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Updated: 2/2014. Registration form is due to your science teacher Friday March 14 th ! If there is a possibility you might not be at IHS next year, register.

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1 Updated: 2/2014

2 Registration form is due to your science teacher Friday March 14 th ! If there is a possibility you might not be at IHS next year, register for classes anyway so you have a spot in the event you stay. Step 1: Choose a family (you can only pick 1). The classes you will be registered for are listed in each box (no substitutions). If you are taking marching band (PBAG), cross out PE and write marching band in the 0 period/ 7 th period box. Make sure you list a band as one of your electives (required). Students that want to be in SHAPE, CCA, or ITA have to complete an application. Applications must be completed and stapled to the registration form! Go to under the programs tab for an application and for more information on the family. Family Coordinators (if you have questions): SHAPE: Ms. Avina: ITA: Mr. Albizo: CCA: Ms. Friend:

3 Step 2: Complete if you are registering for an honors family. If not, skip. You must have your teacher sign your registration form to register for Family 9 Honors or CCA Honors (CCA honors includes Honors English and Integrated Science-NO EXCEPTIONS) Step 3: A math class will be selected for you later this year based on your current performance and FUSD district standards. Students cannot skip math levels by taking classes during the summer or testing out!

4 Step 4: Choose an elective. Every 9 th grader takes 1. English, 2. science,, 4. PE, and 5. math. You will have 6 classes next year. Choose your elective thoughtfully based on meeting graduation requirements and college admission requirements. List classes in order of preference and make sure to list an alternate elective. If you do not add an alternate elective and the class you want is full, an elective will be chosen for you. Make sure to have teachers sign for EVERY course that requires a teacher’s signature or the course request will not be honored. Courses that need a signature say Teacher Rec. next to them on the Elective Options Form (ex: level 2 and higher of world language, band, etc.). If you are signing up for 7 th period Marching Band (PBAG), make sure to have 7 classes on your form AND an alternate. Marching Band students must have a band class concurrently during the school year. If you are applying to be in Journalism, Yearbook, or ASB, list a class on your registration form that you want in the event you DON’T get accepted. If you are accepted, you will be dropped from your elective class.

5 Graduation/ UC/CSU Requirements Keep these in mind when registering for your classes. (Students earn 5 credits per class per semester) English: 40 credits History: 30 credits (World History in 10 th, US History in 11 th, Gov/Econ in 12 th. ) Math: 30 credits (including both semesters of Algebra 1 ) CSU/UC: At least Geometry and Algebra 2 Fine Art/ World Language: You need 10 credits of a Fine Art OR World Language to graduate. CSU/UC: A yearlong Art class AND at least level 2 of a language are needed (You can start/continue your language in 9 th grade or start it in 10 th or 11 th if you want to take a different elective in 9 th [Art class, computer support, etc.]). Health: 5 credits required PE: 20 credits required (PE 9 and PE 10) Science: 20 credits required. CSU/UC: Prefer Biology and Chemistry. Electives: 75 credits required. Any class taken after a subject requirement is met is counted as an elective (Ex: Your 3 rd year of science counts as an elective).

6 Know Irvington’s a-g list / Every class at Irvington that fulfills an a-g subject requirement for CSU and UC admission can be found on this list.

7 DO NOT DO NOT take honors classes just because your friends/peers are. Everyone has different ability levels. Take the most challenging classes that YOU can still do well in. DO NOT take honors classes just to impress colleges. GPA is still the most important factor in college admissions. If you take a lot of AP and honors classes but do not do well in them, it will not matter for college admissions that you took them and will negatively impact your application. Notes about Honors Classes If you are registering for Honors classes: Make sure you are prepared and have an interest in the subject. Make sure you will have the time necessary to be successful in all of your classes. Remember to take into consideration clubs, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, etc. AP and honors classes cannot be made up in summer school so if you do poorly, you are stuck with the NC (failing grade). Understand that you will not have the opportunity to transfer to a college prep course once the school year begins (even if you are failing the course or are earning a “c” grade). The number of spaces in college prep classes are based on student requests at the time of registration.

8 Step 5: Proof of residency. Attach two COPIES (you will not get them back). Step 6: Parent and student signatures are required. Note that: Course requests cannot be guaranteed Students will not be able to drop classes once the school year begins. Add/drop process is changing for the 2014-2015 school year. Students will NOT be able to drop courses once the school year begins. Don’t forget to complete the Health form. Every 9 th grader takes health. Health is a graduation requirement.

9 Registration Information/ PowerPoint can be found on Scroll down.


11 Visit the Counselor’s Corner and the College and Career Center online for answers to many frequently asked questions… Click on Counselor Tab Then Click on Counselor’s Corner

12 PowerPoints with transcript review, graduation requirements, college requirements, registration information, etc. can be found here.

13 Don’t forget to register on School Loop! School Loop helps you stay on track. Parents should register to have access to student’s grades and receive important information and e- mails from IHS.

14 Have questions? Come to Irvington High School’s Freshmen Orientation on Thursday March 13 th at IHS. The program starts at 6:00 PM in Valhalla (Irvington’s theater). Counselors are unable to meet with incoming 9 th graders and their families due to large caseloads.

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