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Torrey Pines High School 2006-2007 Registration. Instructions Read Everything –Profiles & Curriculum Information –Elective Course Descriptions –Registration.

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1 Torrey Pines High School 2006-2007 Registration

2 Instructions Read Everything –Profiles & Curriculum Information –Elective Course Descriptions –Registration Packet

3 Making Thoughtful and Informed Choices Check your transcript - which courses do you need? What are your goals? Create options for yourself! Choose courses realistically by reading Profiles and Elective Course Descriptions at > Counseling then scroll down to: Class Registration 2006-2007 Click here for course Profiles and Curriculum Information Visit the College Board website, for detailed information on Advanced Placement classes Talk with your current teachers


5 Transcript and Graduation Status Transcript is summary of grades and credits All courses taken remain even if repeated Repeated classes do not earn additional credit 9 th & 10 th grade honors English classes are not weighted in GPA Honors PreCalculus is only honors math class that is weighted

6 Overall GPA is theweighted average of all the grades you have earned so far GPA 9-12 is the weighted average of all courses except PE. GPA 10-12 is the weighted average of all courses taken in grades 10-12 except PE. Unweighted GPA is the average of all the grades you have earned in high school without an additional point for UC/CSU approved honors/AP courses. Four-year colleges (including UC/CSU) compute their own admissions GPA.

7 Located on the back of your transcript is your Graduation Status Report, which is a summary of the district graduation requirements you have completed and the courses you still need to complete in order to graduate.

8 In the column titled Still Required, you will find the number of credits that you still need to complete in each subject in order to graduate. Choose courses that will fulfill these requirements. E designates classes that give you elective credit. When you complete a graduation requirement, all other courses in that subject will be deducted from the Elective category. See your counselor if you are short on credits.

9 WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS ? Take courses and earn grades that will give you options Use Choices Planner, a free, internet-based program Identify your skills and interests Investigate careers and education required Use your personal portfolio throughout high school Go to > counseling > Guidance Central. Obtain password information by following

10 Community Colleges You must be 18 years old or a high school graduate Earn a 2-year degree for specific career training –Example: MiraCostas Biotechnology Manufacturing Certificate (one of five in the country!) Enter a transfer program to a 4-year university in CA or any other state MiraCosta College has excellent transfer programs –Guaranteed Admission to UCSD, UCD, UCR, UCSB, UCSC –Priority Admission for UCLA and UCI –Also guarantee programs for Cal States

11 AHistory & Social Sciences: (World History, US History)2 yrs BEnglish (English 9, 10, 11, 12)4 yrs CMath: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II (4 years recommended)3 yrs DLaboratory Science: Biology PLUS Chemistry or Physics2 yrs ELanguage Other Than English: 2 years of same language (3 yrs strongly recommended) 2 yrs FVisual & Performing Arts1 year GCollege Preparatory Elective: semester or year-long courses from English, advanced math, lab science, language, social science, or visual/performing art 1 year Subject Requirements for UC/CSU & OTHER FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES Grade of C or better required for each class, each semester

12 TESTING STAR: May 11-18, 9-11 grades PSAT – Fall of 9 th, 10 th and 11 th grades Junior Year test is qualifying year for National Merit Scholarship PLAN – Fall of 9 th, 10 th and 11 th grades SAT Reasoning – no later than Spring of junior year ACT – no later than Spring of junior year BOTH ARE ACCEPTED BY ALL COLLEGES CHOOSE THE ONE YOU DO BEST IN SAT Subject Tests – take at completion of class that corresponds to test ie., Biology, Chemistry, US History, World Language Check with colleges youre interested in for their specific SAT Subject test requirements

13 Understanding the Course Offerings List New Classes are italicized All classes are yearlong unless designated as S for semester or S/Y for semester or yearlong P, Honors and AP classes are UC/CSU and other 4-year college approved classes Underlined classes are weighted by the UC/CSU systems Some courses require instructor approval or an application process and are marked with * Some courses may be repeated for credit and are marked with + ROP (Regional Occupational Program) classes earn community college credit; you must be 16 years old

14 Electives English Beginning Journalism is a one- semester class that prepares you for Advanced Journalism or Yearbook Competitive Speech/Debate is the Debate Team. Class will be offered both as 7 th period and during the school day. First year team members must take the class. American and World Humanities (also listed in Social Science) are English and History classes that are taught with an integrated curriculum. Transcript shows individual courses only Math Advanced Topics in Math II is a new course – see Profile World Language AP Japanese Language/Culture is new AP Spanish Lit will be offered Visual/Performing Arts Musical Theatre and Playwriting are new Business Business Ethics/Corporate Responsibility is new Apply for Yearbook this spring, check bulletin Physical Education NEW! Boys Volleyball, Track/Field/Cross Country ISPE, PALS, Leadership are application classes – dont write on Registration contract

15 Whats next? Complete Registration Contract March 17-April 7 is when counselors will return to English classes.You must bring completed Contract AND your transcript to English class when counselor returns. Late contracts will affect your elective choices. You have until Friday, June 2, to change a course request. After that, changes will be made only if you take a summer school class or need to repeat a class next year.

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