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Helping families develop an academic plan for high school success Make sure parents and students know where to find the presentation on our website. Presented by Eric Gutierrez

2 A high school four-year plan…
A sequence of courses taken during high school. Enable a student to earn a diploma. Flexible and may change as a student’s future goals change. Facilitates acquisition of future opportunities for students. Emphasize to students that their after-high school goals may change which may change their four-year plans.

3 General Diploma Requirements (green sheet)
Make sure students know they cannot choose to earn only a General Diploma without an Opt-Out meeting.


5 General High School Requirements
Complete a minimum of 230 credits. Complete all course requirements. Including health Pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Passing Algebra I is a state mandated graduation requirement (can be met in 8th grade).

6 G.P.A. vs Rigor

7 Honors & Advanced Placement Courses
Things to consider: Level of difficulty Achievement level in the past Personal interest and motivation Time management skills Work and study habits Your current teachers are a great resource!

8 Aeries Grades Progress of homework & assignments Attendance Aeries
You need to see the counseling secretary or other staff member and request your verification code. Grades Progress of homework & assignments Attendance


10 Private & Out of State Universities (A-G Requirements)
Most private and out-of-state universities/colleges follow similar UC/CSU guidelines. For exact requirements, contact the schools directly or check their admission websites for current information.

11 Standardized Tests PSAT (
ACT ( SAT Subject Tests (UC’s, which to choose?)

12 PSAT/PLAN PSAT is a practice exam for the SAT
Students take this exam in 9th and 11th grade. 11th grade can qualify for National Merit Scholarship Program PLAN is a practice exam for the ACT Students take this exam in 10th grade. “Plan is no longer available for purchase. ACT will support ACT Plan testing after June 13, 2014 only where pre-existing contractual obligations necessitate.”

13 Software program to help prepare you for life after high school.
Great tool to start your resume Personality and interest inventories Research college options Career Exploration

14 Click on careers to begin your career search.
Career Exploration Click on careers to begin your career search.

15 Click on “personality type” to find which careers may be best suited for your personality type.

16 Click on “Start Assessment” to begin the survey
Click on “Start Assessment” to begin the survey. Be sure to answer each question as honestly as possible.

17 Select the person that most reflects who you are.

18 Select how accurate the profile describes you.

19 Select if you have any degree of interest in the following career groupings.

20 Your final personality report.

21 At the bottom of the report you will find some suggested careers.

22 This can help students have a foundation when discussing their future plans

23 Preparing for College Begin to keep track of any extracurricular activities, sports, or community services activities that you participate in. In Naviance the “resume” link under “about me” is a great way to track this information. Take the SAT Subject Tests soon after taking the class. Plan on taking the SAT and/or ACT tests in the spring of your Junior year.

24 Thank You For Coming, It Has Been A Pleasure!


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