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1 Torrey Pines High School Academic/Career Presentation 10 th grade students.

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1 1 Torrey Pines High School Academic/Career Presentation 10 th grade students

2 2 Overview Torrey Pines General Information Understanding Your Academic Transcript Honors/AP vs. College Prep Courses Academic Honesty Summer School Courses Off-Campus Classes Post High School Options College Entrance Requirements SAT/ACT Test Information Career Exploration Preparing For College

3 3 A-Cl Cm-Gu Gv-Ld & EL students Le-Oh Sm-Z Jayme Williams Brennan Dean Mary Sanchez-Allwein Sally Gervasini Linsy Glassman Oi-Sl & AVID students Jesse Gonzalez Who is your School Counselor?

4 4 Drop by times are: Before school During break During lunch After school In the counseling center, students may fill out a: Request to see my counselor slip Students are welcome to their counselor How to Contact your School Counselor * Remember to sign in and out with the secretaries when coming into the counseling center to see your counselor.

5 5 Listen to the morning announcements Check Edline regularly Read the Falconer Visit Visit the counseling website Read the counseling office bulletin Read the parent newsletter How to Stay Informed

6 6 To be connected to TPHS To make new friends To gain new experiences To learn more about yourself To build the college resume To find your passion Why you should be involved!

7 7 Transcripts Check your transcripts for the following: - Correct Name, Address - Off campus classes - Credits - Grades - Courses taken in the correct year - Graduation Status

8 8 General High School Requirements Complete a minimum of 230 credits. Complete all course requirements. Pass the California High School Exit Exam in: Language Arts Mathematics Passing Algebra I is a state mandated graduation requirement.

9 9 Required High School Courses English (40 Credits) (4 years) Mathematics Algebra I (30 Credits) (3 years) Social Studies (30 Credits) (3 years) Science (20 Credits) Biological (10) Physical (10) (2 years) Physical Education (20 Credits) (2 years) Health (5 Credits) (One Semester) Practical Arts (5 Credits) (One Semester) Visual/ Performing Arts (10 Credits) (1 Year) Electives (70)

10 10 Honors/AP vs. College Prep Courses Level of difficulty Achievement level in past Personal interest/Motivation Time management Work and study habits Well rounded student/other commitments * This is important because counselors will meet with students in Spring to register for courses

11 11 Academic Honesty "Academic Honesty" means that all academic work is the legitimate, truthful work of the student. When taking tests or submitting homework, students rely on their own knowledge and preparation, unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. Students credit sources used when the wording, ideas, facts, statistics, or opinions of other persons or books are utilized.

12 12 Consequences for Academic Dishonesty Loss of all credit for the assignment or test with no makeup permitted. Placement on probation with a contract (in the class of the infraction) for the remainder of that class. Referral to the assistant principal and the parent/guardian will be contacted. Suspension from school. Removal from all elected or appointed leadership positions for the remainder of the school year.

13 13 Summer School Courses at Torrey Pines Some summer school courses are offered for repeat and acceleration through TPHS. Information is available in March in the counseling office. Courses offered for acceleration have a limited space available. A lottery may be used to fill these spaces.

14 14 Off Campus Courses Students must receive approval from their counselor prior to taking a class off campus. The off campus permission form must be signed by a parent and on record with the counselor. Students may also take courses at the local community colleges. Students may only take up to 30 credits off campus at other high schools or colleges. Language courses that are not offered at TPHS do not count toward the 30 credit maximum.

15 15 Post High School Options Applied Technical Schools Military Community College Four-Year University

16 16 Community College Admission Requirements No specific course requirements must be met prior to entrance. Any student may enroll at a community college if they meet the following: 18 years of age or Earned a high school diploma

17 17 Four-Year University Requirements California State University/University of California COURSES Minimum Requirements of College Preparatory classes A. History/Social Science2 years: World History, U.S. History/Government B. English4 years: English 9, 10, 11, 12 C. Math3 Years of college prep math. 4 years is highly recommended. Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II D. Laboratory Science2 years of lab science. 3 years of lab science is recommended. E. Language other than English 2 years same language*; 3 years is recommended. * Students with competency in a language other than English may qualify for an exemption. F. Visual/Performing Arts1 year of college prep course from Art, Music, or Theater. G. College Preparatory Elective 1 year of college prep electives Test RequirementsSAT I or ACT SAT II in two subject areas

18 18 Private & Out of State Universities Most private and out-of-state universities/colleges follow similar UC/CSU guidelines. For out-of-state universities, contact the schools directly for current information.

19 19 Introducing the … PSAT PLAN ACT SAT I Reasoning SAT II Subject Tests

20 20 PSAT/PLAN PSAT is a practice exam for the SAT I Reasoning test. Test is only offered in October PLAN is a practice exam for the ACT Test is only offered in November and will be offered on Nov. 11 th here at TP We recommend that students take both tests in grades 9-11.

21 21 ACT Testing Information The exam covers five subject areas: English Grammar Math (Up to trigonometry) Reading Comprehension Science Reasoning Writing (Optional) Students should be prepared for these exams by the Spring of their junior year To register visit

22 22 SAT I Reasoning Information The exam covers three subject areas: Critical reading Math (Up to Algebra II) Writing Students should be prepared for these exams by the Spring of their junior year To register visit All official SAT scores will be recorded on your SAT score report and submitted to the colleges you request

23 23 SAT II Subject Tests This is a supplemental exam that is required by UC schools and some private and out of state schools. Most of these schools require 2 if not 3 exams in different subject areas. College board also creates the AP exam so if you are in an AP class you should also sign up to take the subject test in that course. Check individual college websites to confirm test requirements.

24 24 Subject Exam Offerings Literature US History World History Math Level I * Math Level II Biology (E and M) Chemistry Physics -Reading Only French German Modern Hebrew Italian Latin Spanish -Listening and Reading Chinese Japanese Korean * Math Level I is not accepted by UC schools and other universities, check each schools website for details.

25 25 Career Exploration We encourage students to explore career options through a variety of ways. Use the Choices program to research colleges and careers Access program by visiting -You may get the username and password by ing and only write "Password" in the subject line. Do not write anything in the message/ body of the (case sensitive). PLAN Results also indicate career suggestions TPHS Career Day- March 21, 2007

26 26 TPHS College & Career Center (CCC) The new and improved CCC is now open and located in room 401!!! Center Hours: Tuesday 7:30am-3:30pm Wednesday 11:00am-7:00pm Thursday 7:30am-3:30pm * Be sure to visit with our center advisor, Loveena Bhagwat for information regarding college and career options.

27 27 Preparing for College Begin to keep track of any extracurricular activities, sports, or community services activities that you participate in. Consider taking SAT II Subject tests in classes that you do well in this year, such as World History. Take the PLAN and PSAT exams during 9 th -11 th grades which are held in the months of October and November. Plan on taking the SAT and/or ACT tests in the spring of your Junior year.

28 28 Thank You! For further questions, please drop by and see your counselor : Ms. Williams: A-CL Mr. Dean: Cm-Gu Mrs. Sanchez-Allwein: Gv-Ld (& ELL students) Ms. Gervasini: Le-Oh Mrs. Glassman: Oi-SL (& AVID students) Mr. Gonzalez: Sm-Z

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