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INFO NIGHTS FOR PARENTS & STUDENTS Future Senior Night: Tues. Feb. 24, Theater, 5:30 p.m. Future Junior Night: Tues. Mar. 10, Theater, 5:30 p.m. Future.

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2 INFO NIGHTS FOR PARENTS & STUDENTS Future Senior Night: Tues. Feb. 24, Theater, 5:30 p.m. Future Junior Night: Tues. Mar. 10, Theater, 5:30 p.m. Future Sophomore Night: Tues. March 24, Theater, 5:30 p.m.

3 Review your transcript on Zangle Pre-register for D/F repeats with your counselor. Remedial courses are offered in-class only Go-ahead courses offered for a fee Registration via the internet will be held march 2 - 20, 2015 Go ahead courses are offered online or in-class Courses are held at TOHS Semester 1: June 16-July 2 Semester 2: July 6- July 23 TRANSCRIPTS AND SUMMER SCHOOL


5 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS SUBJECTRequiredCREDITS English4 years40 Health1 semester5 Mathematics (must include Algebra 1) 3 years30 Physical Education2 years20 Phys. Science (Geosci or Chemistry) 1 year10 Biology1 year10 World Hist/Geography1 year10 US History1 year10 United States Government 1 semester5 Economics1 semester5 Visual/Perf. Art, World Lang or CTE 1 year 10 Electives 75 credits above and beyond required courses 75 CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) PASSING SCORE ON ENGLISH AND MATH230 Classes worth 5 credits per semester Must earn a D- or better to receive credits Must earn C or better for university admissions Log-in to Zangle to view your transcript and graduation requirements status

6 High School Graduation Four years of English College/University, a.k.a. “A-G” : Four years of college prep (CP) level or higher. Must pass with grade of “C” or better. ENGLISH REQUIREMENT Choose next level of English based on current placement.

7 High School Graduation Three years of mathematics (equivalent of 30 credits) One of the three years must meet or exceed Algebra 1. Note: Algebra 1 taken in grade 8 will not count towards the 3 year HS graduation requirement, therefore you must take 3 years above and beyond Algebra 1. A-G Reqt: Three years of CP level or higher. Must pass with a grade of “C” or better. REQUIRED  Algebra 1 CP / H  Geometry CP / H  Algebra 2 CP / H 4 th year RECOMMENDED AP Statistics AP Calculus Functions Stats and Trig CP Math Analysis CP / H Statistics CP MATH REQUIREMENT WHS Math courses that will count towards the UC ELECTIVE reqt: AP Computer Science and Computer Programming CP Students petitioning into honors will take a placement exam Choose next level of math based on current grade and teacher input. Examples:Alg 1 or Alg 1B  Geometry  Algebra 2 Alg 2  FST or Math Analysis  Stats Alg 2H  Math Analysis H  AP Calc or AP Stats

8 High School Graduation Each of the following 1 year World History (or AP Euro) 1 year US History 1 semester U.S. Government & Politics 1 semester Economics A-G Requirement: Must pass the following with a “C” or better 1 YEAR  World History CP or AP European History 1 YEAR  US History CP or AP US History 1 SEMESTER  US Govt & Politics CP or AP US Govt & Politics 1 SEMESTER  Economics CP or AP Macroeconomics SOCIAL SCIENCE REQUIREMENT Gr. 10: World Hist CP or AP Euro Gr. 11: US Hist CP or AP Gr. 12: Govt/Econ CP or AP

9 High School Graduation 1 year of a Biological Science 1 year of a Physical Science (Geosciences or Chemistry) A-G Reqt: Two years of laboratory science. Must pass with “C” or better. 2 Years Required  Biology CP / H  Chemistry CP / H 3 rd Year Recommended Advanced Anatomy H (Teacher approval required)  AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Environmental Science AP Physics  Anatomy & Physiology CP Biotechnology CP Forensic Science CP Marine Science CP Physics CP Physiology H SCIENCE REQUIREMENT Gr. 10: Geosci CP or Chem CP or H Gr. 11-12: Your choice. Science will technically be an elective and you will write your choice(s) on your form.

10 For High School Graduation Only: 2 years of P.E. (or sport) 1 semester of Health PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH REQUIREMENTS

11 High School Graduation 1 year, chosen from ONE of the following subject areas: Visual & Performing Art or World Language or Career Technical Education (CTE) course A-G Reqt: Must take BOTH a VPA and a World Language and pass with “C” or better: 1 year of a VPA and 2 years of the same World Language  3 years of language recommended VISUAL & PERFORMING ART, WORLD LANGUAGE, & CAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION Remember: You must take a language AND an art in order to remain CSU/UC eligible. You have until the end of senior year to complete these requirements for college.

12 High School Graduation Every class taken above and beyond the previously listed graduation requirements will count towards the 75 credit elective requirement A-G Reqt: Must pass with “C” or better. 1 full year of a CP/H/AP level elective is required (above and beyond previously mentioned requirements) ELECTIVE REQUIREMENT We build the master schedule based on your choices, and for this reason, we cannot guarantee changes can be made once the next school year starts. Please choose your classes carefully and be sure to list alternates.


14 STUDENT Link to Q STUDENT Connect from the WHS website: 1) Go to Website

15 2) Log-in Must log in with student password! Go to the counseling office at nutrition, lunch, or before or after school if you do not know your Q password.



18 5) Add/Delete Requests

19 6) Add courses 7) Exit

20 Online Zangle Registration: Juniors: 2/24-3/1 Sophomores: 3/10-15 Freshmen: 3/24-29 Courses must be entered online in order to meet with your counselor to discuss Meeting with Counselor thru English classes: Juniors: 2/25-3/6 Sophomores: 3/11-23 Freshmen: 3/35-4/2 Ask your English teacher for your specific date If your counselor is not able to see you on your designated day, please do a walk-in at lunch any day after your scheduled time REGISTRATION DATES You must enter your course requests on Zangle PRIOR to meeting with your counselor.


22 Juniors: Continue previous tasks Over the summer, complete your: Senior Brag Sheet Parent Brag Sheet Prospective College List Resume Print the instruction sheets from the document library on the Naviance homepage for more info regarding 12 th grade tasks… Freshman: Personality Inventory Career Interest Inventory College research Begin resume Research summer options Sophomores: Continue college research Continue resume Research summer options NAVIANCE TASKS Link to Naviance from counseling website Username= email address Password= student id See Mrs. Mertel in the CCC for Naviance assistance

23 IMPORTANT REMINDERS You are required to enter your classes online on Zangle. You must also fill-out and bring your registration form to your individual meeting. THIS FORM MUST BE SIGNED BY A PARENT!!!!


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