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UNIVERGE® SV8100 Desktop Suites. NEC Confidential What is Desktop Suite? The SV8000 Series Desktop Suite is for use on the SV8100 Communications Server.

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1 UNIVERGE® SV8100 Desktop Suites

2 NEC Confidential What is Desktop Suite? The SV8000 Series Desktop Suite is for use on the SV8100 Communications Server and combines the functionality of three products: PC Assistant PC Attendant SP310 Softphone. Benefits Increase users mobility Increase productivity

3 NEC Confidential Desktop Suite Single Software Load Included with Each System 60 Day Trial License Individual Licenses enable: Desktop Client SP310 Softphone System License: Shared Services (provides the ability to give anyone using Desktop Client the Attendant functionality) High-end Collaboration Option via SP310 PC Attendant PC Assistant SP 310 Softphone © NEC Corporation 2009 Page 3

4 NEC Confidential Desktop Suite CRM Integration PC Attendant and PC Assistant Cool Softphone

5 NEC Confidential Must be an always on PC PC Attendant User PC Assistant User Desktop Suite Shared Services IP Softphone Home Office Windows XP Pro/Vista Hosts Desktop Suites Shared Services including: - Presence Status - Site wide BLF - Quick Message - Phone Message - Call Forward for other extensions - Shared Directory and Contacts - Mobile Presence Module TAPI What components are there in Desktop Suite

6 SP310 Softphone

7 NEC Confidential Compact View Great Looking Softphone New SV8100 Softphone Views Full View Great Looking Softphone

8 NEC Confidential Desktop Suite Softphone Highlights SP310 Full Function Terminal Using A GUI 24 Button Terminal With An Optional 8LK For 8 More Line Keys 32 Buttons 60 Button DSS Console Attendant Back Up, On Or Off Premise Tool Bar Mode Customizable Included IP Terminal License Included Enhancement Package Whiteboard, Chat With Up To 4 Party Video, Desktop And File Sharing Call Log Outgoing, Incoming, Missed Calls With Missed And VM Call Pop Ups. Local Call Recording And Preamble Page 8

9 NEC Confidential SV8100 Softphone Full View Add On DSS/DLS

10 NEC Confidential Display Caller ID Name and Number Display Icons Answer/Off Hook Call Log Directory On Hook/Disconnect Volume Control Menu Button Softphone (Compact View) Open Mode Call Log All Calls Inbound Calls Outbound Calls Missed Calls Save Desktop Space

11 NEC Confidential SV8100 Softphone Includes Enhanced Package File Sharing Whiteboard Desktop/Application Sharing Chat

12 PC Assistant

13 NEC Confidential PC Assistant (Toolbar View) Minimize desktop screen real estate Last Number dialed list Call Status indicators User defined Speed Dial List Access to Preferences, Call Log, Directory, etc. Telephony feature icons Presence Setting User Interface docks at the top of the display and does not cover other applications Easily access all telephony features including Transfer, Conference, Call Pickup, Park, CFWD, DND, Page, etc. Individual Speed Dial list Redial your last 20 calls through a pull down menu Screen pops included for many top CRM software applications like ACT!, Goldmine, Outlook, Salesforce, Time Matters, etc. Other features: Call log, Call Recording, Personal Greeting, Outlook Add-In. Directory with BLF status

14 PC Attendant

15 NEC Confidential Desktop Suite - PC Attendant -Calls in Progress & Waiting -Busy Lamp Status and Direct Select -Available Tools Efficient interface for attendants

16 NEC Confidential Desktop Suite - Shared Services 3 rd Party CTI License One site license required Enhanced Capabilities PC Attendant Provides DSS/BLF access to all extensions up to 512 and trunks up to 200 Enables Quick Message to user PCs and terminal displays Enables the establishment and use of a central directory PC Assistant Provides DSS/BLF access to all system extensions Provides access to a central directory

17 NEC Confidential Notification by Windows toast Missed Calls to the Desktop station will be indicated in a toast popup in the system tray. InMail Voicemail indication will be indicated in a toast popup in the system tray InMail indication is for softphone only, not Deskset.

18 NEC Confidential Increases User Productivity Dial, Transfer, Conference and Hang Up Telephone or Softphone From Outlook Contacts Tight Integration Between Outlook and the Desk or Soft Phone Dialing Out And Screen-Pop To Outlook Contacts Database Also Support Dialing Out And Screen Pops For ACT, Goldmine, and other TAPI applications Outlook Add-in

19 NEC Confidential Automatic Visibility of Caller Information Integration Integrates seamlessly with CRM for out dials and screen pops Integration

20 NEC Confidential Chat White Board Collaboration Tools Included File and Application Sharing Including Sharing Desktop! Desktop Application Suite Enhancement Package

21 NEC Confidential Presence The ability to easily set your status and view the status of other employees within a business to best know how to either get in touch with a person, or find someone else who can help. Virtual In/Out Board on Steroids! View Presence states in the Directory or from the BLF area What is Desktop Suite Presence?

22 NEC Confidential Presence Image Icon In Toolbar Desktop Suite Just Got Better! Optionally Call Forward the phone! Desktop Suite Presence

23 NEC Confidential Shared Services – Presence Presence will show the location or status of other employees Details about someones Presence including: time of return, alternate numbers, alternate people to contact Compete more effectively with ShoreTel, Cisco, etc. Desktop Suite Presence

24 NEC Confidential Desktop Suite Quick Messaging

25 NEC Confidential Quick Messaging Provides The PC Attendant With The Ability To Send A Message To A PC Screen PC Attendant Initiated Customized Messages And Responses Can Be Built Customized Responses Can Be Sent Back One PC Attendant Can Send PC Messages To All 512 Uses Messages Can Be Sent To Anyone On The Same Network Attendant Can Initiate A Message From: –Full Window View –Toolbar View –Directory, Or The BLF Panel Desktop Suite Quick Message Desktop Suite Quick Message

26 NEC Confidential Desktop Suite PC Attendant Phone Message

27 NEC Confidential Custom Phone Messaging Displays Phone Idle Message Sent Response Sent Idle Or Busy PC Attendant Indications Customized Phone Messages Desktop Suite PC Attendant Phone Message

28 NEC Confidential Presence setting through Outlook Automatically set Presence status through Outlook Calendar events! Outlook Calendar Integration Presence Richness -

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