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Class of 2014 Torrey Pines High School 11 th Grade Presentation.

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1 Class of 2014 Torrey Pines High School 11 th Grade Presentation

2 Who is your School Counselor? Jayme Cambra A-C Ext. 2213 Intern: Dianna Tilley Brennan Dean Head Counselor D-I Ext. 2214 Mary Sanchez-Allwein J-Ma & EL Ext. 2017 Jennifer Magruder Mb-Sa & AVID Ext. 2215 Sally Gervasini Sb-Z Ext. 2200

3 Transcripts Check your transcripts for the following: -Correct Name and Address -Off campus classes -Credits -Grades -Courses taken in the correct year -Graduation Status -State ID # = CA ID (this is the # that California universities will ask you to report when filling out college applications)

4 Naviance Features Scholarship Opportunities - Find out what scholarships are available to you. Career Exploration - Find career information such as salaries, future outlook, and education needed for certain jobs. Research Colleges - Compare your GPA, standardized test scores, and other statistics to past TP students who have applied and been admitted to colleges you aspire to attend. Sign-up for College Visits - Over 75 colleges visit the TP College & Career Center Receive important emails about upcoming events and helpful college application information.

5 Naviance Computer Program To login- Your school ID number is your Naviance registration code. Your parents can also create an account by using your ID # with a P at the end.

6 Post High School Options  Applied Technical Schools  Military  Community College  Four-Year University  Work

7 Community Colleges No specific course requirements must be met prior to entrance. -SAT/ACT tests are not required Any student may enroll at a community college if they meet the following: -18 years of age OR -Earned a high school diploma OR earned the equivalency of a high school diploma (i.e. GED or passed the CHSPE) Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG): This program offers guaranteed admission to a UC/CSU for students who complete a core set of courses at a California community college.

8 College Search Click on the “colleges” tab to start your college search.

9 Click on “college search” to begin your college exploration.

10 Select the characteristics that are of important to you when choosing a school. If you have no preference, leave it blank. At any time you can click on “view matches” to see your results.

11 Here are the results based on my preferences. Click on a school name for more info about them.

12 If you are interested in a school, you can click on “add to list” to begin your potential college list application list. This will also allow us to inform you about upcoming events regarding those schools. You can compare your test scores with the average scores of previously accepted TPHS students.

13 California State Universities (CSU) 23 campuses Service Area: CSU San Marcos Applicants must meet the A-G subject requirements Apply online @ Early Assessment Program (EAP) 15 additional questions on STAR Test for math and English Will be combined with 50 questions already on STAR test Good score will exempt you from CSU placement tests

14 University of California (UC) 9 campuses Visit: for a complete list of Torrey Pines High School UC approved courses. Effective the 2013-2014 school year, students taking courses from off campus online providers (i.e. BYU, NUVHS) must verify that the course is UC approved by checking at the above website. Applicants must meet the A-G subject requirements Apply online @ Applications are determined by comprehensive review process State ID # = California ID # (requested on the UC application)

15 UC/CSU Subject Requirements (A-G) A: History/Social Science: 2 years required B: English: 4 years required C: Math: 3 years required - 4 years recommended D: Lab Science: 2 years required - 3 years recommended E: Foreign Language:2 years required- 3 years recommended F: Visual/ Performing Arts: 1 year required G: Electives: 1 year required

16 “D” Grades UC and CSU campuses consider a D grade in a required subject a Subject Omission. Students who have received a D grade in a required course need to repeat the course in order to be eligible to apply to a UC or CSU. HOWEVER…there are exceptions… Math World Languages See your counselor for specific information

17 Private/Out of State College Options  Admission requirements vary by institution.  Often use “committee” type admission process  Students should check with individual campuses to determine admission requirements & deadlines.  Many campuses use the Common Application (Visit for more information)  Letters of Recommendation required

18 Letter of Recommendation Packet The purpose of the Brag Packet is to help us write your letter of recommendation. So, be thorough and give details! Only for private and out of state colleges & universities UC/CSU do not accept letters of recommendation. Available online on NAVIANCE in May 2013! Ask your teachers early—before summer break if possible.

19 College Admission Testing Requirements University of California: Require SAT or ACT (w/ writing) NO LONGER REQUIRE SAT II Subject Tests! CSU: Require SAT or ACT (w/ writing) Private Schools: Refer to school websites, some allow ACT exam to replace subject test requirements. ** Fee waivers are available for tests upon request, if certain qualifications are met. Check specific university testing requirements; some majors might require certain subject tests.

20 SAT I Reasoning Information The exam covers three subject areas: Critical reading Math (Up to Algebra II) Writing Students should be prepared for these exams by the Spring of their junior year! To register visit Upcoming test dates at TPHS: March 9 th May 4 th June 1 st All official SAT scores will be recorded on your SAT score report and submitted to the colleges you request. Some colleges want to see all scores; so, check each college website for details. All official SAT scores will be recorded on your SAT score report and submitted to the colleges you request

21 SAT II Subject Tests This is a supplemental exam that is required by some selective private and out of state schools. Most of these schools require 2 (if not 3) exams in different subject areas. College board also creates the AP exam. If you are in an AP class, you should also sign-up to take the subject test in that course. *Check individual college websites to confirm test requirements.

22 ACT Testing Information The exam covers five subject areas: English Grammar Math (up to trigonometry) Reading Comprehension Science Reasoning Writing (optional, but required by most schools) Students should be prepared for these exams by the Spring of their junior year. To register visit Upcoming test dates: February 9 th (@ TPHS) April 13 th June 8 th

23 Prospective College Athletes Ensure you are meeting the NCAA course requirements. Division I- 16 core courses required Division II- NEW for 2013, 16 core courses required Remember, BYU Online courses are no longer accepted by the NCAA Eligibility Center. ISOL courses are also not accepted by the NCAA. Don’t forget to register online at the NCAA Eligibility Center website. Make sure to send official transcript to NCAA Bring signed FERPA form (found on Naviance) with a stamped and addressed envelope to TPHS Registrar (located in the counseling center).

24 Upcoming Events…  District College Night and Fair  Monday, April 29 th, 2013  Coordinated by TPHS Counselors  At the Del Mar Fair Grounds  NACAC San Diego College Fair  Tuesday, April 30 th, 2013  At the San Diego Convention Center

25 The last day to drop a class second semester…  Without any record on your transcript: Friday, March 1 st, 2013  With a “W” on your transcript (withdraw) Friday, May 3 rd, 2013

26 Thank you for your attention! For further questions, please drop by and see your counselor: A-C Mrs. Cambra D-I Mr. Dean J-MAMrs. Sanchez-Allwein MB-SAMrs. Magruder SB-ZMs. Gervasini EL Students Mrs. Sanchez-Allwein AVIDMrs. Magruder

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