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Mrs. Talbert: A-G Mrs. Shiroma: H-O Mrs. Vance-Freeland: P-Z

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2 Mrs. Talbert: A-G Mrs. Shiroma: H-O Mrs. Vance-Freeland: P-Z


4 Naviance Family Connection Welcome to Naviance! Login Information: Go to SharePoint, Advisors Corner, link for Naviance Family Connection You may want to bookmark it on your home computer so that you can return to it easily. Username: lastname.firstname Password: Your 4 digit student ID If you are new to OCSA this year we will help you get registered.

5 Pre-Test Survey 1. Click on “About Me” Tab 2. Find Pre-Test Survey on Left-hand column 3. Take Survey

6 COURSEOCSA GRADUATION REQUIREMENTSUC/CSU ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS * “C” grade or better must be attained for all courses taken A – History/Social Science3 years/30 credits required: 1 year World History, 1 year US History, 1 year Economics/Government 2 years/20 credits required B – Literature and Composition4 years/40 credits required C – Mathematics2 years/20 credits required: Must be through Geometry or IMP ll 3 years/30 credits required~ to include Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II. *Algebra may be taken in 7 th or 8 th grade.. 4 years recommended D – Lab Science2 years/20 credits required: 10 credits Biology; 10 credits Chemistry or Physics 2 years/20 credits required ~ Biology and Chemistry or Physics. 3 years recommended E – World Language2 years/20 credits required : 10 credits may be from 7 th and 8 th grade 2 years/20 credits of one world language required, *1 year may be taken in 8 th grade. 3 years recommended. F – Fine Arts2 semesters/10 credits: Art, Drama, Music1 year/10 credits required G – Elective75 credits: Student elective choices1 year/10 credits required: in any area A-F accepted courses plus 70 more credits during 4 years. Health/SOAR1 semester/ 5 credits : Health 1 semester/ 5 credits: SOAR* * (Required for incoming 9 th grade students only) Physical Education2 Years/20 credits required Test ProficienciesCalifornia High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)SAT/ACT SAT II: Optional GPA calculated and based on:9th through 12 th grade grades10 th /11 th A-G courses OCSA GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS & UC/CSU MINIMUM ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS

7 G-SCALE GPA Standardized Test Scores Course Selection Auditions, Portfolios, Interviews Letters of Recommendation Essay and Extracurricular Activities

8 GPA Private colleges will look at your 9-12 overall GPA UC/Cal States will look at your academic 10-12 GPA Every year counts!

9 STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES SAT – multiple-choice test that measures verbal and mathematical abilities for college entrance. SAT II – One-hour multiple-choice tests in specific subject areas. Many colleges require some combination of these tests. The UC schools no longer require, but recommend for some majors. ACT Plus Writing – Test that measures mathematics, reading, science reasoning, and writing. Most colleges require one set of scores from the SAT/ACT as part of the admission process. They don’t have a test preference.

10 SELECT COURSES WISELY Course selection Know your strengths Choose courses that interest you, are challenging, yet reasonable. Choose honors and AP courses wisely. Research the amount of work involved with the courses you want to take. Prepare to balance summer assignments and outside activities with homework and projects.

11 AUDITIONS, PORTFOLIOS, & INTERVIEWS Keep all your work from past years. You may need to use pieces for your college auditions, portfolio or interviews. Start early. Keep an organized chart with times/dates/locations. Practice interviewing skills and conversational topics. Research the school and the interviewer before the interview.

12 LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION Private Universities Conservatory Colleges Scholarships Be an active participant in class. Show leadership where you can. Get to know your teachers and counselor. Be organized. Be prepared. Be grateful. Write thank you notes.

13 EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Choose 2-3 clubs on campus and make leadership a priority. Choose outside activities that are of interest to you and your future goals. Consistency through the years makes a difference. Keep track of the years and weekly time you spent on each activity.

14 ESSAY Pre-Write Focus on strengths of personality, not things you’ve done. Draft Remember the focus is about you. Stick to the prompt topic. Edit Be open to feedback, look for grammatical errors. Look from the standpoint of an admissions officer.

15 Naviance Activity During this Block Click on “Careers” Tab Click on “Career Interest Profiler” Complete 180 questionnaire assessment about your “likes” and “dislikes” The easiest “test” you will ever take!! Complete Career Interest Worksheet

16 NAVIANCE: Career/College Exploration 10 th Graders: Get to know themselves!


18 Holland’s Codes A = Artistic: Have artistic, innovative or intuitional abilities. C = Conventional: Like to work with data, detail. E = Enterprising: Like to lead, manage. I = Investigative: Like to observe, learn, investigate, analyze, evaluate, problem solve. R = Realistic: Prefer to work with objects, machines, tools, plants or animals, or to be outdoors. S = Social: Like to work with people to inform, help.

19 NAVIANCE: ROADTRIP NATION Learn how others found their passion!

20 Review for 10 th Grade Keep up on all school work! Ask for help when needed… Use 7 th block Get involved - extracurricular activities! Research career and college choices! Take practice tests (PSAT/ASPIRE)! Register for classes that challenge you, yet only to the extent that you can maintain your high level of success! Now, please complete the POST-Test Survey!

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