further questions, please drop by and see your counselor: Mrs. Cambra: A-Co Mr. Dean: Cr-Ha; Wr-Z Mrs. Sanchez-Allwein: He-Ko;Ty-Wo;and ELL students Ms. Gervasini: Kr-Na;Su-Tu; and AVID:A-K Mrs. Bascom: Ne-St and AVID:L-Z Ms. Dexter: Student & Intrevention Support

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